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from sunnibear :
Hi Randy!
from onewndrmuse :
Thank you so much for your note. Sometimes I'm not sure how to react (sincerely) when things like this happen. I can't empathesize (sp?) on any level so it's hard to really say the right words. But what you said about not taking people in my life for granted is right on the button -- and I, ashamedly, didn't even think about it on my own. Thanks so much for your kind words!! ~Christine
from mr-zul :
Hey there! Hope you guys are doing great. It's me. "mzbs17". I decided to make a new blog. So, yeah. Take care and have a nice day!
from mzbs17 :
Oh, damn it! "gaymeanshappy" is too long to be a username. So, I've changed it to "gayness". Haha!
from mzbs17 :
First of all, I truly enjoy reading your blog. Very entertaining! Secondly, I've decided to password blog again my blog (and it will always be from now on). The username's "gaymeanshappy" and the password's "bliss". Hehe. Take care and have a nice day to the two of you men.
from hamiltonian :
as always I love your journal!
from mrbungle57 :
Thanks - I'm sure I'll be back to my high spirits very shortly.
from rkwj1 :
Thanks for the note. I think I have seen enough as well.Stuff like this has been going on forever and I'm sure it will continue no matter what happens. One of the brutal realities of life in this brutal world. Thanks again. Later,ROB
from rkwj1 :
I stumbled onto your diary and I just wanted to tell you that it is really great. Love the layout, and the other sites you have are awesome. The video diary thing is cool. I'll have to start doing that if you don't mind. Plan to do a lot more reading in your diary. later,ROB
from mrsjayce :
Hi Randy, What the heck is "buy counthere a gift" and can you set it up so I get gifts too? Oh and since you left this...I mean your old department, there are not enough picures or referenes to your friend Jackie. I really liked that girl. She as funny and smart and talk about hottie!! I want more of her. Your stuff is interesting too...but love that Jackie. Keep the updates coming, can't wait to read about your midnight caller!! Smooches!
from smidgeroo :
Is this the only way to leave messages on your bloggernaut thingie? Mah, well. Your diary is poodles of fun, and that pic you found of Josh Groban is dreeeeamy. Also, all of your babies are soooo cute! :3 Love, SmIdGeRoO
from mzbs17 :
username: xtinaa password: ggates
from mzbs17 :
Oh well ... Yet another username and password change. Sorry. Hehe. Username's "xtina" and the password's "gareth". Take care, dude! ;-)
from mzbs17 :
Hey, just dropping by to tell you I've decided to password protect my beloved blog again. Hehe. The new username is "mzbs85" and the password is "zulaen". Take care, dude!
from ray0flight :
Do you know what I enjoy the most about your diary? All the picture. I love seeing into peoples lives, everyday things like their trip to work and what they like to do and whatever else. The pictures just make it al more *real*
from ray0flight :
Ahh same here. They keep saying crude oil prices are going down because some something-or-other was not done but gas prices keep going up. I paid 83cents/litre the other day. Crazy. The only other time gas prices sored was during the blackout in august that affected the whole eastern seaboard (??) Because half of T.O had power the gas stations that were open tripled their rates because they had the monopoly on business. It was quite an expirence.
from thruemzeyes :
Just because George Bush doesn't like gay people doesn't mean you have to hate him..
from willowstar05 :
Ah yes...counting down exactly until election day. But, Bush isn't going to get booted out of office unless people go out and vote this time. (By the way, I love the photo comparing Bush to a chimp...priceless!)
from ladivina :
long live bush haters.
from ray0flight :
Wow! That was so awesome of him to email you back. I used to have a crush on him when he was on star trek. Haha. I am a nerd. Congrats on your sisters engagment. They look so young! :0) Are you going to be in the wedding?
from ray0flight :
I usually read diaries at work - where I have no speakers. Anyway. Today I was going thru my buddylist reading everyone again anyway and almost fell off my chair when all of a sudden Britneys blaring out at me (not that I am complaining) Great reading music...
from mzbs17 :
You've got such a plesant diary template and what you wrote are really nice to read. Cheers!
from ray0flight :
I love that Britny song and video. I know she gets alot of slack but I think that she's gorgeous. Also - the mayor of SF is probably the first good looking mayor I have ever seen ('cept for fake ones on tv) Now that gay marriages are FINALLY legally when you decide to take the plunge you can. I was hoping you would come up here and do it and I could be the flower girl! *hehehe* I guess no such luck. Have a great day
from moony68 :
randy! hullo again. :) i have a request. my senior english report is on gay marriage. i need an interview if i can't bring in anyone to speak for my presentation, and i was wondering if perhaps you would be interested in doing an interview with me via yahoo! instant message, or maybe e-mail. IM would be more convenient. anyhoo, my report is on the pros of gay marriage and why it should be legalized. if you're interested, could you please, please e-mail me at [email protected] or IM me at lady_delirium85? that's yahoo, btw. :) if you don't want to, that's okay. but i've only got three weeks, so please reply quickly! thanks a ton. :)
from ray0flight :
Happy Birthday (tomorrow)!!
from dc3caliboi :
Yay! Another reader likes lil 'ol me. Josh is hot and all, but if I try something I think will work, I am changing it to a picture of Will Young. You have a nice diary too
from ray0flight :
Merry Christmas!!
from ray0flight :
Good for you for sticking up for your rights. I think you should move here - we can be neighbours! There problem solved!!
from pornoviolent :
from ray0flight :
Thank you for writting that entry.
from ray0flight :
Let it be said now i hate SMG. Ugh. Anyway.. Happy anniversary! Flowers at work - lucky boy. Oh and the iPod. Rub some of that good luck on me! :0) Hehehe. The fire pictures scared me a little. Thank GOD you are safe. You and yours will definitly be in my thoughts.
from themurderof :
hey.. thanks for the note man... i realy am hopeful that you get the most out of life.. you are such an inspiration.. and i mean that. keep a smile on, and happy anniversary
from sunnibear :
Thankies. It's good to know that people still check it out. The Simpsons are the greatest!
from ray0flight :
Hey there! I am glad that you finally updated and I hope you stick to your promise of doing so more often! I think your mom looks just like you - that's wild. Well Im gonna go look at the other pictures... :0)
from sunnibear :
Hey! Sorry about that, you can use "10" as both the screename and password. I'm still working on it, though I've been writing at a lot more lately. Hugs.
from ray0flight :
I feel the same way about her. She seems as though she was a beautiful person inside and out.
from ray0flight :
I have been sick with a sore throat... something is going around. Also - too bad you didn't live closer we could all have TV nights together considering it appears we like all the same shows!
from ray0flight :
You should come to Toronto and get married here!
from dontsayimok :
from leslieirene :
Hi again! I signed your guestmap! Your's is way cool! You're already a favorite! Leslie Irene!
from phu-pham :
Happy b-day
from fae-queen :
Hiya - found my way here from your banner! Great site. Ooh - you're a Moulin Rouge fan - have to show you the fabulous Can-Can costume I made for Halloween (I'm a professional costumer). It's scrumptious. :) Toodles!
from fae-queen :
Hiya - found my way here from your banner! Great site. Ooh - you're a Moulin Rouge fan - have to show you the fabulous Can-Can costume I made for Halloween (I'm a professional costumer). It's scrumptious. :) Toodles!
from lullabycure :
hey, just wanted to say that i liked your banner alot and your diary is some good readin'! ~keep it up~* -s
from moony68 :
hi again. ^_^ i was gwydion10, but... now i'm moony68! ^_^ yeah, i definitely think you're moby-esque. i can't remember what hamilton looks like so... maybe that's more accurate. i dunno. LOL anyway, my holiday/new year was great, how about yours?
from volleydahl :
I really enjoy reading your site... Also, I am very impressed with your video entries, you are so creative! Keep up the good work.. and Happy Holidays :)
from gwydion10 :
hi. um... this is gonna sound silly, but you know who you look like? moby. take it from a moby fan. ^_^ it's a complement!!! and by the way, any chance of being graced with an update sometime soon?
from pugg-nosegrl :
Sorry, I forgot, but this is important! Target corp. arent Nazis sympathizers!! It sounds like an honest mistake abotu teh 88 thing, and they recalled it as soon as they found out, ive never heard that about 88 either, i dont think many ppl have. why dont you boycott ibm too? Ibm machines were used to count the prisoners during the holocaust and send them to death. thats all.
from pugg-nosegrl :
Oh my goodness! Is Target *really* that bad? Honestly i dont think so, i start working at a big one here in N.VA, and from orientation i know they definitely do not encourage there employees to be rude or to steal, in fact its grounds for getting fired immediately, and they dont discriminate against sex.orient. here either,i thoguht that was impressive. as for "ripping" people off, receipts are necessary when returning somehting, how else can you know for sure if someones not just trying to get some cash outta you? Also i got a kickass lamp there for 2 bucks, definitely not overpriced. :P i like your diary tho, youre cool (:~ mwah! ~pugg-nosegrl, wendy
from kimchery :
I just left a message at the "Target" site. I had no idea til further investigation that its your site. I thouroghly agree with you! I didn't mention this in my guestbook lore, but I'd like to tell you one of my friends works at the same target that ripped me off. He told me that everyone he knows well hates the co they work for and they steal hundreds of $ worth of stuff. One guy has been caught by them with over 100 stolen goods, and he still works there. My friend thinks its crazy, and so do I. They let their employees act like jerks and steal stuff (one store does, anyway) and they rip off their customers. One look at target and you think its the perfect store. You only have to shop there a few times to realize that its one of the worst.
from devian :
i love a good boycott. target is too overpriced anyway. fuck them!
from honestyonly :
What's wrong with Target? I love me some Target!
from erica2175 :
i also like the new show, john doe. i loved the season premiere of alias too! i was on the edge of my seat nearly the entire time ... six feet under's new season hasn't started yet. if they had a new season starting, you would see promos for it all over. all they're showing right now is reruns. i can't wait till they start showing new ones. that's my all time favorite show.
from kyoojin :
Keep writing darlin! Nice reading you, Kyoojin xxx
from zerom3ph :
heh. cool.
from comment-anon :
I gave you clix.
from mnemonia :
Wonderful diary. My uncle is gay, an outcast among the rest of the family, and one of my best friends. Thanks for being a real person and helping to perhaps set a few minds straight. You've found another regular reader.
from nekono :
You have officially become my favorite "token gay guy" diary.
from pxsy :
your great.. keep writing.
from boxedemotion :
I just wanted to say you have such a cute diary! I love it, so I'm adding you to my favorite list of diaries. And your son is absolutely adorable! Congrats!
from goodsandwich :
Congratulations on winning some of the legal benefits! May your partnership be ever joyous and fruitful.
from jenne1017 :
wonderful...simply marvelous! hope Friday gets here a bit faster too!
from ablondedoll :
High, i loved your site, i am not gay, i have gay freinds, some pround to be gay and some not, i am glad you are one of the ones who are proud to be,((hugs))~doll
from trulypoetic :
yeah I knew I'd wish to be a gay're boyfriends a hottie...I shoulda stopped reading before I got so dang hooked....I have 2 doggies too....
from sunnibear :
Loved it! Check mine out and tell me what you think (if you have the time and patience!)
from silverbiker : wars is a must see :) i've been a fan and always will be a fan :) hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehee
from streganicha :
hey, thanks for the note. episode II was all right, i suppose. i was also focused on anakin! but i still think portman could have done a better. ^.^ keep up the good work, the pictures look great!
from minrho23 :
Personally, I think that a very dark rich chocolate brown mantle would look good with that cream colored wall. And how do I even get to care about things like this! (seriously, try the dark chocolate)
from alice-suzie :
hey thanks for stopping by my site. I stop by yours everyday- I think the two of us have the picture market cornered! Love the pictures of your family!
from eclectic117 :
Your diary is wonderful. The pic's are just beautiful and you are so lucky to have such an adorible son! Well, ok maybe genetics had something to do with it! lol Just wanted to give you a quick hello and let you know i surfed in and enjoyed! Take care~Kristy
from lifeisaspoon :
I'm 16 and bisexual. Very few people know. My parents don't know. Reading your diary has given me pride in who I am. I still don't know when I'm going to tell the 'rents, but now I've decided not to keep it a secret from them my whole life. Thanks for the support you unselfishly and unknowingly gave. The best to you and yours!!!
from spamdoll :
just wanted to say that your banner changes too quickly. but it's cute!
from goodsandwich :
You've got the 2 best things one could hope for in a diary -- grown-up perspective and easy-to-read layout! Love reading about your loving family (partner, kid, doggers, older travelin' relatives...)
from jessyca2002 :
I am a 17 year old lesbian, and I find it interesting and quite invigorating to find someone of an "older" perspective. I wissh u the best in ur pursuits. Carpe Diem.
from outland :
you look great babe!!

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