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from catsoul :
3/20/15...hi back. Thanks for reading, appreciate it. Over the years since I began writing my life has changed. Writing here in Diaryland helps me reflect and a way to keep highlights to remember. Anyhoo, thanks again for reading. Take Care. =^..^=
from newschick :
middle school 'reunions' don't cause fear in my mind... it's college reunions that will scare the shit out of me. a friend from the austin years (and college) is getting married in april. we're going, and heaps of the people i fear will be there. it's going to be terrifying. so many people, so many terrible memories, so many broken ties. god.
from newschick :
it's okay! i only deleted people who seriously have not updated since, like, 2007. i don't mind having you - it's a long list.:) and yes i'm feeling better. thanks for caring. :)
from newschick :
haha aw thanks, i must re-read the child years. i was OBSESSED with becoming a news anchor...hence newschick. and yes, i now work from home occasionally and i get SUCH a kick out of the smile that pops onto my face when she comes on CNN. i'm glad i'm not a news anchor, but it's nice to enjoy my childhood dream even today. :)
from newschick :
thanks...altho i'd say 2006-2007 were my most interesting years. :)
from wordsofmine :
I like Pandora when I'm on the computer. However, I like the AARP radio better and it is free. They also have a good selection of music.
from pyroguysr :
I noticed that you were one of Tony's (T85225) friends. Perhaps you read his blogs about his battle with cancer. I'm sad to report that he succumbed and passed away this week at age 49. He was a good online friend of mine and will be sorely missed. I left some details on his D-land diary notes.
from yaketyyak :
In case I don't get another chance to do so, I just wanted to drop by to let you know that I'm thinking about you, and to wish you and Paul a very Merry Christmas.
from tiaris :
Oh yes, there is carpeting, padding, and eight inches of concrete. The folks above me are just obnoxious clods. I am, however, going to share my daily hauntings with readers. Might as well have fun with it. Heh.
from essaywriter :
Hi Bex and thanks for the lovely note you sent me - it made my day! I'm enjoying reading your entries, too. cheers Kathy
from t85225 :
Hi Bex, nice to meet you too, in a way :p I don't understand why you couldn't find a profile, it's there... or was. Perhaps the cleaning crew decided it was better taken out?
from bastion :
Thanks for your comment Bex. Reading the one from Jim in combination with yours, makes me sad. You are both right dammit.
from wordsofmine :
I didn't see the sign up box for the new notify list - did I miss it or are my glasses dirty?
from porchlife :
Hey, thanks for adding me. The more people who do that; the less lazy I am likely to be about updating (maybe). Anyway, I hope I remain interesting for you.
from bastion :
I just put myself on your message detection list. Hope things work out for you. Denver doug
from crowbelle :
Hi. I just added this feature (leave-a-note) and wanted to see how it worked. So this is really a note-to-myself.

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