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from gnrgothchick :
Hiya you dun know me but can I plz be a part of your diaryring? I love guns n roses with a passion. (Hence the name GNRgothchick) Plz plz plz!!!!!!! The Princess Of Darkness xx
from good-punx :
Misfits effing rock. Good taste in music.
from mymajick22 :
i stumbled on your diary because of the porno for pyros reference. Im a huge janes fan. Hope to read more of your diary in the future.
from destiny-pg47 :
Hey I just read ur diary. u seem like a nice enough person (JJ):p I like the sound of u. Anyway i was wondering if u r a member of LiveJournal? If so... do u think u could send me a code? i'm sorri to ask but i'm desperate! Thanx Destiny
from smile4onlyu :
username: cfemale password: august
from smile4onlyu :
well thank u! ok crazy shit has been going on....i will make u a password k?
from smile4onlyu :
thanx for what? thanx for adding me to your list.
from iluvtunes :
Hey...I just joined the Jane's diaryring. My favorite band for years!!! I noticed that you need to add Chris Chaney to the "if your a fan of" section on the diaryring description. Yea...I know he's new, but it looks like they plan on having him as a permanant part of the band, so we gotta give him his "props"! 8^)
from helta-skelta :
yo its funny cause well your intro any way helter skelter means massive confusion ironic but true lol
from susi-foo-foo :
you hate forgetting stuff...ok missing six feet under bites but i left the washer tap on while i slept and just wet about half of the fucked is that??? thats bound to make ya feel better.........i havent been around much, been lost space, somewhere in my nutso land. just came by to say hi. susi-dysfunctional-foo
from helta-skelta :
from helta-skelta :
from inca-roads :
remember: trust yourself.
from inca-roads :
yep, glory box--it's my new drug of choice. good gottem good taste.
from transmit :
god you'd think people would realize you're not going to pay what you would at wal-mart at a fucking flea market! that's the point of a flea market!
from clauren :
Thanks for taking my survey music Island and thanks for your compliment. I would like to hear you sing Take me out to the ballgame. Hey I might join in with you. And I do wish you had a radio station. We should have one together and have many different genres of music. I will have to check out your livejournal since I think your diary here at d-land is fab.
from ladybug-baby :
We would really make great pets, and If the tables were turned and we were the lobsters that would be so fucked up, I love porno4pyros there are badass
from transmit :
yay for eminem is right! i finally saw it at the cheap theatre then rented it the other night to make my boyfriend watch it. he loved it.
from inca-roads :
welcome back...sorry to hear about dio. keep on truckin' babe.
from dani-n-nick :
Hey! Sorry to hear about the hamster. :(
from cutiepie1983 :
I was just searching diaryland for a while and found your diary. I think that power puff at the bottom is just adorable! Did you see the movie? I thought I wasn't going to like it, but I found it hilarious! If you were going to pass by my diary, don't cuz it's locked for the time being! lol...Just wanted to say you have a cool diary! Keep up the good work! ~Nancy~
from idiot-milk :
Why, thank you! I'm just a humble mong spreading the love and retardation. And by "love" I mean hatefulness and rage. And by "retardation" I mean, well, me. That someone can find amusement in the patheticness that is my life, fills me with a warm glow. Carry on and don't forget to rub some funk on it.
from inca-roads :
hey, where have ya been?
from desa :
led zepplin is the best. No really gets how therspotic it is. But it is
from freyabrawne :
you have a delicious musical taste--really diverse! i like it! hope the slippery knots of life work themselves out...til then, you still have music. ;) take care.
from inca-roads :
mopey music? i always found dylan"s just like tom thumb's blues to be a repository of dispair and desperation. another generation to be sure, but it's hard to improve upon the masters
from buenacabra :
Your website appears to have a dominatrix powerpuff girl. WTF? I like PowerPuff girls... rather... I like MoJo JoJo
from sleepinglate :
I think maybe possibly you and me are the same person. Paula.
from prostituee :
Where are you?
from the-flash :
that note you left me really means a lot. thanks dude. and im glad you're back. i have thoroughly missed your witty musings for the past well..however long you were gone. talk to you later.
from teaflavoured :
How short is your hair? I thought i'd leave a note instead of a gbook entry seeing as how it's easier....and I'm lazy like that! :P Snow sucks, as does the cold! Stay warm, keep bundled! cheerio, Peeko :P
from iwas :
Hello. Glad you're back. :) I didn't want to leave the password here, and couldn't find an email address for you, so if you email me at [email protected] I'll gladly reply with the password.
from childpandora :
Notes are cool, even though I kept getting lost while trying to figure out how I could actually post them. Just wanted to let you know I got your message and to tell you that your survey rocked. Oh, and I was going to say something terribly witty and keenly observant... but I'm afraid I can't think of anything just now. Ugh! My compliments will just have to do. :) -Tanya
from susi-foo-foo :
hey there gurly. yup stupid people sure do suck. too bad half of the time i'm one of them. the other half, well, then i'm just too damn excellent for all this mundane everyday shit. ha. i can't recommend reading my journal since i usually just whine. i like your style of writing a lot altho honestly i usually can't muster up the energy to read much of ppls lives. a cursed female huh? that makes two of us. makes me wonder what made you actually choose it as an alias. *g* laters, susi
from sunnibear :
Hewwo. Cool diary. Rocky Horror Picture Show rules! Rose tints my world and keeps me safe from the trouble and pain... peace out!
from cursedbear :
Hey Michelle.........just wanted to say hi, and thought I'd leave a note for a change. Hope that you feel better soon, and (as always) yay for the Slash pictures! :) *erin*
from horkin :
Awwww honey, I hope you feel better. Just do some relaxation breathing and you will be out in no time. This is the least I can offer you for sweetly signing my guestbook. :)
from jeiar :
Hi ... I wish I was. Notes suck because I have to login first ...
from perceptionss :
Michelle, thanks for taking my survey. Happy belated Birthday! I hope you received many presents. Take care and I'm sure SC can't be that bad a place:) Love, Booby
from iwas :
I love that song, She's Leaving Home by the Beatles, I mean. Wooonderous.
from iwas :
Thanks for the banner compliment. Advertising ones diary is a difficult thing. Stuff.
from invisibledon :
thanks for doing the survey
from jrsgirl1214 :
u online hun?
from jrsgirl1214 :
U R VERY WELCOME MY SWEETHEART!!!! (Please take a hit for me & for ol' times sake {frowning}) I will write you more soon!!! Congrads on your 200th entry hon. XOXOXOXO Chrissy
from jrsgirl1214 :
MISS SHELLY..... a year goes by & I disappear.... SORRY :( But your boiled peanut twin is back & alive as ever!!!! Yes I did get married on December 14th 2001 and it is almost our one year anniversary.... OMIGAH!!!! Marlon Brando is still a hottie (when he was younger) and I am still gonna give you XOXOXOXOXOXOXO's for ol' times sake. LOL We got this computer back in Feb. and I just remembered that I have an online diary. My email address changed to [email protected] though. WRITE ME!!! Chrissy
from teaflavoured :
HELLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I am back!! I must say it's been awhile! BUT I am glad to see for the most part you are reletivly good! :) I <3 coldplay as well and I am indeed going to check them out in the big Toronto venue where they will be doing a little intimate and interactive gig, my brother has tickets to their concert ( i will steal his tickets) bwahahahahaha! Anyways, just wanted to say "hi" and hope to see you around (ie. in my gbook) I miss the good ol' days of signage!!! k, I'll be back soon!!!!!!! Cheerio ducky, Peeko :P
from electragizel :
Hi.. I hope you don't mind, I borrowed your little purple power puff girl to put in my diary.. I did however make it a link to your diary. So.. If anyone clicks on it it goes back to you.. If you are upset about this please just leave me note and I will remove it.
from skittles1046 :
You're one of the only people who has listed The Doors as a favorite band. Well maybe I just haven't looked enough, but anyway...Good choice.
from letitfall :
Did you see her survey? It was like buttah.
from teaflavoured :
Hey there monkey! I was SO stoked to see you sign the gbook! I thought I would be all spontaneous like and leave you a sneaky note! lol! no, but seriously dude, I am so so so sorry to hear about the situation your poor grandparents are in....but on the good side at least you are helping out which is a HUGE help to everyone I'm sure! I need more time to read more entries that I have to catch up on! I am sooo far behind on reading diaries etc. For awhile I was scared that you were never gonna update again!!!!! but I am super happy you have updated...although now you won't be for awhile...but when you do and you see this entry then come on by and say "hey" again k?! *hugs* and such! Cheerio, Peeko! :)
from mistachel :
dunno if you knew, but the graphic for the rocky horror ring is not showing up. just wanted to let you know
from finalscore :
happy random guestbook [ or note signing ] signing week! pass it on!
from moonshine76 :
whoo. a note from Andrew. and now a note from Moonshine76. HI! hee. oh, it was better when he said it. dammit.
from imbipolar :
just saying hi, since you signed my guestbook...anyone who like's SRV as much as i do, as well as Danzig, is someone i'd like to know..I enjoyed your diary!
from mad-prophet :
I love your diary!
from sinthetic :
Thanks for the note, I love your diary too. Cute layout and the powergothgirls are great!
from megwan01 :
hey, I love the layout of your diary. I have a question about it, how did you do the scroll down for your diary rings? I love that. :)
from violet-moon :
i so know what you feel like now. *hugs* but what really helps is to keep positive thoughts in your mind even when you feel like stabbing yourself with a fork. :)
from patodruida :
Hello there... Thank you for your comments on my diary, although I must confess the credit should go to my designer. In any event, I agree with you on the Stevie Ray issue. I grew up in a rather horrible era of guitar playing: first it was all spandex and neo-classical wizardry and then, with the excuse of "alternativity", we had to endure a decade of mindless strumming by people who totally misunderstood Sonic Youth and the Pixies, so Mr. Vaughan was always a ray of hope for us players who believe in chops AND feeling... I have just joined the ring but even if I pasted your code to my rings entry nothing shows up (???). Well... stay in touch and spread the word, for Rock N'Roll shall not die without a fight.
from girlsetfire :
thanks for the cool message you left in my g/book,made me smile :) loves your diary,take care, holly
from finalscore :
hey, you got a note from our webmaster andrew. unfair. haha :: jealous :: ... anyyyway. i signed your guestbook too, but your plead for note signing was something i just could not resist. thank you for the good music choices, i got a lot of new songs tonight.
from soulsurvivor :
thx alot for those thoughtful notes... hit me up whenever :)
from soulsurvivor :
i am cursed too... i like your diary.
from static-ana :
hmm computer things are silly. perry farrell isn't tho... heart, ana
from graeone :
SRV's a bad-ass, and even my dude BabyBoy says so..and that's saying alot...but you can't deny his awesome presence of 'filter'...!I have had dreams about Perry, Kurt, Phish, Jerry, and even Flea...its weird, but its the same thing you obsess about getting closer to them, hanging out, or even playing on stage with them, oh yeah, the Beastie Boys too...I know what you mean, I think its probably just obsessed with their presence, a Fan., I guess...
from graeone :
it was weird that I read your having sen the JFK movie today, but only because I watched a movie called 'slacker' made by the Dazed&Confuzed guy, and there was a monologue about this guy that lived his life as a professional JFK profiler type, and wrote conspiracy theories and suchh....anyway, I don't think id necessarily reccomend it though...
from graeone :
Nice...I'm glad to find people that give such props to Mr. Farrell...why don't we start a PFP of peripheral ring the way, nice diary...anyway, to Perry..!
from mrharvey :
Hey, you should change your profile now that I update, because your profile says I don't update, and that isn't true now!
from mrharvey :
I WRITE YOU A NOTE NOW! Hey, in what way is this different from signing your guestbook? I mean, I don't mind doing both, but really, is there any difference? That's the question which I pose to you!
from mazterdavey :
how would ya go about joining your guuns n roses ring?
from astralfrog :
pffff, i thought i had sole rights to stalking liz. now that i know i have competition i have to... eat some pie. i'd be violent, but you know, effort + froggie = bleck. er um. what else was there? something about things you like and your sense of humour... *nods* i think i will sleep now.
from ladeeleroy :
I feel your George Harrison pain. Condolences and what not. Nice journal.
from rockyracoons :
hey, i intentionally looked to find your site thru "big butts" just now, but i got impatient and linked it through "cursed female" and "big butts" just thought i'd share that. Have a thankful thanksgiving full of thanksgiving thanks!
from sesomatto :
Hee hee hee... thanks for loving my diary, I truly love yours too. And don't worry, I'm not some idealistic 16-year-old who doesn't understand the term "compromise". I'm a idealistic 20-year-old who doesn't want to acknowledge the term "compromise". lol Have a happy turkey day!
from jrsgirl1214 :
Miss me? HEY... I'm getting married December 14th 2001.... wanna come? LOL.... I know I know..... you can't BUT.... it was cool of me to ask you,huh? Keep cool chicky..... XOXOXOOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOOXOXOXO Chrissy
from jrsgirl1214 :
from rockyracoons :
wow! 2 entries in one day, you're criticism of the Lennon/Tribute Show was similar to mine too!
from mad-prophet :
Here is a note. You have a cool diary and I hope you'll visit mine!
from rockyracoons :
Hey! i mean, Hey!
from jrsgirl1214 :
AM I taking over your note-thingie?! LOL Here are all of your XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO's so far!!!! Thanx for signing "THE BOOK". Marlon Brando is a hottie...well not exactly w/ the big stomache and wrinkles NOW but back in the day....YUMMY!!!! LOL Have you ever seen his son? Not a hottie!!!! Oh well... I'm having a prayer vigil at my house at 8 tonight and even though you and my other far away friends can't be there.... I invite for your spirits to be. Take care hun!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO (there's some more)
from jrsgirl1214 :
HOWDY!!!!!!!! Big hello from me. Hope you are ok and doing well. I lisyed you as one of my fav's today. So you're in there!!! I ate boiled peanuts last night w/my man....LOL. I mocked you and laughed my butt off!!!! BYE CHICKY!!!
from jrsgirl1214 :
YOU RULE B/C YOU AND ZIGI ARE THE ONLY ONES SIGNING MY DAMN GUEST BOOK!!!!! Told ya, I'd drop a line ever so often. I'm bored, Shelly, got any ideas of what I can do besides sit on my butt? LOL I guess I'll go try that psychic site.... !!!! LOL LOVE YA GIRLY!!!! Chrissy
from jrsgirl1214 :
You ARE VERY welcome for me signing your guest book..... we are very alike. The boil peanut story...totally like me. LOL!!!!! I'll make sure to drop ya a line every so often, kay?! Take care hun...... :)
from vitality :
i'm listening to prince. yes, the artist formally known as. i love your site. goodnight.
from jrsgirl1214 :
Wow...... HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY CHICKY!!!! I'm very happy for you. I turned 18 on Feb. 28th of this year and trust me you'll have fun!!! Take care and visit my page anytime.... Happy B-Day!!!! Chrissy
from cursedfemale :
Eeww.. Johnpowers is one nasty mofo. His add disturbs me horribly. With that being said, I'll go now. This was my lame attempt at shameless self-promotion. Thank you, thank you very much.
from jeiar :
i leave notes when im actually on here. which is hardly ever :)
from rockyracoons :
Does anybody leave not here anymore except me?
from rockyracoons :
you got up again, so i;m leaving you another one.
from rockyracoons :
Hey, i was talking to you on IM's but you got up, so now i'm leaving you a note.
from mymichele :
I'm not sure what this is, but I'm leaving you a message anyway! Wooohooo, go Axl!
from rockyracoons :
Hey! That was Punny. Saying Moving on then talking about me, you know? anyways, you got important email. Coolhand lukes a cool movie.
from mrharvey :
VENTNOR AVENUE! YEE-HAW! SUCK ON THAT! God, these Monopoly games at McDonald's are a waste of time. They're a waste of time because I don't win.
from fireywench :
::giggles:: You said leave a note, so here goes. I got hit by a car and broke my clavical in two places!!!
from dyko1924 :
man, your page is punk rock. I havent read alot of your diary, but Im going to start. Im going to put you on my favorites JUST because i like the gray and orange. Im a graphic designer...your shit is righteous. you're livin the dream, man. You got it all.
from cursedfemale :
Dammit. I want notes. :( Don't I deserve notes? Huh? :( Michelle is sad... or not.
from jeiar :
cool, your notes are working now :)

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