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from thisisjohn :
i'm glad this is working again.
from it-is :
you have pretty pictures.
from caseyut9 :
uhm.. i don't want you to ignore me, i don't know if you got my last email, but if you did, sorry to bother you, but if you didn't please email me at [email protected] miss you, and congratulations if you ever see this.
from babyhead :
We need to spend the rest of our lives together. Not kidding.
from hairplay :
I like your new template, good idea. Surprised no one else has done it. Good work.
from thisisjohn :
(...I was looking at the pictures of someone who...)
from thisisjohn :
one time at this photo exhibit in Reno, I was someone take pictures of Pyramid Lake, with a pinhole camera. they looked really neat. i bet they are easy to make. have you ever thought about it?
from caseyut9 :
i miss you.
from unheimlich :
onceupon atime i knew you. those pictures of the streetlights are -beautiful-.
from nyquilgirl :
wow. those are amazing. the blindfold. you are creating some amazing images. you need to get these out there. beautiful.
from sunkship :
those double-exposures are amazing
from nyquilgirl :
sonia's polaroid is so amazingly touching. i love it. xo x's 928374582343
from babyhead :
Those are some hot photos.
from insectgod :
from thisisjohn :
ferns have over 2000 chromosomes and humans have 46.
from insectgod :
hi. hi. i know i've been m/i/a but i'm back occassionally for now and for good in the near future. where are you?
from heartshaped :
oh yes of course! just do heartshaped at dland, i guess?
from thisisjohn :
everyone is so self-aware.
from upside-down :
psst. where are you? love, heartshaped.
from sunkship :
so, where are you? [email protected]
from lazybohemian :
wtf g? contact moi via [email protected]. yanoo, if you're not terribly busy. :)
from not-quite :
happy new year. new location? [email protected]
from nyquilgirl :
♥ happy new year. xo

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