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from dangerspouse :
Dammit. I'm not on ANY social media platform. *sigh* Ignorance, it turns out, is not bliss....
from dangerspouse :
NOoooooooooooo! Don't go!!! *sob*
from dangerspouse :
Oh my god, you poor thing(s)! I can't believe you're getting walloped like this. Any one of those problems would be practically overwhelming all by itself. To have all of them hit at once is horrid! Best of luck to you, really. I hope they at least catch the burglar (and rip his nuts off, so you can sell them in your shop). I'll be thinking about you guys over here. Keep us posted, ok?
from dangerspouse :
Happy Thanksgiving to you too, kiddo! No problemo sending you out a CARE Package of DangerFood. That's what food stamps are for, right? Great hearing from you again - now update! :)
from snowxbaby :
I like your blog. I prefer vodka and pepsi. XD
from errantnights :
how old are you now?
from chasha :
Stumbled across your diary. I love your writing style.
from dogsdontpurr :
Hi whystinger~ Yes, my email is still hijacked. I'm curious as to why you said you got an email pimping my site. I have never done that, so whatever you got was not from me. What did it say and when did you get it? Please let me know. Thanks!
from whystinger :
I stumbled on you from your email... pimping your diary. Hmmm, is your email still hi-jacked? Cool diary and from what little I can see, cool artwork.
from hissandtell :
Hi - I just stumbled onto you (metaphorically/figuratively, you understand) through july28 and am absolutely loving the read. I'll have to bookmark you to come back and read it all, I think. Love, R xxx
from lost-family :
is the seriously a holiday in spain?/
from dooki :
Thanks to you I MADE CURTAINS! WOO HOO! The bobbin case was the biggest feat...but I did it and it's all because of you. Aw...single tear.
from dooki :
HELLO! I found you online, looking for sewing genie tips. After slitting the throats of the makers of Sewing Genie, I found your site. I make the glad face now! (well, hopefully I'll be making the glad face when I get home and try out your tips.) I'm adding you as a favorite because you're the only person who's posted something, ANYTHING, about this friggin' retarded machine. I'm sewing curtains TONIGHT. It will happen, right? RIGHT?
from july28 :
Sounds like a bit of a play on on 'marinate'.... My Mum always talks about 'confabbing' with someone, and I thought it was one of her made up words - then I found out through a fellow blogger that it's short for 'confabulate' (to talk casually') Anyway, congrats....maybe you've invented a new word! love your diary xx
from hamiltonian :
I would buy one.. but only if do one just for me. Wait till I get a new job though...
from hamiltonian :
cool artwork
from dont-stop :
I was just passing through and decided to click on your ads after I read your entry requesting clicks. The second to the last was quite naughty! You should have many clicks now :)
from avalonte :
I love your diary. Hey, my washing machine isn't working at the moment, perhaps using Imodium will get it going. Hmm.... no, it works the other way, doesn't it! Oh well! LOL!
from marn :
I hadn't even realized that having their paws touched bothers cats. I stroked Zoe's last night when she joined me on the bed and she kept drawing them back, so I can see there's some work to do there, too. Thanks for the advice.
from marn :
But ... but ... but it's Cavalcade of Ca Ca Week at 12% Beer. I am a woman on a mission!
from fumbles :
just saying hi. thanks for the comments on my photography (at your name is hilarious. =)

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