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from alwayslolita :
hey. i'm getting ready to launch my blog in the blogosphere. so i've locked up in preperation for that. plus i'm talking to this new guy who i don't want to find it. here's the info: username: alwayslolita, password: caly19 feel free to peruse.
from bitchslap69 :
merry christmas!
from pink-circle :
{Circle Invite} On behalf of the circle, I invite you to join our writer's group. I have noticed your shown interest in poetry/writing. If you are interested, please note back. :) ~Circle Counsil
from mathero :
I'm promoting my diary because I'm bored as hell tonight! =)
from iamhubpluh :
If you are voting AGAINST Bush, check out he is for 100% EQUALITY for the gay/lesbian community as well as for stoping the war in Iraq, and NOT sending more troops as Kerry is for (based on his debate answers). Vote your heart, not the less of two evils!
from crayola123 :
hey verona! it sounds very familiar is that a real place? crayola
from malraux :
Seriously, that's one of the stupidest attempts at racism I've seen in a long time.
from malraux :
Hmm... being Chinese myself, I have to say the comment was probably meant as racist, but a) it doesn't actually insult Chinese people (since being good at something isn't a bad thing) as much as it does b) demeans anyone who isn't Chinese. So it's both racist to both the Chinese and all non-Chinese at the same time. Fascinating.
from saudades :
I love your diary :)
from malraux :
Hope you feel better from your illness, and a Happy Chinese New Year.
from malraux :
re: all the crap that surrounded you this week -- .
from malraux :
btw, I've linked to and posted your poem as promised in this entry. hope you don't mind. =)
from malraux :
thanks for the note! and btw, i really liked your poem -- it's just with the drama in my life right now a link to it's been lost in the shuffle. i'll remedy that soon.
from cherrybettie :
Hey there! Thanks for adding me to your favorites and the sweet note you left me. I've read through some of your older entries and you are quite the clever kitten yourself! I'll be keeping up with you, my dear. xox

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