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from silverelite :
I'd like to know where you moved to!
from iamhubpluh :
If you are voting AGAINST Bush, check out he is for 100% EQUALITY right for the Gay/Lesbian community as well as for stoping the war in Iraq, and NOT sending more troops as Kerry is for (based on his debate answers). Vote your heart, not the less of two evils!
from pushed-over :
i'd like to know your new link to. =). -Mell
from dear-- :
could i please have your new username? thanks soo much! <33
from saladwhore :
Oh please please please - can you clue me in too? :-)
from sketchedpony :
I wanna know your new diary!
from silverelite :
i'd like to know your new DL name please :-) thanks.
from keepfaking :
omg it's caley. i would like to know your new diaryland nameee
from pretty-w0rds :
new dLand name, please!? =] much♥...thanks!
from starii-eyed :
i leased a horse last year, but the people in PA have officially decided to screw me over and not put any decent horses up for lease. but i'm looking. it's just so hard to find anything worth my time. either a horse for lease is insanely psycho, or not that great of a jumper. it seems that i'm just finding a whole lot of what i don't want. But thanks for the advice. i found the perfect horse last year to lease, and i did lease him for about a year, but then i got in trouble & messed that up. It was perfect. and only 150 bucks a month. But i guess lessons once a week will have to do for now! keep on writing - i love your diary!
from pretty-w0rds :
this is paper-starz...i've changed my dLand name to pretty-w0rds, just to let ya know<3
from pretty-w0rds :
this is paper-starz...i've changed my dLand name to pretty-w0rds, just to let ya know<3
from roaminggnome :
funny cide? HA! i like empire maker... hahaha jk. My best friend is sooo into horse racing. Shes obsessed. last year was a good derby tho. i wish i could watch this one... **tear**
from sketchedpony :
It's hard to not miss you. I like our conversations that we have here.
from sketchedpony :
Yes that must be very funny. Especially if they can't decide if it's them or not and then both go down.
from jezika1 :
hey there Just wanted to say hi and its nice to see a fellow horsey person on here! i have a horse too. ne way i really like your diary and just wanted to say hi. Jess xx
from bangyrdead :
yes. we all want our own marcus flutie. the elite of all boys in the world. too bad he's not real. :o hope you feel better soon <3
from sketchedpony :
Thank you so so much for the message. Truthfully, what you said helped me more than what anyone else has ever said. I've never come across someone that was in this same boat. It's so hard knowing that you are better than what you show but everyone else says that what shows is fine. That's the whole problem. It isn't.
from sketchedpony :
It's really hard to have an opinion and not be able to share it. And it really pisses me off that Bush is pushing this no same sex marriage crap. If you want to not take away liberties of people, they let people get married damn it!
from lilrunaway :
i've moved from silverelite to lilrunaway...i thought that would be a good idea for the new year. happy new year! good luck in 2004! :-)
from elijah1981 :
Wow I love your layout! It's so cute :)
from piecesof8 :
Hi there, this is Pieces of Eight, a new fanlisting for avid Pirates of the Caribbean fans. Would you care to join? Please check it out!
from ev-xox :
heyyyyyyyyyyy. would you ever consider someone giving you an image to put text onto and such, download, and let them use on a layout of their own? leme know :)
from machogirl7 :
You're so talented. Good luck with the horse!
from machogirl7 :
OOhh... I hope that's the horse for you. *crosses fingers*
from sketchedpony :
Hey, I know this is a weird question but here goes. I know that you have a supergold membership on your diary and I was just wondering how you got it without your parents going on your diary. I want to get one, but I saw that your username is on the paypal statement and I think that my parents would go on my diary if I got it. I know this is rambling but I am really curious.
from iloveurtummy :
i noticed u added me 2 ur buddy list. why didnt ya juss leave me a note so i knew n that way i could add u too?
from machogirl7 :
Aww. That was so sweet. You're such a good person.
from cdghost :
enjoyed reading your words, all the best..thecdghost
from glennz-bitch :
hey my new diary is please leave me a note w/ whats been up
from glennz-bitch :
OMG. hey! yes...its who u think it is...AND I'M COMING BACK TO DIARYLAND! i miss u all so so much! i'll be using another diary tho, and i have yet to get that in the patient! and if you can do me a huge favor, once i get my new diary and give you all the code, could you PLEASE leave me a note telling me whats been going on? cause it'll just be TOO much to read in ur diary enteries. thanks....I MISSED YOU GUYS!!!
from everwoodrevu :
Like getting reviews? Please come check out Everwood Reviews. Thank you! Have a great day!
from jazzed-faith :
I'm in love with Funny Cide, too. (Yet, he's owned by ten people, six of whom are high-school buddies, just so you know.) I love to read your diary, and think you've done an impressive job. Well...yeah. That's it. See ya!
from sketchedpony :
That is really scary that a pink Venus razor appeared in your mailbox. Makes you wonder what else is sent through the mail.
from sketchedpony :
I love your new layout. It is amazing.
from evannpaige :
the singing ad basically killed me...i died of shock. how much could that have cost the herbal people?! my lordy! :P
from sketchedpony :
That's good that you are doing better this year in school. I can't speak in front of a class either. I try to stay calm, but I never can.
from elijah1981 :
ok i feel so stupid now...feel free to delete my entry in your guestbook lol hehe
from megl42 :
Welcome to the Queer Eye ring! Cheers queers!
from glennz-bitch :
lol awww well im sry i juss thought u werent gonna add me b/c u said ur only addin the people that u feel like addin...i thought i wuzznt good enough lol!
from glennz-bitch :
wait a sec...why ain't i on ur buddy list?!
from glennz-bitch :
hey, juss wanna letcha kno i juss posted an entry in my diary from a few days ago. u c, i have 2 diaries w/ the exact same enteries (juss a different diary name & a different layout) so i can have 2 buddy lists cuz i like 2 get losta buddies...& what i do is type up my diary entry on my other diary then ccp it over here. well i musta 4got 2 ccp it over here, so yea. im bout readie 2 go make 2days entry tho so please make sure u click the back button or w/e its called on my diary 2 c the entry b4 it called "in love" ... thank u
from glennz-bitch :
nice new start girly :D
from soandsotgs :
hey i found this link and thought it was funny.... since you are a member of the homestar diaryring i thought you mmight enjoy it too tell me what you think
from laurelote :
... and for joining my Will Turner ring as well.
from laurelote :
Hi! Thanks for joining my (Captain!) Jack Sparrow diaryring, mate! :-)
from wllybere :
Hey, I'm the first note, cool! Just wanted to say thanks for adding me to your favorites. I'm locking up because of a nosey coworker, but the username is wllybere, and the password is guest if you would still like to read. Take care!

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