Completely Typical

Because everybody's after love.

A diary of poetry and prose.

The author is 16. She's smart but hates school. Loves her horse, her cats, her dog. Doesn't know where the hell she's going in life. Hates stupid people. Loves theater. Is a thespian. Is a Jessica Darling (via Sloppy Firsts). Feels she was a Holocaust victim in a past life. Wants change. Is a Gemini.

My favorite diaries:

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comments: my old home. kept it for a year, needed a fresh start.
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My favorite music:

brad paisley
comments: "someday i'm gonna be famous. do i have talent? well, no .. but these days you don't really need it .. thanks to reality shows. can't wait to date a supermodel, can't wait to sue my dad .."
john mayer
comments: "someday i'll fly .. someday i'll soar .. someday i'll be so damn much more .. 'cause i'm bigger than my body gives me credit for."
brian mccomas
comments: "you're in my head .. you're in my heart .. you're in that song on the radio in my car .. even in my dreams i feel your skin on my skin .. out of breath each day ends like it begins .. you're in my head."
dixie chicks
comments: "i made a promise to myself, locked it away deep down inside .. told my heart we'd wait it out, swore we'd never compromise .. i believe in love .. love that's real, love that's strong .. love that lives on and on .."
comments: "i don't mind spending every day .. out on your corner in the pouring rain .. look for the girl with the broken smile .. ask her if she wants to stay awhile .. and she will be loved."

My favorite movies:

comments: "c'mon you son of a *bleep* mother*bleeping* gluepot. ever raced before? i bet you couldn't even beat a human, let alone another horse..."
the pianist
comments: "i'm not german! i'm polish!" "then what's with the *bleeping* coat?" "..i'm cold..?"
lord of the rings
comments: "don't talk to it merry! don't encourage it!"
finding nemo
comments: "oh my gosch! nemo's schwimming out to schea!" .. "hey, you guys made me ink!!" .. "no eating here tonight, what, no eating here tonight. no eating here tonight, you on a diet!!"
harry potter
comments: "spiders. spiders! why couldn't it be follow the butterflies?!"

My favorite authors:

megan mccafferty
comments: "a hush-hush i can only compare to a stage whisper. DON'T LET JESS FIND OUT ABOUT OUR TRIP. they thought i'd be crushed if i found out they were bounding without me. uh, no."
lousie rennison
comments: "i don't know what this means karmatically. i don't think i believe in god anymore. the only way i'll believe in god is if something really bloody great happens to me soon."
laura hillenbrand
comments: "he must never mount a racehorse again. pollard smiled. 'then i reckon i'll have to find somebody to boost me up.' he said."
george orwell
comments: "we, the party, control all the records, and we control all memories. then we control the past, do we not?" ...oh, and animal farm was just amazing.
john knowles
comments: "the war/is a bore." <33333333 a seperate peace. <333333333333333 gene.

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