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Sara [Sar-a] n. - Girl. Age of 15. Sophmore. Found in NJ, USA. Proudly American. Friendly. Social. Equestrian. Dreams extremely big. Easy going. Has a sarcastic humor. Smart. Proud to squee for Legolas. Loves notes in her guestbook. ;P (Elaboration follows.)


The girl who keeps this diary is just a girl who lives in New Jersey. She's an only child who's been breathing toxic NJ air for 15 years. That makes her a sophmore. She hearts girly boys and elves. She's a smart student with a sarcastic humor. Her horse is her baby. Her skittery cat snores. British people make her giggle. She only eats the pink Mentos and won't put milk in her cereal, either. Obsessions keep her occupied. She gets lost in her own world. She doesn't care much for this one. Her soul purpose in life is probably to entertain you at her own expense. This is her story.


..Yes I'll fall before I fly, but no one can say I never tried..

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My favorite music:

brad paisley
comments: "someday i'm gonna be famous. do i have talent? well, no .. but these days you don't really need it .. thanks to reality shows. can't wait to date a supermodel, can't wait to sue my dad .."
kenny chesney
comments: "she knows you don't get where you're going unless you got somethin' they ain't got .. so she sings tonight for 20,000 plus .. and the young girls scream out loud, man that could be us! .. she's a big star .."
dixie chicks
comments: "i made a promise to myself, locked it away deep down inside .. told my heart we'd wait it out, swore we'd never compromise .. i believe in love .. love that's real, love that's strong .. love that lives on and on .."
john mayer
comments: "whatever happened to my, whatever happened to my lunch box? when came the time that it got thrown away? and don't you think i should have had some say in that decision?"
sheryl crow
comments: "you're an original baby, like we've never seen before .. you're an original baby, turn around and you're looking at 100 more .. we thought that you had somethin' special .."

My favorite movies:

comments: "i was crippled for the rest of my life. i got better. he made me better!"
The Pianist
comments: "i'm not german! i'm polish!" "then what's with the *bleeping* coat?" "..i'm cold..?"
Lord of the Rings
comments: "don't talk to it merry! don't encourage it!"
Harry Potter
comments: "why couldn't we follow the butterflies?!"
Finding Nemo
comments: "maybe he only speaks whale. heeeeellllloooooooo??"

My favorite authors:

louise rennison
comments: "i don't know what this means karmatically. i don't think i believe in god anymore. the only way i'll believe in god is if something really bloody great happens to me soon."
sharon creech
comments: "and there was dougie .. with no pants on .. at all."
megan mccafferty
comments: "my hair's not too poofy is it? i don't want to scream jersey when i walk down the asile."
j r r tolkien

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