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from discodave :
I only speak the truth - now, get that Irn Bru down you. Dxx
from cocktails :
Sometimes the people we hate the most become our dearest friends.
from cocktails :
Good Luck..I am sure you will be fine. C xxx
from ed-is-dead :
Gouge away. You can gouge away. Stay all day....If you want to. I like ur page! Hope u like mine! It's about a super-hero named Tony.
from cuillin :
oh no! does it do that on every page you click on, or just certain ones? some older entries are locked, but nothing recent should be! ack blah. xoxox
from maralisa :
Disrupt your work? Never ;) (I have to make my LJ friend only and the only way I can do that is by deleteing every single entry, oh what fun :o)
from maralisa :
username=passport, password=control xx
from phonics :
Perhaps I should've said no html allowed - don't you go making a mess of the book, ya hear! Mxx
from wordsaredead :
love love love love love your are a very good writer and you seem lovely and you have good taste! where do you live in england? i lived in leicester for a year and i loved it (don't IS a nice place, contrary to what seems to be the popular belief in the uk). i can't wait to get back there.
from cuillin :
Alex has been working her witchy magic ways. I love your diary! I stole a bunch of your quizzes...they're better than the ones I've seen lately...I'm going to post the results later on. We're both the same murderess, at any rate. And we're both Michael Caine. That's too bad, frankly. I wish I weren't Michael Caine. At any rate, I love your diary and have added you to my lil 'favourites' list....xoxoxoxox
from phonics :
I can't really send cards just now as they're all at home and I'm stuck in this office. Doh. I could perhaps, however, write out a xmas card list - or would that be too sad? Mxx
from phonics :
no, not at all. I usually wait until the last minute but if I need to send some to America and Australia they should go soon. And all I need from you is motivation and a gentle prod as a reminder. Don't worry, I don't expect a card, I'm sure the present will be big enough and expensive enough to make up for it :) Mxx see, people can sign my g'book as much as they like but it doesn't help me!
from soupstain :
I'd heard rumours of a forthcoming Led Zep reformation too, but certain of Mr Plant's comments made me think they might have been a little premature. Specifically: "I'm with Strange Sensation now and it's gonna stay that way for a long time." By the way, he also played Ramble On and Going to California. Wahey.
from glitterscars :
on behalf of a certain lazy drunken female diarist who can't be bothered logging out of this account, I think you know who I mean... ;) Yes, the same guy. I yelled him about a month ago, told him I knew he was still reading my diary (IP addresses don't lie, SOMEONE at uni does daily). He swore it wasn't him, told me "I can't believe you don't trust me" sulk sulk sniff. Anyway, today he says he found out the mystery reader was someone he knows and apparently I don't, who is very protective of him and was making sure I didn't say anything cruel. But he's told this person to stop because he's getting the blame (not that they have...) It just freaks me out he's given the address to someone I don't know and told them we had this "history". I really did think he had more class. FUCK FUCK FUCKWIT!!
from slapmeharder :
i just clixed you three times I never send you note. felt the urge. xxx
from tenderbeauty :
Pretty pretty...
from dailycake :
damned dirty bleedin' americans!
from dailycake :
a boy, eh? (laughs) well, how long did you think i was a boy and when did it finally click darling?
from dailycake :
(smiles) who did you think i was darlin?
from mandypandy83 :
You've been nominated!
from lore129 :
Hey. I put the thingy in my html editor, but it doesn't come up in my diary. I don't know what's wrong. : ( sorry
from kymee :
I don't even remember the last bit I mentioned in the email, did you mean the email thing? You should've e'd me back silly =) Anyhoo, if that is indeed that case, then yeah, I broke, or at least came to a breaking - huge realization point. Call me a glutton for punishment but yeah, I'm still interested. I got another email from him this morning when all I sent him yesterday was a forward in response to his forward/email to me. *Sigh* Methinks I'm playing mind games, and I fucking hate those, oh how I fucking hate them. You see, I bet if I act all nonchalant, he'll call me this weekend, when really, I'm not detached at all!
from dailycake :
pleasure to make your acquaintance.
from bother :
haha. i'm sorry for the confusion. i messed up my template and for some reason diaryland wouldn't let me refresh in the usual automatic way. so i had to go back to an old diary, copy the html in this one, then delete and re-add every single entry all over again, simply because any changes to the template don't seem to affect any old entries. at least with me they don't. i don't understand it myself. it should be okay now. kisses,
from stykz :
i got your note, about the ring thing. i would really like to link to the ring, but if you add one sticker to your diary then everybody else thinks that you don't value their ring, and they get all mad and it causes a lot of confusion, blah blah blah. that's why i have a rings link, and it takes you right to the list of all of the rings that i am a part of. if i could, i would put all of my rings on there, but that looks a bit tacky and slows the page down as it loads. i hope you understand. stykz
from twentyone :
Hi. Fancy meeting you here! I have to leave you a note today as I am having major difficulty using your links. Not sure if it's my computer. I watched 'Cruel Intentions' yesterday, it's one of my fav films.
from torch :
I know what you mean about the "something missing". I've spent many years trying to work why I seem to feel rubbish a lot of time, but have yet to come to any conclusions. Grrr.
from made-again :
Welcome to the wonderful John Malkovich ring! Thanks for joining!
from headmusic :
you were exactly right. but all is fine now...thank god.
from quantum87 :
I know a girl who cries when she practices violin cause every note sounds so pure. It just cuts her, and then the melody starts pouring out of her eyes. Now to me everything else seems like a lie.
from enny112289 :
you have a pretty cool diary and how did you get the template?? it kicks..ltaer. peace
from windowpain :
i don't mean to sound snotty or mean, but walk a mile in my shoes and maybe then you might start to understand.
from isolatedsoul :
thankyou for the birthday wishes xx hope your ok xx katie xxx <3
from allyouwanted :
Hey, thanks for your note in my guestbook. However, I've stopped writing under this name. Come check out the new place under the name "encima." :)
from opaque88 :
Gratuitous, fuck. I feel terrible now...Well, I was adamant in getting the right spelling this time; I copied and pasted it. So it should be aye-okay now. If it isn't just let me know. And the new diary template is fantastique. Thumbs up.
from windowpain :
you are beautifully honest and i admire that. thank you for the kind words... it's nice to know someone reads what i have to say, let alone to think such nice things. you are amazing. please remember me and please stay in contact! i <3 you. *smiles*
from pinstripes :
i don't know what to saye but thankyou...*looking down at her feet* i can see that you also write from the heart/soul/'s alwayez more touching that waye, isn't it?
from soulsurvivor :
thank you... as you may have noticed i have been going through a very hard time. in pain we find each other.
from sharpsecret :
thankyou so much for your advice.its really hard to know what to do.i know they ll react wrong anyay,it doesnt help being told your selfish when im scared and cant stop.anyway thanku,u are a lovely person.takecare xx
from fallencupid :
Hi there. Well, I hope your boyfriend does love you, even though in your entry you wrote that you didn't know if he did or not. I just got done looking around in your diary and wanted to tell you I enjoyed my visit. I hope you are able to take a look at my diary and leave a note. I love getting notes from people and hearing what they like about my diary...other than they like the cat template, and think it is way cool. Aside from that, I hope to see you around. Keep up the good work! ~Fallen

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