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from ldschick :
I used to read you a long time ago...i see i am listed as a fav...can i get a password?
from heatherash :
thank you!
from amberfalls :
Hello. I'm back writing on diaryland and would love to read your diary again but apparently it's locked. If you are feeling generous and would like to share your password, you can e-mail me at Thanks and take care.
from hitch-hike :
Your butterfly layout is awesome!!!
from leonmcphelps :
Well that is cool. I find that the best way to learn is to throw the instructions away and play with it. That's what I always do, even with my furniture. That may be why I have bought 3 entertainment centers in the past year, but oh well. Thanks about the whole riot thing. I appreciate it. And let me see your handywork when you are done. I am sure you will do a good job.
from anotherstar :
Thank you so much... It's so good to hear someone cares... Your note was greatly appreciated. Thank you again :)
from heatherash :
from leonmcphelps :
Why thank you. You are totally awesome yourself. I would be more than happy to give you Photo Shop lessons. It all begins with a good subject. I am glad that I have 2 steps in the door, but let me just say that for you I am sure most men would speak with any accent you want.
from hitch-hike :
Happy Valentine's Day! Here is something for your V-Day laugh: Did you relocate to Florida?
from leonmcphelps :
I like your template. Pretty cool stuff, and I am surprised we haven't run into each other since we run is such similar circles. Nice Diary though, good job.
from amberfalls :
hello. can you send me the password to your diary? Thanks.
from heatherash :
don't forget to sign up for my message board where you can win free stuff
from heatherash :
Yeah... I have heard about it. Looking for it... anything that involves horror, I'm always up for. Yes a few years made a difference. LOL
from lighthouse91 :
Travolta was pure smoothness in Saturday Night Fever! My buddy reminded me of the time we went to see Pulp Fiction and I gasped (in horror) at the time he took off his shirt. What a difference a few years makes on a person!... Oh, yeah... Go see "Body Double". It made me think of how weird the world of acting can be, and it involved low-budget horror.
from katehackett :
Hi! Drop me a line sometime, I'd love to talk to you.
from pink-choc :
i took your survey called the sims and i was just wondering where can i upload skins? from wot site? plz leave me a note!
from lovely-freak :
can i have your password?
from pinkchunks :
I love your can't just take it away. can I please have the password? PLEASE.
from mpeacock :
I just wanted you to know how much I feel for you, and that I haven't met a man with complete integity yet.
from amberfalls :
Yes. I guess I've seen pictures of Casper with his wife in some celebrity mags. I didn't realize he gave you his #. All I can say is his wife must either turn a blind eye or be very patient to put up with his behavior. I could never stay married to someone like that. Good for you that you took the moral high road above him! Take care.
from babykat922 :
Hey Heather! I filled out your survey on the sims. I said in the comments section that you can visit and join my group about the sims, post pics of them there, messages..etc. Just go to my diary and click the link in the entry I posted about the SIMS! Smooches! >'.'<
from amberfalls :
Gack! *choking on tea* You got to ride the plane with Casper Van Diem? He is so hot. He's been in a bunch of stuff. That is so cool.
from lighthouse91 :
Great idea for those annoying political surveys!! Once I told a survey I was an 8 foot tall Chinese lesbian who makes 12,000 per year and lives in a tar-paper house. I said I voted for Nader and felt we needed more guns on the street! I wonder what they did to my and your results????
from lovely-freak :
from amberfalls :
Hi. I really like your new layout but not all of the links work. I agree, if you're gonna buy a monkey, better not get the cheap one! Hope you get your links working again soon. Best to you. -a-
from leslieirene :
Hi Heather! I'm your newest fan! I came by you by way of your lovely banner...I hope no one is mean to you on this site; you don't deserve it. You have everything it takes to be at the top! Go Girl! Blessings, Leslie Irene:)
from spanklin :
Sorry, the guestbook wouldn't let me add a new entry so soon. Yep, people get dressed up as their favorite stuffed doll and grind on each other till they cum. You can google for plushie to see the proof. It's a great laugh. You'd probably like the site for people that actually are serious about having sex with dolphins, it's hilarious.
from mr-knowitall :
Nice diary
from fakeitsoreal :
thanks for the note. youve got several nice sites. we share a love of kevin smith. you sure are pretty, for a girl : )
from bizznitch :
Oh No! Why do you hate Bobby Trendy? lol I saw your Ann nicole ring. I liked your quirky entries that made me laugh:D
from invisibledon :
Happy New Year
from ray-andrew :
Happy Holidays, yes, yes, yes....
from pinkchunks :
I love reading your diary, and I can't wait to see your new movie.
from invisibledon :
happy holidays
from mpeacock :
Hi Heather, I hope you're recouping quickly. I just figured out that you are sooooo young. Yes, you look that young, but you write like a wise old owl. How does one so young, get so wise? Anyway, my favorite soap is DOOL and I really hope to see you on it someday. Actually, I haven't been able to watch for a while with school and all. I did a couple of U5s and lots of extra work on DOOL, always wished for that contract part. Good luck!
from mpeacock :
If the question is what I am thinking, congrats!!!! I am hoping to get that question soon too. Is this the guest book? I can't believe people would write nasty things to you, the losers!
from mpeacock :
Okay, Heather, I left a message with CSI Miami. Just like you said. I did this because I used to be an aspiring actress and I would have done the letter writing campaign if I had gotten that far. I wanted to be a soap star. I enjoy living vicariously through you though, I am now (almost) a full fledged high school drama teacher.
from swtvirgo :
The Ring was really good. I would say if it were better than Red Dragon, but I haven't seen that movie. The Ring was the freakiest movie I've ever seen. You should see it.
from rockyraven :
I like your diary. Very un-snobby and down to earth.
from ugotsoul :
just out of curiousity... why did you pick L.A. for acting as opposed to new york?
from kbaa :
i liked the picture on your page. sexy.
from simeons-twin :
Have fun at the Aerosmith concert.
from quin1225 :
Hey Jess, check your emails. Quinrov
from heatherash :
I thought the othe ending was kinda funny- I guess. but i see why he cut it out. Goda love him.
from invisibledon :
Hey so what do you think of the original ending to clerks that was cut out after the sundance film fest? You have a cool site
from invisibledon :

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