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from djmarionette :
from lingers :
thanks. i've missed you too! i'm sorry about your discman. those that play mp3s are such a luxury! hopefully it's still under warranty.
from djmarionette :
oh no! poor discman.
from raven72d :
I lived in Vienna for a year... there in the IX. Bezirk right by the Servitenkirche... I was doing research for my doctoral thesis at the HHSA and the Kriegsarchiv... I miss Austria whenever the subtropical sumemr strikes here... And just a note to say that your diary was a random find, but a delight to read.
from refusal :
Hi. I'm going to Vienna, world capital of cakes, in a few days' time. I was forgetting you're in Austria. Can you recommend anything to see or do or eat, or is there anything I must avoid at all costs?
from djmarionette :
I'm dumbfounded. 0_0
from djmarionette :
JEEZ! What a horrible person. I know what I'd do but you probably wouldnt.. heehee.
from djmarionette :
that sounds great!
from djmarionette :
A ghost in the machine? I honestly don't know how you do it.
from djmarionette :
You can always stay with us, V!
from camdawg :
hey, just stumbled upon your diary...I like it. just though I'd say hi cam
from djmarionette :
OMG that is a riot! The metal ones are the best but they do clatter around a bit. :P
from amygonecrazy :
started reading your diary from the beginning, really enjoying it :) hehe. amy.
from traptdaisy :
Thank you so much for the link! Its full of great content, I much appreciate it!
from djmarionette :
Thanks for the support. Congrats on your test! My math teacher wrote back and agreed with my assessment of the situation, seeing that everything goes so fast in her course. She feels if I were able to attend every day, I'd do great.
from djmarionette :
JEEZ!! Can't even download a song in peace! I wouldn't have responded... lol
from djmarionette :
That shit happens to me ALL the time. Online companies are a rip-off... well, not all of them but a good deal of them. I've had to do quite a bit of yelling and screaming over charges I didn't want.
from djmarionette :
**fixes you hot milk with lots of brown sugar** :)
from alayah :
aww you're so cute! don't worry, i'll be back... hopefully in a week or so with something brand new.
from alayah :
HAHAHAHA! Probably for the same reason that guys never put the seat DOWN
from alayah :
i tried to leave a comment but i don't know if it worked... anyway.... you went blonde from pink! woohoo! ;)
from ladymya :
hey du :) woher kommst du denn? nice diary hast du =) greez, mya
from cedartrees :
Aww, thanks :) your diary is so great that I read the whole thing yesterday!
from alayah :
thanks for crossing everything for me... do you feel like a pretzel? I do.
from alayah :
friggin guestbooks are being a pain in the arse tonight. yeah, it's fine if you want to link us! thank you very much!
from alayah :
i never had friends till my senior year either.
from unkissedkiss :
yes. yes, i do.
from alayah :
Keep on rockin' girlie... sounds like you're doing great on those exams! Thanks for the thumbs up on the tune. :)
from igetit :
i like you///& all that you write
from alayah :
I tried to send you an email from "letters" but it wouldn't go for some reason. Just wanted to say good luck on the exams and as for the postcard, stick it in a pile of poop. Stinky!
from alayah :
welcome to the wild world of dland...
from mormonmama :
if you aren't nice, why would we wanna talk to you? j/k! i stopped by, i'm not sure exactly how i got here, but i'm here. keep writing. you have a good template, nice and simple, not over doing it, which is rare. i look forward to future reads.
from hymen :
talk to me I am not nice.

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