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from track1side2 :
tonight i went to a coffee shop to play an open mic and while i was waiting to go on a skinny white high school kid strolls up to rap over some beats. what does he do for his third and final song? "you're from evanston". turns out he wrote the song. it was hilarious.
from mentalwhoosh :
I liked that...I was hoping you'd write something more soon. I guess I have 2 journals so I can be an unemotional person in one, and a basketcase in the other. I liked that part about Annelise, though. I think you guys are better friends than I've been with anyone in years. Lucky you.
from track1side2 :
this is jack. i am drunk. pgmg tomorrow nite! w00t! sorry to abbreviate. too much concentration. go cats!
from mcsrocks007 :
Hey,I saw you liked Motion City Soundtrack and you seem pretty cool so I was wondering if maybe you wanted to join my MCS message boards,
from halfdevoured :
I was wondering why you had not updated for so long... then I finally realized that I left off your diary (plus two others) when I updated my buddy list. You should have smacked me around for that mistake. [hugs]
from track1side2 :
exploding dog rocks.
from damien-cross :
armor for sleep rules...and I totally feel where you're coming from.
from track1side2 :
hey. it's jack. line nine from the mlk day entry is the most emo thing i've heard in weeks. it made me laugh. but if you weren't being ironic, then feel better.
from halfdevoured :
Can you email the link to your wishlist to me? I still can't find it. Thanks!
from damien-cross :
happy birthday and happy thanksgiving
from halfdevoured :
Why are you upset? If you need or want to, feel free to vent in an email to me. I promise to reply. Because, despite being so terrible at communicating with my friends for more than a year now (long story), I do care. I have a test to take tomorrow morning, but on my agenda after that is to get out a few letters that I owe people. Yours is among them. [hugs]
from halfdevoured :
p.s. are you still at the same mailing address? I owe you some mail. I know, I know. I'm slack. It's been ages since you sent me something and I'm finally returning the gesture. I'll try to make it good.
from damien-cross :
dude that's crazy. I'm actually pretty good friends with the guys from evelynn and this runs through. haha. I say this now, and then shane blay will probably leave me a note in a week telling me I'm an idiot and a liar...then again...that sounds like something he would do anyway. Go figure.
from damien-cross :
fallout boy is an amazing band.
from indierockkid :
wow, you're emo, alright. those are the most un-emo bands i have ever heard.
from indie-snob :
Hello there! I just added a review for the new Mogwai album and thought you may be interested, so check it out. I have a bunch of other concert and album reviews here too, including Alkaline Trio, Beck and A BUNCH of Troubled Hubble reviews (a couple, anyway... they're a great band, it's nice to see someone else list them as a favorite). Enjoy!
from mentalwhoosh :
Hey, how's it going? I actually did end up seeing Hans tonight cause my friend was all out of gas. Anyway, he told me to tell you he says Hi, just thought I'd let you know...and the haircut's not as bad as I'd thought it would be...he's still pretty, a nice kid too. Talk to you later.
from confusion247 :
hey kiddo. I don't know if you remember me or not. That's be great if you did so I don't have to go into an explanation of how we met one night in Nashville when I attended a Northstar show with my two best friends and at your teddy grahams. Well, I just wanted to tell you that I loved that show, and it was great to meet you, and I hope I see you again sometime in the future. Have a stellar day. Hearts and stars, Danny
from mentalwhoosh :
Do they love me back? That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, hehehe.
from indie-snob :
Hello there! I just saw a Beck show the other night, and just added a review for it. check it out, I have a bunch of other reviews here, too, including the Alkaline Trio and a bunch of Troubled Hubble reviews (okay, two, but I have more on my main diary). thanks!
from wakeup-jacob :
so you are a friend of nicks that is where i found your diaryland site, ohh his diary name is punkrocka? so at work yesterday i was scrubbing a floor (i am a janitor at the dorms) but i'm scrubbing the floor in the kitchen and my boss is helping and then i looks down and realize that my penis is hanging out of my pants and all dangly about. my stomach hurt for the rest of the night. i dont now if anyone saw but everyone i told thought it was a riot so i decided to use an embarrassing story to break the ice.
from wakeup-jacob :
i man i would totally be your online friend none of my current friends in the real world email me and i like email so if you email me i would definately email you and from reading your diary i think that we would definately not bore one another [email protected] cheerio
from mouseysocks :
Kristen Herion Munkie, thanks for the note. I apprecaite it. I have been out by your house lately working at this cafe in downtown Evanston. I am sure you have heard about it. It's totally trendy, and a chill place. I'll give you a call sometime this week since I am on Spring Break. Maybe we can meet up for coffee or something. Thanks again. I am glad ur doing okay. From the looks of it, you're still having good old fun. Take care. xoxojo
from themusicdied :
things i love: kristen(!), beef jerky, shai hulud, my mom. things that suck: sweat, nickleback, belly button lint. weiner 8====D
from halfdevoured :
Oh, Kristen. Of course I still love you. And of course you're still a goddess. I'm so sorry to worry you. I don't have my own computer anymore, so it has been hard for me to write emails, post diary entries or work on goddess projects. I tried contacting you a while ago to let you know that the goddess site was changing... with new codes and everything... but I didn't hear back from you. I have a post card for you. I have tons that I'm dropping in the mail on Wednesday and yours is among them.
from lousrose :
omg you are so sweet :) thank you, that was such a nice thing to say about my diary. you made me smile :D I hope you know I love yours too, and the layout is so original. hope you have a good day :) whit
from audioboxer :
well...your guestbook refuses to let me sign it, so i will leave you a note instead! i can very much relate to how you're feeling right now. i've been feeling quite lonely lately as well. to help keep my sanity, i turn to music and writing. oh, and in response to your message in my, you don't know me. at least, i don't think that you do. :\
from lousrose :
i really love your diary! your content is so interesting and i can really relate. you're going on my faves :) love, whit
from mrs-c :
sorry about that - i only sent the password to people who had me on their faves list as there was only a form for 10 names. anyway, you can read it using username gayna and password kerry. :o)
from amber-rene :
sorry for mis-spelling your name! i changed it today! I just came home too! except tuesday might i went to a MEST and GOLDFINGER concert with NEAR MISS opening for them! it was so great, then i went to my friend's house and i couldn't get to my comp or whatever to change it sooner. Well, im glad that you had fun at the Hey Mercedes concert! yeah...chocolate...that IS a little weird! :D thanks for the layout page! ttyl8r! *much love* amber* rene'
from amber-rene : seem interesting...and i like your diary layout. i saw that you like the juliana should hear chocolate the band. that's also their website (if you wanna hear them) also...a band called devenir [[]] they are new...not labled yet, but they are good! *much love* -amber* rene'
from idigthursday :
oh yeah? what school does he/she go to? whittier is crap...i hate it. oh well...
from me-eat-world :
hello.... yes, i realized that i write about jeff a lot... he puts me through a lot of junk... i was just wondering... how is it that you happend to come across me diary? well, drop me a note if you ever have any spare time. ciao
from x-matt-x :
hey kristen. how have you been? i don't have AIM anymore....
from notsorad :
*gasp* somebody other than me has seen my diary fer tha love? I am now a happy kid. heh heh I'm thinking it is safe to assume that you my friend.. are shrinking. But no worries. I'm going to shut it now, but your diary is mighty rad and quite entertaining. Much love to ya.
from indieval :
hi...i just read the note you left me...i didn't really think anyone read it...i updated it with a bit of info. hope all is well. take care.
from thetexaslife :
wow, i really like the way you put your feelings into imagery. very poetic (esp the entry for april 25).
from ash3584 :
I don't know about junk mail...I think it just gives you false hopes that you got a really interesting email from an actual PERSON but then , alas, it's just a random bulk mailing from a machine...very disheartening
from starsalone :
AHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I feel the same fucking way about the dashboard show here! God, i wanted to beat people. I got stuck next to some really cool kids for most of the show, but later these idiot 10 year olds were next to me.. and in front of me.. and 112 feet tall and they were all fucking "is that chris? is that chris?" fucking idiots.
from emo-emo-emo :
from wallawina :
nice poetry crazy nutty, I had no sleep so I'm batty crappy. my head is in pain got nothing to gain, uneasy dreams don't know what they mean....
from risingtide :
Yes,sorry, I gave up on my diary....but there wasn't much of interest in there anyway. Are you on moc and is that your AIM name?
from x-matt-x :
note: add a line infront of add
from x-matt-x :
don't lie kristen add me to your people to visit list. you're on mine (when the layout is done.)
from emo-emo-emo :
oooh these not things are fun. have a good day and ::kiss kiss::. xoxox, laurel...
from silentgirl3 :
i read what you said in my guestbook, and i decided to come here. i read your newest entry (9-22-2001) and i am feeling everything you are feeling. you are one of the very few diaries that i have read that actually *touch* me, which is hard to do it seems. and it's amazing. just like you said to me "i'm sure your words have already touched a thousand hearts, and touching mine has made it a thousand and one." i feel the same. i am sure there are more than a thousand hearts you have touched, i'm just another among the crowd. but nonetheless, you have touched me. and i will be back. excuse me while i go add you to my favorites.
from johnpowers :
Everyone is crying War over this & I for one am willing to fight to keep my family safe.
from nancelot :
i just happened here. and the things you write are pretty. not like dolls or rainbows, but like atoms. quasars.
from tearsforrain :
awesome words....beautiful
from halfdevoured :
Ahahahahahahahaha! I signed it first! Ahahahahaha! Because I love Kristen. Yep. Wow. My message was deep.

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