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from alogglalala :
I hate it when people do that. It's SO RUDE. We had a woman here around Christmas park ACROSS 4 spaces, because she was driving her boyfriends new car and didn't want to scratch it. Unfortunately, an irate fellow car parker left her a rather clear message by jumping up and down on the car.
from alogglalala :
HAPPY HOME OWNING!!! YAY!!! When do you move in officially?? I'm excited! Do we get a diagram of layout? Pictures of rooms? Yay!
from pragmatics :
where is this casa del idle?
from pragmatics :
the dog and one of the cats have to have their teeth cleaned, which will remove about $500 from my bank account, so i ain't knockin' the good-hygiene kitties one little bit (hi! the new place was only supposed to be temporary while i went through dland withdrawal)
from meganlala :
happy birthday wonder woman! got to love random hellos.
from mysdevious :
Congratulations on your promotion
from dirtypanties :
You're on my buddylist now. :) Hope you had a good new years
from cdghost :
I enjoyed reading your diary..all the best...X0X0
from strict-gold :
You like Frou Frou! I like "Shh"! That's a shocker.
from torn02 :
cool diary. grocery shopping is fuuuun.
from invisibledon :
just randomly ended up here - Hey
from might :
LOCKED?!?!?! que pasa, idlechica?
from neon7c :
funny. the venus fly trap said "kids love them! easy to care for!" on the pot. so i figured...hey! perfect for me!! i guess we'll see...
from supercilious :
Holy hell, I never noticed that. I *love* Neve too... I guess that may be another explanation as to why I'm so ridiculously attracted to her.
from supercilious :
from bipolargirl :
thanks very much for the help - i gotta clean it up, but thanks aBUNCH!!!
from supercilious :
Okay but how does that describe /me/? :P
from supercilious :
Goth? Eeek! I'm a damned yuppy :P. I wasn't even goth in highschool hehehe, but then again, what the hell does goth mean anyway? Black cloths? I've no idea.
from scatcat :
I am starting my own free diary, right here in your notes section.... A penis humping cursor? How marvelous. I must go Googling, and procure one of my very own.
from scatcat :
Hagula. Always worked for my ex-boss bitches.
from scatcat :
I have taken over your quitsmoking diary! Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! I wanted to thank you for that.
from skunkkitten :
francesca lia block is an author. check her out! weetzie bat is a good one.
from invisibledon :
from crankydragon :
Bwahahaha! Making faces is fun.
from meganlala :
what do you mean my page being redirected elsewhere? please explain? and are you on msn?
from dial-revenge :
hip hip hooray!
from joolieboolie :
I get shut out, and then of course I shut myself out.
from idlechic :
yeah, i'm writing in my own notes. i just remembered i finally turned this feature on, and i haven't read it 'til now. sorry guys. but thanks super major lotsa bunches for writing in here! i'll even remember to take a looksie from time to time. heh.
from dark---angel :
Hey! :) Hehehe... I'm still reading, thank you for signing my guestbook btw. Hope you're hanging in there *hugs*, how are the kitties doing?
from meganlala :
oh my god. you got me quoted. i love you, and i want your babies. well. not actual babies, but i'm pretty damned impressed.
from meganlala :
hey, what's with the password? can i have one? please? i promise i'll be good. ish. i think you'd know where to send it to....

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