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from studionique :
That is cool, I remember looking to see if there was a sobe ring I could join but when I looked there wasn't one. I am freekin addicted to Sobe Energy, and have been for quite some time. Talk about drain the lizard, also drain your wallet.
from studionique :
That is cool, I remember looking to see if there was a sobe ring I could join but when I looked there wasn't one. I am freekin addicted to Sobe Energy, and have been for quite some time. Talk about drain the lizard, also drain your wallet.
from rayajjaar :
I get the rabbit thing....Anya. ;)
from bobsreviews :
Your review is up at Bob's reviews. Thanks for requesting!
from punk-loser :
i think it's beautiful when i say something i think everyone under the sun will hate me for because i'm telling it how i see it, reguardless of it making me come off as some kind of hate monger, yet everyone can see where i'm coming from and agrees with me. that's such a cool feeling... thanks a million, you're making me feel like a genius or something
from punk-loser :
kick ass... it looks like those things actually do work.
from punk-loser :
hahaha jesus and figure skating, i think that i'm going to have to remember that. i'm glad that everyone i know understands the bile i have for that girl and her banners... it kinda upsets me that my banners aren't clever enough to trick people into stumbling into my diary like hers... oh well... i'm glad you liked the mix, doesn't it just make you go "awe, i remeber those days"... sweet beautiful nostalgia
from starlight42 :
Just wanted to say I love your diary design. It's really unique.
from parlance :
Happy Birthday, too =)
from laura-diane :
what's your brother's band's website? you MUST post it, or send it to me :)
from dmhater :
dude, my favorite song is that Chevelle song. it kicks so much ass. and its the epidemy of how it feels to be used, and left..its funne, i'm dealing w/ beign used, only in a COMPLETELY differnt level, but i still kno how much it sux when guys use u. u have every rite to be upset.
from blackpanty :
Don't let him string you along. No one person should have such power over another enough to turn you into a mess. I love my hubby to death, but he will not turn me into a lonely scared little child, and I won't do it to him. Love is a hard balance, but to love someone that uses your love to get what they want just leaves you in pain, untrusting, and lonely. I wish you to find the one that makes you sing and sings with you.
from raziela :
Hey there. I stumbled across your diary from a banner. I know that it sounds odd that a stranger takes her time to write a message like this, but I'll do it anyway: I know how it feels to be played on. My boyfriend, who I had been together with for nearly two years, cheated on me with 2 other women, and he didn't contact me for more than a month. He was too much of a chicken. Anyway, I won't be babbling about that no more. I've read your entries and your diary is one of my favourites because of your writing style, so I hope that you don't mind that I've added it to my list. Have a good day. I hope that things will get better for you soon. //Sincerely, Raziela
from maeve-arie : FRIEND Fish...sounds like I am some kook talking to my dead goldfish in a bowl. :)
from maeve-arie :
Hey girl...I have read a few of your entries so forgive me if I have no idea what I am talking about you think this man you slept with is scared to call you because of what happened? Maybe that he has ruined a friendship? I am not sure what level you two are on, but he may just be nervous to confront you...figuring if he ignores you his feelings and worries will just go away. I had an incident two weeks ago where a good friend of mine and I got drunk and messed around. We are completely incompatible in a relationship, even though I love him. But the funny thing is the comment my Fish made when I told him I had to go and talk to this friend. He said "You know if you just ignore it, sooner or later the situation has a tendency of just going away". Funny how guys think this way. Meanwhile we don't feel better until we have it all on the table. By the way...I did go and talk to this friend and he agreed we were best suited as friends for all the logical reasons and that he was glad I was able to talk to him and salvage our friendship. Have a nice day. Maeve
from regz :
Hey! Thought I was going to be the first person to sign your new guestbook. But it ain't workin'. Didn't realise they were charging for guestbooks now! Anyhoot, you got some! Score! Will be checking back regularly. Catch you soon, I hope! *hugs*
from size18dream :
our guest book isnt working, i tried to leave to messages since yesterday. Regarding James' videos, screw him. don;t go see him, dont email him. dont give him the satisfaction that you had to go out of your way to help him or see him. Hell, keep the videos, unless he misses them. He's a child. ::hugs:: Gina Marie

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