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from all-is-well :
I miss your words. Did you move to a new venue, or just leave off writing for a time?
from all-is-well :
Just got around to reading the article. I love it. Very good stuff. Thanks for the heads-up!
from film-grrl :
There are wonderful men out there who WANT a partner, are full of love and can handle a strong woman. I know I'm blessed, but maybe most of the good ones are here in Canada ;)
from hamiltonian :
interesting article
from lifeasme66 :
Click on ya through a banner... I liked what I read, wish you posted more! I understand your pain. I will be back! =) **HUGS!!** btw, if you happen to visit, I lock more personal entries away, so please ask me for the passwords... I would be happy to provide them.
from all-is-well :
I still write horrible poetry, but I know it is bad, so I rarely/never publish it (see "A different leaf" or "Cynicism is for the Birds" for thankfully rare moments where I erred in judgement long enough to post a piece -- both suck). As to love? I learned well enough by this past summer what love can do and what it won't, and I must admit the resulting bitterness and cynicism are frighteningly liberating.
from all-is-well :
humbled? Bah! Don't be. Anybody can have a bad christmas season and whine about it. If I were really worth my salt, you wouldn't have heard a complaint at all. :)
from all-is-well :
Uh, yes, I'm really just 21. :) I think there are only so many different kinds of people, and sometimes communication is little more than two of the same kinds of people sharing the ways in which they are similar.
from all-is-well :
Touching a nerve: I understand. A lot of that observation comes out of a 5 year relationship with a girl whose father walked out on her family when she was about 5, and the resultant 20 years of drama have been very tough for her. She's kindof an adopted big sister to me.
from all-is-well :
Weblog: most people's more 'public' musings quickly become little more than news and unsubtle attempts to elicit sympathy. Why read about the weather when I can read about emotion? :)
from all-is-well :
heh. Yeah, and I shouldn't have bought "The Fall of Max Payne" today either. :) In any case: I kinda like live GMs that are cranky. It made for some interesting challenges. And heck, sometimes being a live, cranky GM was fun too. (I once brought down a kilometer high skyscraper around my character's ears. They weren't really happy with me, but it sure was fun watching them figure out an escape plan.)
from all-is-well :
Kinda figured you for an RPGer. I've heard good things about EQ2, but I was never a big MMPORG person. Have you played WoW at all?
from all-is-well :
Hey, thanks for the note. For some reason the "lesser of two guarunteed evils" never did it for me. I mean, all change starts with a single person, and the lesser of two evils model will only exist as long as we all continue to support it.
from all-is-well :
Re notes - well, thanks! I've been reading yours whenever you update, and though where at very different places in our lives, it sounds like you may be getting somewhere productive. Bonne Chance!
from djmarionette :
I'm sorry about your past, it's ugly. Mine is too. I'm not a gorgeous woman and I'm overweight. But I did find someone. You will too.
from djmarionette :
When are you going to stop dreaming of romantic crap and put your foot down? Sorry to be harsh but you're missing the boat. It's time to take care of YOU, YOUR NEEDS, and stop with the victimization, the dreamy stuff. It's just not real.
from all-is-well :
From the other, in reply? You're on. :-)
from starke- :
I have the same exact beliefs about Jesus.
from neurotic-al :
God, i miss sex too : P
from tealconsumes :
So, wondering cause of what your profile says and then your vibrations entry, are you to not be alone any loner? Are your dreams of love and passion about to come true? I am still very young, but I'm one to also be weary of love because of my experiences with it as well as lack of the one I dream about appearing.
from pandionna :
Hello! Just clicked through and read all your entries from a banner ad. My guess is that you are indeed wrong--which would be a good thing! Just that you need proof. I hope life brings it to you.
from shygrl21 :
Hi. Thanks for the note. Couldn't agree more with basically everything you said. Although my friend did claim that if the tables were turned she wouldn't get upset. She's actually thinking of fessing up to him, but still says she's innocent and that he won't break up with her over it. I really will never understand some people!
from at13oclock :
I read your first entry and was totally hooked. We sound so much alike... - at13oclock
from jadedxheart :
To: djmarionette -- do tell!
from djmarionette :
I can think of a few other things to go on that list. heehee!
from djmarionette :
I really like your diary and your most recent entry about looking for friends on the net. Been there... I know how that goes. My diary is closed for a couple weeks but I'll be reading...
from all-is-well :
Thanks for the compliments. I plan to keep up with your "relational logbook" for a while. I hope things take a turn for the better for you. They sound pretty surreal at the moment.
from all-is-well :
Your writing is good. Well structured, well composed. Obviously you're searching, but which one of us isn't? Don't be na´ve, but don't give up hope either.

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