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from almostgoldsf :
A boss who expects you to work 80 hour weeks is a jerk. Period. If there's any way you can go with the white paper gig, I'd say do it since being able to translate techese into Engilsh is an incredibly marketable (and mobile) skill set. Glad to see you're updating here again!
from sweet789 :
I just had to put my cat to sleep today,she was 16,so hey she beat the odds,but it was her time to go.My heart goes out to you.It just won't be the same without Fluffy's presence around.
from toolgirl48 :
Hi there I just read your diary and wanted to say hi=)!! Also- I L O V E TOOL so I have joined the TOOL diaryring=) Thank you=)
from almostgoldsf :
thanks for taking the survey! i have a tendency to order up chicken tikka masala and garlic naan when i'm seems to work wonders.
from mboyd72 :
you have me listed as a favorite. i don't think i know you, but, thanks! i've enjoyed your writings.
from starkitten01 :
Cool diary! I'll stick around to hear the latest.:) Keep up the good work, Jen! StarKitten01
from tithonus :
You should just write stuff, like you do in the diary. The "ugh" of "that process" is really the necessary ingredient, because it tends to be the interesting stuff that disgusts you, at least at first... I'm not sure who said this, I think it might be Annie Dillard, but she talks about writing as like sitting with a sick friend... you don't try to "fix" them or improve them, you just patiently sit with them, holding their hand, waiting to see what you can do, what they will ask for... but it involves a lot of patient sitting, a lot of unproductive caring attentiveness.
from almostgoldsf :
it's outrageously sunny and lazily beautiful here too but I'm inside trying to catch up on mandatory "to do" items that have been woefully neglected...
from number41 :
hey, I made a mix CD today too. and wrote an entry about it. kickass.
from itylus :
It does read like a teenage poem... but I like it. I think it shows something of you that I haven't seen in your diary before. Do you still write poetry at all?
from elipsis :
And thank *you* for *your* kind comments... :o) Sheesh... this could go on for a while. I did your "mystery cube" thing and wow... strange... I tried interpreting it but there were too many options. I don't think I want to feel *that* wide open to analysis. :o) But I liked my cube picture so much I decided to paint it! Hope you have more strange and wonderful days to write about!
from elipsis :
Hi jen7.. I followed you here from itylus' page.. Hope you don't mind. Your writing is enchanting.. beautiful and SO real. I don't know... I thought, "maybe she would like to know that a stranger thinks her words are lovely"... so I wrote. :) Have a good day/night/moment/year...
from lostwanderer :
i went to the TOOL concert. i have been a fan since i was 8 it was an orgasmic expierence. wow later, fellow tool fan
from tones :
GUY SMILEY!! a hahahahah! that's the best thing i've seen posted anywhere on dland in a long time.
from marty68 :
quite a bizarre dream i'd have to say. do you ever have the one where your house has extra rooms balconies etc? i had a really cool flying dream recently. (i dream in a very high octane way- all night everynight.) your entry made me laugh. hope things get better this week. see ya. -m.
from marty68 :
hi. i liked your entry about poison ivy, cop tv shows and relationships.stumbled randomly across it. hope you feel better. see ya.

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