Public Journal, 5/19/01-?

I talk too much about things i shouldn't.

My favorite diaries:

anotherghost profile - diary
comments: Makes me dizzy. "I'm here because you're inside somewhere else, still on this planet, staring at your incredible light bulbs, reading this...I'm here because I can reach you here and grab your throat and shake."
shockrocket profile - diary
comments: The coolest design on diaryland PLUS added cool points for offering to be mah bitch.
daysuit profile - diary
comments: "If I press the wrong buttons, or press them in the wrong order, or don't press them at all, then no one gives me money and I don't get to sit in my box anymore."
itylus profile - diary
comments: "'"Disaster" comes from a couple of greek words meaning "evil stars". I wish it was the stars that were to blame, but it's me. I've gotten so used to wasting my time that I no longer feel guilty about it. I no longe
weetabix profile - diary
comments: Weetabix makes me laugh out loud.
iota profile - diary
comments: Frenetic, transfixing.
andrew profile - diary
comments: Our patron saint.
partygirl profile - diary
comments: I'm a sucker for the New York diaries.
hodgson profile - diary
comments: The kind of guy that would talk about Feynman, then ask if your tits were big. Good stuff.
spanklin profile - diary
comments: More funny stuff.
lisamcc profile - diary
comments: Neat entries.
irislise profile - diary
comments: Very cool journal.
bollocks profile - diary
comments: "But it's weird that I always seem to think of myself as a character in a movie. (Kind of like that girl Dawn in 'Welcome to the Dollhouse.')"
charmcity profile - diary
comments: Baltimorean w/interesting things to say.
motherlode profile - diary
comments: Dexter fan + cool as hell.
katpowah profile - diary
comments: "i can also say that now i know something about horror. and something about exhaustion. that i'm completely different from and very much the same as the person i was nine days ago."
debanne profile - diary
comments: "Right now, I could play me the best I will ever be able to. And, be entirely convincing without even trying."
caterwaul profile - diary
comments: "sometimes when i curl like a question mark, in on myself. i ache so hard i can feel my skin like teeth."
creeper profile - diary
comments: Found this during chat over pixies, fugazi, cramps discussion. Hit the diary, and lo and behold, really great, raw writing to match the excellent musical taste.
gopgirl profile - diary
comments: Soo funny. :)
elle8 profile - diary
comments: This journal rocks my socks. I'm not wearing socks today. So see? Go read.
outfoxed profile - diary
comments: Thoughtful, well-written entries.
fu-fu profile - diary
comments: Cracks me up.
sirilyan profile - diary
comments: Big fan.
almostgoldsf profile - diary
jelias profile - diary
comments: Thoughtful, very well-written entries...originally from my area of the woods PLUS i can never read enough about the entertainment industry...
sixweasels profile - diary
comments: I have this feeling she works at the school i graduated from, but i'm not quite sure so i'm stuck on her entries...ah hell, i'd be stuck on 'em anyway, they're really interesting and well-written.
lushski profile - diary
forshame profile - diary
tithonus profile - diary
christy13 profile - diary
craigsblog profile - diary
mboyd72 profile - diary
speakeasy profile - diary
gidgetg profile - diary
elipsis profile - diary
ephiphany profile - diary

My favorite music:

jets to brazil
guided by voices

My favorite movies:

miller's crossing
the professional
the usual suspects

My favorite authors:

dashiell hammett
victor pelevin
junot diaz
george pelecanos
fyodor dostoyevsky

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