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from narcissa :
i've been thinking about ways i can take better care of myself and i'm trying for a routine. Some daily thing I do at night to wind down and get to sleep. I'm not great at it but I persevere. And also, while I'm at it, more sleep.
from dangerspouse :
I know the correct answer one is supposed to give when someone asks "what do you do to help you get through the day" is some pap like "a long, hot bubble bath", "meditation over words of self affirmation", etc. But frankly, I think most people are lying when they proffer that sort of hackneyed dreck. In reality, I bet more people seek solace and comfort in things like booze, boinking, and a two foot stack of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on white bread with a quart of milk before going to bed. I mean, if we're being honest here.... :)
from whystinger :
I am sorry about that creep at the yarn store. "Mommy boobies honking" is totally inappropriate and pisses me off hearing about it. Pissed at the store owner, not you.
from musikoid :
People have been bumping into each other lately, and not only in the supermarkets. I think it's a nationwide phenomenon. Happened a couple days ago in my town, too. You are not alone.
from narcissa :
nice to see a familiar name on here! feel better soon.
from julymalaise :
I hope you feel better! I was sick too! Do you have a cold?
from lunasoul :
OMG! How weird is it that we’ve come back at the same time?! LOL! I was just reading some old entires myself and was wondering where the girl I was went. Freaky. I’m like you though, no promises, but lovely memories for the most part. Good luck!
from jimbostaxi :
Welcome back! Pull up a chair there’s always room for more :)
from piltdownman :
Okay girl. Your turn.
from piltdownman :
Okay, so we won't let the mean reds get us. And I'm not a super-rat. So should I call you Holly or Lulubelle?
from taliana1 :
I'm in the middle of a cold right now, and I'm happy to report that my nose isn't all raw b/c of tissues. My secret--I put on a thin layer of Menthalatum on my nose about every other time I blow my nose. It prevents my nose from getting chapped and the menthol helps try to keep it open. :) I also only use Puffs Plus. Happy New Year!
from piltdownman :
for the nasty nastiness of a cold try Puffs Plus (+). They really are a LOT more gentle on one's nose.Hope you feel better soon. If no one else could, I can smell your cooking from here.
from taliana1 :
i LOVEd Bridge to Terabithia as well--was just tellin my mom that when we watched the preview. I wondered also if they kept true to the story...Also remember mom got it for me and i remember being surprised. Just occurred to me that she might have known what it was about and did it on purpose. ;) Also LOVED the Little Princess..and everything by Roald Dahl. Hmm..I'll have to think about this tag. :)
from taliana1 :
I'm glad you are well :)
from jamita :
I would love to read your chapters! I think I fit the bill.. an avid reader and a "stranger". :o)
from taliana1 :
What brought me to where I am today: an ad at yahoo personals with a picture of me wearing a choker necklace in front of Fat Tuesdays. decided on a whim.
from taliana1 :
I would LOVE to read it! taliana1(at) *hugS*
from catniptea :
I want to read your story!!! Oh, and I'll be in Boston in April ... would love to finally meet my longtime Diaryland buddy ... (hint)
from taliana1 :
You def. need to write it chica...go for it!!!
from gumphood :
If you need an excuse I'll tell you it sucks, but I know it won't.
from gofigure :
Ugh! Stupid knees! Good luck today, hon. I'll be sending good thoughts your way.
from jamita :
Jeni, I have really enjoyed reading your diary for the past 2 years. I am leaving diaryland, and would love to have you stop by my new blog sometime. Best of luck! I will continue to follow your journey via diaryland.
from samanthaphi :
Thanks for the note! Yeah, that really sucks about Sandman. Last I heard, the rest of the band had gotten together with a female lead singer. I heard one thing by them, but nothing since. It was just okay. I'll stop by here to see what you're up to as well!
from tvzero :
i'm working round the clock for the next two weeks. i'll post after that. email - tvzero at comcast dot net.
from pastagirl :
Hi! Yeah, I was going to add you when I read the entry but then I somehow forgot. Thanks for the reminder :) Btw, I tried to join your notify list but that didn't really work.

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