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from sarafem :
hey jennifer, i have closed sarafem and im now at come on over!
from just-deal :
Hey about the nursing to bottle thing while your gone for 9 hours, sometimes you just have to let her decide when she is ready. I know when my daughter was nursing and I had to go back to school/work and she didn't want to take a bottle she would be really cranky but later in the day after various tries she caved because she was hungry. She will probably get used to it but until she does it will be a rough road. I hope it all works out! Good Luck.
from sarafem :
I'm temporarily locked. Username sara password ranger.
from barefootmama :
Your hair looks cute like that!! and Paisley, as always is adorable.. Keep the pics coming! :P
from barefootmama :
((huge giant hugs))
from juicemom :
Good Choice!! Its so pretty. You will have to share wedding pictures you know. ;o)
from juicemom :
Oh wow that is a hard choice. I really like the second one with the embrodiered flowers on it. I am all up for the nontraditional wedding dresses! I wore a pale yellow dress in my wedding. =o) But if you are going for a butterfly theme...deft. the second dress. Its so pretty!!
from barefootmama :
Cutie pics. Velvet looks so big! It's hard to believe that she is the same age as my little monkeys. :)
from barefootmama :
Awww Paisley is adorable! She is going to be a little heartbreaker when she gets older :)
from mamaness :
Congratulations! Beautiful baby ;)
from juicemom :
Congrats to you all!! sounds like a quick delivery! Glad everything went fairly smoothly and you and Paisley(sp?) are doing ok. =o)
from monkeymia :
Congrats! Big welcome to Paisley! I love her name, too. Oh.. I'm jealous. I want another girl now. Heh.
from littlemummy :
CONGRATS!!! Welcome Paisley! I love her name!!! I am so excited! Do you have any pictures you want to share?? Heh.
from fiale :
Hey there. I came across your diary when I was searching for "Sea Prince and the Fire Child" on google. Heh, go figure. Anyway, we kind of have stuff in common (although I've never been a mother!), and I thought I'd send some positive energy your way! Take care...
from mamaness :
I can help ya with a template if you want. umm do you have AIM? I'm on as Mama Aishy
from themama :
i'm really tired too. it feels like im more and more tired everyday. and on some jan board (i'm lurking at the pp board, but joined a diff one) several people said when they hit the 5th week (you are there now right?) they suddenly were exausted all the time. ack. lets see if i can stay awake for dinner sunday. lol
from mamaness :
I forgot to say Congratultions. Also, i Just read your latest entry. As far as doing a pregnancy journal, i did it on geocities last time and when I wanted to change out the graphics or whatever it was awful changing EVERY page. Same with updating index pages, etc. And my entries were boring, weekly, etc. So this time I'm doing it at diaryland (see and in weblog format-a page per week. I am excited about it, i can still do all the things I did there. And changing the layout will be easier :) Ok im done filling up your notes space!
from mamaness :
My baby is due 1/12. I think I have seen you around Parents Place & stuff. And here. hehe. I will be reading your diary to keep up with your pregnancy! I'll probably link it in my pg journal profile instead of my reg one.

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