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Shannon = stay at home Mummy to two sons and a daughter, three furbabies, mother-in-law from hell, married to Kyle, opinionated, sometimes irrational, addicted to sharing photos of the loves of my life.

My favorite diaries:

omorfia profile - diary
comments: We have so much in common it's freaky. :-) Right down to the pineapple, mushroom and feta cheese pizzas!!! Must be the Aquarian on a Pisces cusp thing. Same year and everything. I love me some Omorfia.
dead-pixie profile - diary
comments: I love Jodi's writing style. She keeps me coming back for more. She hasn't been updating very regularily, but she has a livejournal so I can still keep up with her life. Thank goodness. I'd go into withdrawl without it.
cassiopeia- profile - diary
comments: The diary that Sandy (and sometimes her husband too) keeps for her beautiful little daughter Cassie. I always smile when I see her name in red on my buddy list. I'm especially happy when I get to see pictures of beautiful little Cassie.
rosarybeads profile - diary
comments: I found Mollie when a lot of drama was going on in her world. I've kept reading her because I love her writing, she has two gorgeous little girls (and a little boy on the way anytime now!), & I can totally relate to a lot of her life.
monkeymia profile - diary
comments: Mia has three of the cutest kids in Diaryland. She is a very inspirational Mama, and I am addicted to her writing. Especially when she includes pictures of her kiddos.
mias-liam profile - diary
comments: Mia's baby journal for the ever growing, adorable Liam.
starlight99 profile - diary
comments: Abs is funny and tormented and always interesting. Especially when she talks about pole humping. Heh.
redshoegirl profile - diary
comments: Miss Meg. Love her entries - they always make me smile! We have quite a bit in common - including a love for John Lennon, football & animals. Not to mention she took my advice and bought a Charles De Lint book. How much more could she possibly rock?
mamaness profile - diary
comments: She's gone, but I'm holding out hope that she'll come back soon. At least I have lj to keep up with her.
themama profile - diary
comments: Aisling's diary for her youngest cutie, Lochlan. Awww.
augustdreams profile - diary
comments: A fellow animal lover. She even has a diary for her dog Aph. You can ask him questions and he'll answer. Very sweet. Something I would do! AND she has the BEST job ever. Grumble.
blue-mama-x2 profile - diary
comments: Miranda is a military Mummy to Ricky & Kevin, and I'm always happy when she shares pictures of her boys.
sweetmama profile - diary
comments: Mommy to Clover and another on the way! Hooray! She doesn't update too often, but I like it when she does.
barenaked500 profile - diary
comments: Megan makes me laugh my ass off. I need that. She's very inspirational too, on her weight loss journey. You go girl!
me-undaunted profile - diary
comments: Oh, sweet, wonderful, supportive, crazy Lei. I wish I could meet her. She's just so much fun.
baby-e profile - diary
comments: Lei's baby journal for the boooootiful Kiki!
jadedlife profile - diary
comments: Tiff is sweet and cute, and lots of fun. I hope she doesn't mind that I found her again.
manda-d profile - diary
comments: The best hair EVER lives on the girl who writes this diary. Manda also shares lots of pictures of her cute kiddies.
lilith73 profile - diary
comments: This is an emotional diary. I find myself feeling happy, sad, angry right along with her. Quite a story she has to tell.
pebsmurf profile - diary
comments: Robbi is a great mumma to three beautiful kiddos. The seem to get more and more beautiful with every passing day.
mamarobbi profile - diary
comments: Chase's diary!
jennifer81 profile - diary
comments: Jennifer is my fellow Quiznos lover. She's a momma to two gorgeous little girls, Velvet and Paisley. She's always sharing pictures now too, and we all know how much I love seeing pictures. Awwww.
zebrabelly profile - diary
comments: The always witty Bonnie. Natural mama to the sweetest little Margie.
lucretia profile - diary
comments: She hasn't really updated in forever, but I miss her writing and will leave her here for the time being.
jolives profile - diary
comments: o makes me laugh. And crave Kahlua. I would just love to give her a great big hug.
cucalifornia profile - diary
comments: Sylvia's a sweetheart. Sort of a lame thing to say, but it's just so true in this case.
keurigirl profile - diary
comments: Stephanie is such a great writer, her words always have me hooked. She's always so honest. Though, she doesn't update enough.
laineyducks profile - diary
comments: Lainey is but another mama to more cute babes. Awww.
surfgeek profile - diary
comments: Mollie's main squeeze! He's awesome - he cooks, he grows plants, he's a daddy. How much better can it get?
momydu profile - diary
comments: The lovely, supportive Geneva.
neolio profile - diary
comments: Fucking hilarious. Or hysterically funny. Or something. I adore her. This is her new diary for her new page in life. She hasn't been around for a while, and I keep thinking about her and hoping all is well in her world.
minerkins profile - diary
comments: My friend Gretchen uses her diary to tell stories about her beautiful girls. She has another b�b� on the way too! I look forward to her entries. I only wish she'd update more often. Heh.
arizabif profile - diary
comments: Look who's back, back again? Lizzy's back, tell your friends! Hooray!
libbyo profile - diary
comments: A new mama to a beautfiul baby boy. Wish she had more time to update, but I understand. ;-)
alternamommy profile - diary
comments: I've been enjoying her honest entries. A good read.
mynormal profile - diary
comments: Mummy to Amory. Living at home and going mad. Heh.
amory2002 profile - diary
comments: Mynormal's baby journal for sweet little Amory.
supermommy profile - diary
comments: I'm addicted to Mandy's diary. She loves pictures to share pictures of her daughter Felicity as much as I do of my monkeys. And we all know I love myself some pictures. Heh. Plus, she's in Hawaii, so I'm jealous.
fire-pixie profile - diary
comments: Lisa is a mommy to Miriah, and another baby on the way. I just found her and I don't want to miss an update.
pixiespeanut profile - diary
comments: Lisa's peggo journal! And she wants to name her son Tiernan, so she *must* be cool! Heh.
sadigani profile - diary
comments: Joleen isn't updating this diary much. I'll put it up here for when she does though.
baby-sadi profile - diary
comments: Joleen had her baby! Beautiful little Mali. She couldn't pick better names for her kids if she tried.
lukeysmama profile - diary
comments: Okay, April's diary kept popping up everywhere so I thought I should add her to my favourites already, seeing as I keep ending up there anyway. Heh. She has an adorable little boy named Lucas. She seems to be missing in action lately though.
babicharmz profile - diary
comments: Tara is a Mummy to one adorable little boy named Riley. She may be moving soon, so she'd better share with her readers.
rileymatthew profile - diary
comments: Tara's diary for Riley.
nacwolin profile - diary
comments: Nicole. Mama to three kids. A runner. Married to a pastor. Just found her. Want to keep reading.
marlen816 profile - diary
comments: Marlen is a mummy to FOUR gorgeous kids. Looking forward to reading more.
machogirl7 profile - diary
comments: Wonder if she loves Icelandic Horses as much as I do!? Heh. I love it when Jen updates!
alanajar profile - diary
comments: A faithful reader of mine and, she's the sweetest ever. She's currently living in Vienna and got herself a diary. Yay!
angelmum profile - diary
comments: A 36 year old stay at home mummy. So far, I'm enjoying what I'm reading.
mom2kendall profile - diary
comments: Mummy to Kendall and Kyle!
treewillow profile - diary
comments: She lives where I live, and that's just plain cool. Heh.
cleanstart profile - diary
comments: Karen is always such a supportive reader, so I figured it was about time I added her to my favourites to see what she's all about.
vividdreamer profile - diary
comments: A lot like me in personality, and a great writer. Her entries keep me coming back for more.
hanabnana profile - diary
comments: Look who's back, back again, Christina's back, tell your friends!!! Yay!
pashiesplace profile - diary
comments: I read through some of her archives this afternoon and am officially hooked. She also has three young children. Kindred spirits I might say.
arrora profile - diary
comments: She's unlocked, but may be locking back up again. I hope she shares the password, again.
mama-sara profile - diary
comments: Fellow TMRer. Going through a rough time right now.
mypinkshirts profile - diary
comments: Another fellow TMRer.

My favorite music:

Wild Strawberries
comments: I'm infatuated. I met them and they are absolutely lovely. "She's got pretty little lips..."
Depeche Mode
comments: I've been in love with their music for YEARS, Too many. I liked them in the eighties. I kiss the ground they walk on.
Dayna Manning
comments: A beautiful voice and cute girl. Mmmhmm.
John Lennon
comments: A Classic Hero/God.... need I say more?
Tori Amos
comments: The Beatles, Flogging Molly, Ani Difranco, Holly McNarland, Bet.E & Stef, Evanscence, Shannon McNally, Coldplay, Tegan and Sara, Juliana Hatfield, Great Big Sea, Our Lady Peace, Remy Shand, Bjork

My favorite movies:

Jerry Maguire
comments: I have some of the lines to this movie memorized. And that's HUGE for me! I love Tom and Renee.
comments: Childhood Classic. :-) Still makes me cry.
Dancer In The Dark
comments: I adored this movie, though it left me feeling really... BLAH. Quite a downer, but well done.
Hard Days Night
comments: The Beatles make me so blissfully happy. *swoons* And that humour. Ugh.
Save The Last Dance
comments: I love, love, love Julia Stiles. She's a sweetie. Awesome movie.

My favorite authors:

Charles De Lint
comments: The most superb writer. Very magical. Gotta try it out!!!!! Please??!!
Roddy Doyle
comments: Wonderful writer. He did make me a bit bitter towards men though. Kyle hated when I was reading his books!
Douglas Coupland
comments: Gotta love his writing style. Very intriguing. Keeps you reading. My favourites are"Girlfriend in a Coma" and "Gen X".
William Sears
comments: He's just plain great. The Discipline Book has REALLY helped me deal with toddlerhood.
William Shakespeare
comments: I, like MANY others am 100% obsessed with his works. Hence one of my nicknames - Ophelia.

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