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from pornoviolent :
from loser-- :
No guys rock! =P
from ghostiness :
I just saw the Friday the 13th thing... and... I love your site, but... I missed that one, I suppose, but, Alyson Hannigan? You rule. Buffy fan? Or just an Aly groupie?
from dailycomic :
HOLY CRAP! Another webcomic on Diaryland!! :O I wonder, are there others???
from merrywitch :
I love what you're doing and I'll definitely be checking back. I'm a comics fan myself--I think my favourite artist is Phoebe Gloeckner. What part of England are you from? I visited there last year and enjoyed it a lot. I fancied meeting a bloke or two there, but I arsed it up by bringing me boyfriend. (ha ha) If you weren't amused by that then feel free to make fun of my being from Canada by emphasizing "oot and aboot", "eh", and all the rest of it (though I've never said them myself, thanks to my American parents). Can I put enough non-related topics in this message? Just wanted to say I like what you're doing, that's all. And thanks for sticking that Zelda quote in there! That took me back... ~Melinda
from thespark :
I run a diaryring/community. I'd like for you to join the ring. E-mail me if you're interested:
from jerkcomics :
This website stinks!

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