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from wench77 :
WEll, I must admit that "don't you hate diaryland, move to moveable type" link thingie you put amused me. Cuz I hate all the diaries I read there. They move around. Links don't work. I have to put my email every f-in time I put a comment. I dont actually hate the diaries just the "moveable type" thingie. so incredibly gadgety for no good reason i can see. And what is with this "not being able to update when you want"?? I am the update queen and I think that it is annoying when diaryland LOSES my entry due to me not saving it, but that hasn't happened in a loooong time. well, did you already give us the new addy? or will you? I'd like to keep reading, even if I DO swear under my breath over the formatting! LOL! tah!
from raven72d :
As a male, I find that I don't want to *be* married-- I want to *have been* married so that I can get the social points and girls will not see me (at my advanced age) as gay or oedipally challenged.
from backflip029 :
hi! thank you for getting me to this place, this nexus, this Diaryland! rob dario.
from wench77 :
thankyou for doing my survey! eek! broken back and bike accidents! I hope you're doing ok now! (an extraordinarily short note for me, but bye now!! )
from wench77 :
oh you are too funny! No, here in Montrealland the Wench has both veggies growing in her front yard... no roses for the wench... nosiree, but rather trellises with cherry tomatoes, and english cukes and swisschard, also a community garden with many muchies, mostly deserted this year... I guess you missed my laments earlier about letting things rot instead of eating them, and having my swiss chard sit in bags under a bush outside in the freezing rain for a week before I could deal with it (was obliged to remove it from said community garden Nov 2 or I'd be chucked out)... no, the roots are not a Canadian store thing... And yup, that particular kitty is pretty funny.
from justbadnews1 :
Hello hello! So I am on a mission, and trying to find someone that goes to Florin High School. Do you, by any chance? If you do could you please IM me at Loverstryst10 or E-mail me at [email protected]? It'd be greatly appreciated! :)
from sexyoldman :
Another I found your diary I have no idea...but I enjoyed reading it. Say hi sometime.
from barbie-doll :
A fan of Stephen Fry and David Sedaris. I love it.
from mojo1915 :
Howdy fella! You have an awesome day now, ya hear?

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