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from atgaspain :
Can I just say... poo-poo? But wait, that's so fucking asinine. Shut up already. You people are such dumb bitches.
from frozentears0 :
Hi this is devillish angel from AYME. I want to let you know even though I don't know you that I'm thinking of you. I've lost family members but none as close to me as my mum so I can't imagine the pain you must be going through. *hugs* Sending you my love.
from mrducky :
This is one of those occasions when I wish I could think of something profound.. something that would make the hurt go away. However, from past experience, I know that there's not much that can do that. All I will say is think of the happier times past, and that I'm sorry and thinking of you. Take care.
from cautionxkat :
I asm so sorry that you have to go through this...I know that hearing it from a stranger probably doesnt mean much but I am so sorry for your loss.
from rosie18 :
Hi, found your diary on your design site, and I just wanted you to know that I'm so sorry about your mother. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
from fangedfemale :
I just recently started reading you, so you don't know me, but I want to tell you how sorry I am about your mother passing. I know that's probably not very comforting, but know you're in others thoughts and prayers.
from hattaway :
Sarah, I'm very sorry to hear about your mother's passing and will keep your family in my prayers.
from xylem :
from rivelea :
Heheheeee you make me giggle! ahh so much sarcasm is so yummy. Why do they call sarcasm acerbic when it is more like sugar than acid? ...and here is a lollipop to celebrate.
from laura-baura :
Ooh a note! That was cool. :) I'm transferring it all to a locked blog (just to have) and then I'll delete it all from here then I might actually do something with it! Maybe.
from candora :
once again, amusing, insightful, clever fun with a touch of noble rage and bodily functions... just what I've come to expect from kangaroopoo.
from rainyday6 :
Guess what? I don't know you! And you don't know me! Aint it great? I'm leaving you a note for no reason at all! Other than to tell you that your diary is awesome. later. ^_^
from mrducky :
It's part of my internet technologies unit, year two, in my Applied Computing degree at the UEA. And it's nowhere near as interesting as it sounds, really. :) Thanks much for the luck.. I think I might need it..
from candora :
it must be terrible to be too cute to vote, huh? (but seriously, ageism does suck... and I hope all goes as well as it can for your mum)...
from peekkaboo :
ur diary is great
from augustdreams :
Hey there! This is just a reminder that you're loved. :) I should note ya more often. I'm reading, and enjoying, your writing but I forget to tell you. Sorry! Love and Guinea pig poo, ~Nicole
from trillion :
My doors are always open...
from trillion :
Don't I feel silly now. See, you don't come across as being American and you were so funny and, well, I guess I just wanted to claim you as our own. And you know the whole roo thing and all... anyway, keep up the good work.
from no-answers :
I have two missions - the first is to beg you to update because I miss you :( The second is to give you the address of my new diary if you're interested (or even if you're not!) It's and most of it's working. I've got to fill in my profile at the weekend though, and pray that diaryland doesn't crash while I'm doing it!
from ursaminor2 :
Can't help but like you, you are creative and funny too. As for the nuclear plastic wrap protection; really? I mean they really want us to wrap ourselves in cling wrap? I have always automatically tuned out when anyone starts talking disaster and doom, so this is the first time I have heard that. Weird.
from pheonixangel :
Love your Diary tis Fab :o)
from goddess2b :
L-O-V-E the diary. I have finally found an entry worthy of being the first for my favourite entries. I was talking to my friends today about the whole stupid wrapping ourselves in plastic! Ok, I'll stop babbling (hangovers will do that to you: make you babble)
from halleluyahel :
nice diary, sir...also...wonderful've quite a talent there, man....happy V-day...bear necessities rocks!...Ciao...T
from stealthsonic :
I /rarely/ have the urge to jot this down, but... *drool* Your diary is cool O_o;;
from candora :
I think I like you... yes, wait... I'll read a few more... yes definitely, I most certainly adore your ramblings (I fall in love with writers, a regular writers groupie am I, I suppose... hope you don't mind, but your wonderful reading for me)... and I can even cook, but me thinks we're probably on different continents and the food would probably be quite unappetizing when it reached you... still, reading has been a pleasure... thank you
from lil-kangaroo :
i think u and ur templates are awesome and i love your name! lol Alyssa
from xylem :
I thought that the Blue Peter presenters doing an Eastern-ish version of Merry Xmas Everybody by Slade was more horrific. It was like, hey, let's sing an already terrible song, only this time do it with sitars and tabla drums! Doh...
from wonderwall :
hey. you are an awesome designer, and you make me laugh, a lot. although, wait, that's not hard to do. but, wait again, you didn't know that. anyway, you're funny. so, thumbs up.
from theotherchad :
I really love your diary. Very funny. I just remembered after I signed your guestbook that a friend of mine has a website you should check out, if only because she has, inexplicably, a drawing of a kangaroo on her entry page. It's
from wheat-thin :
Awwwww i love the Kangas! I love them! I can hear them hopping. heheheheh. *winter*
from cassiexo :
whoa, i love your designs. in fact, i'm using one right now. :). i kind of altered it, though... just the colors, i mean. like the way you write, too. just leaving you a little note. hehe. :)
from psianina :
thanks for pointing me in the right direction with PHP -- although even though I followed the tutorials to the letter, I still couldn't get it to work! Luckily one of my online friends' brother came to the rescue! But it's weird because I know I tried that code before, but he made it work somehow... computers just don't like me, that's the answer!
from psianina :
That "I'm not gay" banner is awesome, you should definitely use it!
from no-answers :
I always feel guilty somehow when I see banners of people whose diaries I already read.... like I'm wasting a banner view or something! Am I the only one who does that?? :)
from mrducky :
1. The Belgian joke was good, as it contained ducks. Ducks are good. 2. Am I the ducking bore your Blog refers to at the moment? :)
from dsdiary :
damn you brits and your damn reality programs. but ooh - gareth.
from invisibledon :
thanks for visiting
from a-maclellan :
WOW, you are incredibly hilarious! I love your diary!
from kaos828 :
you've got a great diary!! i love your humor. :)
from kammie101 :
hey i luv ur diary it rox and the design is so cool!
from xxxemogirlxx :
are you serious?!
from carianne :
Hey! No fair, I want my handwriting as a font! No fair, no fair!
from sweet-indigo :
HAHAHAHAHA :) that 'preview' was excellent, you're very witty.
from chriistyl :
You are hysterical... can't wait to read each update... oh and while I desgned my own diary, I did use one of your gestbook designs... thanks!
from jason75 :
Hey, just stoppe by your diary to have a look, thinking it may be australian related o anything like that. lol.. anyhows.. great diary, really enjoyed it
from heatherooo :
hey, thanx for helping me out with my diary! You are super!
from enderw :
i love you ginger cat it looks a little like my cat ah cute little cat!!!
from peeperjen :
Just want to let you know that I am using one of your new templates (one of the green ones). Thank you so much, you are a template genious! Beautiful layouts. Come check my "new" diary out! p.s. I enjoy reading your diary, keep up the good work! Thanks again! ~ Jen
from peeperjen :
Just want to let you know that I am using one of your new templates (one of the green ones). Thank you so much, you are a template genious! Beautiful layouts. Come check my "new" diary out! p.s. I enjoy reading your diary, keep up the good work! Thanks again! ~ Jen
from lexdesigns :
oh my god it was TOTALLY from mark owen! i love you sarah.
from lexdesigns :
the divine comedy! *melts*
from augustdreams :
Thank you so much. What you said means a lot to me. Thanks for reading, and thanks for caring. Your 'Spider Disneyland' entry made me smile. :) Thanks for that, too. You and Houdini are quite the unlikely pair - I can just picture him shooting down the drain yelling "Woo-Hoooo!" Love ya, ~Nicole
from riotladyamy :
Oh my goodness!! You liked my banner? I'm so happy because that was my very first time making one, and my very first time making something animated. Thanks!!
from nickimarie :
hey--i've been reading your diary and i am so praying for you...everything will be ok!
from stellarose :
i feel you. i am going through the same sort of thing right now. here, take my hand. **squeeze** hold on.
from mrducky :
Hi. Just to say that I really hope that your mum comes out of this all okay, and all the best to you and your family. You seem like a great person, and I hope everything works out alright in the end. See ya.
from evil-dreamer :
Hey =) I hope your mom gets better soon. Your layout is really spiffy =) Kangaroos are awesome! Have a nice day!!!
from augustdreams :
It's okay. If I could figure out a way to make Alligator sounds...I'd be doing that to them all the time! Also, thank you very much for the birthday wishes! :) And I'm sorry for not note-ing you more often. It's not 'cause I don't read and love your diary! It's just 'cause I'm, well...lazy! *sheepish grin* Love and Miaows, ~Nicole
from laura-baura :
Boo! Oops. Did you think this'd be someone interesting? ;)
from hevbell :
your entries are too funny :) sounds like the canadians were quite inventive with their town names after they ran out of British towns to copy!
from kyles :
how are you sarah? you havent posted in ages! i hope you arent all ill lieing in your house sore... :( post soon so i know your ok! i know i dont know you but i had a dream that you were my cousin the other night- wierd! isnt it! my granny turns round and goes did you know sarah unity from scotland is your cousin... i woke up and thought.. what!? is that true! hehe aww dear my heads so noodled...btw can you play the violin? cause in my dream we were linked up with webcams and you played your violin for me...hmm maybe i should be quite now before the scary people come and get me...again.. anywayz !! hope you are well sweetie! let me know.... Kylie (aymer) [email protected]
from vivastereo :
cool, you'll understand..check the diary section..a drunken Shining Episode
from aphrodite85 :
snazza-matazz! Fun! Fun! I just used one of your poo design templates. They are quite lovely. I have yet to figure out how to make the links page and diary rings page, but I'll figure it out soon. I am a resourceful teen. Thanx a bunch! ~Mel.
from praiseandrew :
raise the praise to andrew!
from mygraphics :
where is woody woodpecker? He's moved to the BBC and had a personality revamp... he's now twice as irritating and 3 times brighter... it's scary!
from warpedsecret :
hello, ive just joined the sleep ring, and my diary is locked, so i made you a password if you like :) its : moocow . moocow because its my favorite stuffedanimal :) (a cow duh) bye :)
from peekkaboo :
hey sarah, its sarah...j/ your diary
from fishheads :
New public diary. Send someone you know fishheads or flowers. P.s. it's a poodesign ^_^
from goldenlights :
woooo! designers who like the divine comedy are a pretty cool & rare phenomenon. :)
from tuxedo :
i LURVE the kitty & sunset picture.
from becca044 :
Hiya! How are ya? HAPPY NEW YEARS! Byebyebye
from be-zen :
Oh my god, Body scrub is beyond delicious. I am so partial to the Strawberry Body shop kind, or if I am feeling like a little luxury is in order (or I have a hot date!) nothing hits the spot better than a little Ella Bache. Divine beyond words, and such a soft arse ensues!
from augustdreams :
Happy New Year! Since one of my resolutions is to stop procrastinating so much...I finally added you to my favorites! Sorry it took me so long. Aph, Woodstock and I wish you a 2002 filled with all the people, places and things you love the most! Hugs, Nicole
from opusrocks :
hey sarah, this is lisa. but yeah i know i havent added the diaryring codes to my diary, but it is because my mouse is broken. as soon as i get a new one im going to do it. im just joining some now. thx for welcoming me. happy new years to you as well. :D -lisa-
from angelxkiss :
i'm sorrie to bother u.. but i'm trying to use one of the poodesigns.. and i want to add my diaryrings and links into the bottom links.. but i don't kno how to create a new page so i can put all my diaryrings? i sorrie i'm reallie not good at all this html... but i just can't figure it out.. do u mind giving meeh a few helpful hints? my other diary is at i hope to hear from you soon.. bbai.. -May
from unlucky13 :
i used one of your templates. it's fun. and i like your cats diary! later.
from hevbell :
happy st andrews day :) I think we should celebrate it more like St Patricks day personally, but it seems to just be me on my own right now!!! Never mind, I'll get stuck into the whisky :)
from carobs :
Hello Kangaroopoo, are you australian? You talked about the refugees. Yes, i reckon JUST LET THEM IN For goodness sakes. They're not going to shoot us. But anyway, it's controversial & apparently women my age mostly voted liberal, OH yes, janet evanovich - she's pretty funny & it's light reading. I love her hamster, is it hamster? What is it? Hamster? Rex i think. Not that he features much, but there's this cool picture of him on the back of one book. I'm from sydney. And i've got a dog that looks like a kangaroo. He's a 'basenji' & if you see what basenjis look like, well they look like kangaroos. Unfortunately i do not like him very much, he's not really my dog, he's my sister's. I'm new to diaryland, do you know if they have any kids diaries here? like little people under the age of 10? i'd like to read some of their stuff. I would like to add you to my ... you know what thingy.. what's it called? But i can't for the life of my figure out how it's done, i'll try working it out...
from anne-jumps :
Wow, I was very surprised to come across your great "Vertigo" layout (the link was posted on the J,LC listserv) and even more surprised to find that you're in Scotland. I've got a J,LC diaryring and clique if you're interested :)
from rainbowkid53 :
thanks for the welcome into the dreamdiaryring....omg i didnt know you made that awesome pinkfishbone layout.!!!!! you are so awesome...even more now that i know you actually follow diaryland...i thought (no offense) that you made the templates and left...i love it when the diaryring "presidents" welcome me!!! i love the dream icon that pops up on my entry page...thanks sooo much and ill see you around!!
from augustdreams :
"Your call is important to us...please stay on the line." Bah! If your call was really important they'd pick UP the damn line! :) How are ya, sweetie? I love the new layout, I meant to tell you that sooner. Poodesigns makes me smile. Actually, the word poo makes me smile. I'm mature like that. ;) Hugs, Nicole
from laura-baura :
Hiya! I was gonnna sign your guestbook to tell you what your diary looks like in Netscape but when I went to it I only got a black page! (Dunno if that was netscape or what!) Anyway, you don't see your font (apart from on the older page which is odd) and the fonts really teeney. Netscape sucks, just thought you should know! ;) xxx
from ayeright :
Hi hi! Thanks for leaving me a note. :) Your diary is really funny! I'm from Dunfermline (ack!) but I looove Kirkcaldy (which I am always spelling wrong). You're definitely going on my faves, rock ass! Love, Meme xox
from kyles :
your diary so rocks- your a laugh a day! hope you get better soon, and come back to my diary- its not funny as your tho :( kylie
from twistedmelon :
hehehehe 'poo' :)
from laura-baura :
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp! My mobile's gone insane! *cries*
from laura-baura :
A word to *your* computer: SORT IT OUT!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! ;)
from gothdaria :
Just thought you might be interested in getting your diary reviewed by It's a great way to get more traffic to your diary, believe me. Plus you can find -many- good reads through it! Give it a try.
from laura-baura :
from sheherazade :
hi, what's the other diaryreview site you know of? (besides diaryreviews and diarycritic) curious, because i was wondering if there were more out there i haven't seen...
from laura-baura :
from laura-baura :
from capmen :
I love your diary, mmmhmm. But you sound like George W. Bush when you invent words.
from laura-baura :
Hellooooooooooooooooo!!! I just realised you had this! Love me (and that's an order!) xxx
from kangaroopoo :
Hmm... is sending yourself notes sad?! I just wanted to see how it worked... It's easy peasy really!! I love notes now!! Laaa laaa laaa!!! ;-)
from baggy :
Hello Sarah!!!! Thought i'd start the day by stalking u in ur notes section!!! xx

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