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from lockedintime :
I have returned sorry I was gone so long! Love, Scarlett
from bloodrunner :
Hello My lovely godess I have missed you very much I have a boyfriend woo Hes older then me i will have to call you to tell you about him though. Well i have to go love you lots Myrista/Pink
from pumpkin144 :
what happened to your boobs? mine always used to get really sore just before my period. thankfully i seem to have grown out of that. now they just get in the way. damn things. hope you feel better!
from kindaizzued :
Yes, el capitano!! Good luck! *stands up straight and whatnot...* Jessica
from kindaizzued :
*hugs Bekka*...Bring a book...and please...breathe. I kinda like ya. Don't die. Do soemthing that excites you. *shrug* It's only the second day. Can only go up from here. Jessica/Lepie/thing/whatever
from almost-grown :
okay first day over, 2nd day too... did they kill you??? *peeks under bed* come out!!!!
from kindaizzued :
*Clicks heals for the Bekka* Horrah! For some reason, my diary didn't say you updated. Hearts, Jessica
from almost-grown :
hope your first day goes well!
from pumpkin144 :
congrats on the job! that'll be great for you!
from re-ravel :
thank you sweety for posting! And congrats on the job- hope it all goes well!
from re-ravel :
hey you! I started a public posting diary at l0vehurts its also in my profile here - case you wanted to go add to it and help me get it going- that would be cool- hugs
from hothead :
he called, you say? good. hope things are working out for you. the lyrics are "i will not forget you" by sarah mclachlan. i reprinted them in their entirety on my page because i'm an angsty lesbian and that is what we do. :)
from hamiltonian :
I like your journal, it is beautiful! Who did the art on your profile?
from hothead :
well, hello! thank you so much for the lovely guestbook entry. of course it's okay to add me on! i'm just glad you found something you can relate to in all this mess. i read a few of your entries, and i'm really sorry that James has turned out to be such an insensitive jerk. do you mind if i ask how old you all are? just curious. anyway. thanks again and please stop by anytime! xo
from re-ravel :
thank you dear!
from mrquiteaguy :
Hooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwl hehe ;) Welcome back! :)
from re-ravel :
add me to what ever you like dear- and thank you - hey- check out my newest diary as well as unsungsongs its a diary of unsent letters- bye!
from b0b0 :
I am now writting on re-ravel. I have made you a favorite there so you can find me! Had to move- too much drama at my old one- bye
from pumpkin144 :
hey, sounds to me like you are being used. you have to stick to your guns about the no sex thing. if james doesn't like that, then he's not the right one for you. and just because you gave it to him doesn't mean you have to sleep with every other guy you date. if you go on a few dates with someone and you're not feeling the right kind of connection then don't have sex with him. it's not being a hypocrite, it's respecting yourself. sex is a wonderful, natural thing so just listen to your heart about it. if it doesn't feel right, don't do it. i hope things get better for you. if you'd like to talk, just let me know. *hugs* blessed be.
from kitchenwitch :
Well its good to know I'm not the only one with that problem!!! The kids are good... :)
from almost-grown :
aww hope you feel better. Why are you upset? you seemed alright when i talked to you last night.
from blackpanty :
Here's a link for you, it's the aftermath...
from pumpkin144 :
i hope you get through this! my thoughts are with. blessed be.
from kindaizzued :
Naked? What? Where? ....No...I didn't see anything, ossifer...*zips up trench coat and runs away...tripping on a bush*... Jessica
from kindaizzued :
HElloooooooo!!...welcome back, my lovely love. Lovers love loving lovley lovlies...woot. still wanna know what the hell a juicy juice entry it the actual juice? or is it a double antandra???tell me, oh lovelie loverson.... The lepish one
from madamewolf :
I GOT BORED!!! so i deleted my notes. im still searching for that one perfect template but alas im bored. so hi self. We shall be bored together u and i myself. yep yep. at least i'll always have you....awww how sweet! well im off to be bored....maybe somebody else will be awake and bored and take pity on me and IM me or sumfin. *does the im bored oh so bored dance*

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