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from guysinmakeup :
Hi, I've become incredibly paranoid and have locked my diary, probably only for a couple days. I don't know if you still read it, but if you would like to check in for any reason, the username is 'darling' and the password is 'disarm'. Thanks :) xox
from boot-in-ear :
heh. you're too cool for school. i'm in love with your name, too.
from heatherbird :
if you think sting is hot, you should see lock, stock, and two smoking barrels. i didn't understand it, but i'm fairly sure he made some appearances.
from aussiegal :
Thanksh for el note-o. Mucho.. appreciado? ....RHINOPLASTY!
from heatherbird :
i love your new layout. the end of summer sounds might think the things you do are little and not as fun as they could be, but when you look back on them after graduation they'll be your favorite days (wyandotting, walking around CVS, etc.) seriously.
from leely :
sure. you can email it to me at <3
from leely :
a good gasp! im glad you still have a link to your photos! <3
from leely :
{gasp}! you got a new layout.
from neuroticaa :
don't worry about it. i've known far greater dillholes. xx
from neuroticaa :
haha, love the username <3
from rose-trees :
but i love you.
from rose-trees :
stop saying all i am about is cigarettes!!!!!! it is making me cry.
from leely :
and theyre all so lovely. <3
from leely :
your photos are sososo cute. how many are on your diary? because i love to refresh the page about four times on each visit &theyre always new<3
from leely :
you are such a sweetheart. i adore you to pieces. &yes; your scars must be absolutely gorgeous</3
from insanegerbil :
OOooo..I luv your much stuff I like,all in one conveinient alphabetized list.It's great..ermm..everybody says your diaries super hilarious,but I didn't read it cuz that'd be nosy,so I'm gonna say it's hilarious too...50 people can't be wrong.
from leely :
it really bothers me when people try to give you that "are you okay? do you need some real help?" BS when you cut yourself up a little. well, sure it shows that they care about you &dont want you to get hurt but it isnt like their few words are really going to help you out at the moment. the way i see it is that everything is your choice &if you cut; just let it be. youre the only one who can decide to stop cutting. __not them. [[i rambled on about things that dont make any sense again. oh well. ive got to quit doing that.]] <333
from leely :
yeah im a good girl too. but i do bad things &just never get caught. i hope i dont get in trouble soon. sorry for the meaningless note. </3
from leely :
ohmy; how i adore your notes<3 i started this diary when i was in eighth grade. &i had this nickname that was leely. so i thought it would be super cool to have a diary with my super cool nickname. but after the years went by, i realized how dorky it was to have a diary titled leely. but i just couldnt start another diary &leave this one behind. this is where i started &this is where i will end. its as simple as that. ♥ &more ♥
from leely : whos marc? &why does he suck? </3
from leely :
aww. really? you love me? ♥♥♥
from poppyfish :
Hey, we have good taste in boys. Rock on, man. And bring the eyeliner. ;)
from leely :
i added you to my favorites; please dont hate me</3
from exhaust :
Ahhh. Alright. Fair enough. Thanks.
from montage4life :
oh and I forgot to say, you read sloppy firsts? I thought I was the only one who has ever heard of it. Have you read the sequal yet? I'm waiting for my library to get it in for me.
from montage4life :
I just finished reading your 100 things about me list and oh my goodness, I thought I was reading mine. Seriously, are you my long lost twin sister? Now that I probably freaked you out I'm gonna go and watch the cute French guy :)
from leely :
im glad you think im neato<33333 hurray!
from roapearl :
Thanks for joining the ring. Eccentricity is wonderful, innit?
from leely :
do i know you? thanks for adding me. where did you find me by the way? can i add you? your pictures rock my stars. sorry for making no sense but your diary ROCKS</3
from heatherbird :
you have indeed seen Heath dancing to "Golden Years," in A Knight's Tale. initially that was the reason i liked the song (it gave me happy Heath dance visions) but then the more i listened to it, the more the song itself rocks, plus one day my hot friend danced to it too!
from miscreant444 :
happy damned birthday...I like you more everytime I read. You make me smile. I wish you luck in the 'irritation' department, and remember, this is your diary...write what you want and fuckall to the readers if they can't deal. (not that you need advice, I just have a mom-complex.)
from prophetgirl :
MY NAME ISN'T FUCKING WARRRRRRREN! --warren come now deborah. i'm sure with your ever-growing collection of flesh-mutilating appendages, and your brand new Neo-nazi bootcamp haircut, the boys will come a-runnin'.---gina just had to say those. i could say more, but there's not enough room cuz that movie rocks.i'm parting on this note: Jane: do any of you listen to rex manning? Warren: dance party USA teenybopper type shit, right? Jane: It actually tested well amongst teenage males. Lucas: Jaaaannnne, did you test the prcentage of teenage male Rex Manning fans against the percentage of homosexuality amongst teenage males? LMFAO. i love that movie.
from goldenyears :
I`m honored, I`m flattered and I`m trembling. Velvet Goldmine is the best movie ever. Thankfully, others seem to agree. Did you read my entry of VG? See if you agree. Love GoldenYears.
from heatherbird :
look i'm your first message! my coolest friend signed my senior book "keep on keepin' on." it was awesome. you MUST get that car, Scarlett, it sounds almost as good as a General Lee or an orange El Camino with yellow flames (i'm not making that up). get hooked up monster truck style, that would be so BOSS!

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