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from grr-stoopid :
heh heh cool :D
from grr-stoopid :
*just .. my bad
from grr-stoopid :
hello.. jsut browsing through random diaries and such.. you seem like a cool kinda person.. anyway, have a nice day :) bye bye now angela
from pandaman27 :
Hi! Im not sure where to get ahold of you when you arent on aim, so I figured this would be the next best thing! It seems I cant get my friend to cooperate, so I would super appreciate a place to stay for a night! I would get into chicago around 10:00 PM or something like that, but need to know how to get to you from union station. Anyway, hopefully I'll talk to you before tomorrow. If its before 5:00 PM tomorrow, please call me at 412-780-6995! Hopefully this wont be too much of a bother to you :\
from cdghost :
enjoyed your words
from shes-a-bitch :
gimme an email, ill give you a password. san act to keep my now ex far, far away from me.
from jzyjsmalls : are you? I was in the Diaryland netherworld for a while, but now I'm back and prolific again. I just read about a month of your entries (about as long as I've been back), 'cause I saw you'd been updating a lot. Hope you're doing all right. - Jake
from shyest :
wanna try being a middle class latin girl in the middle of nowhereland or best known as Los Angeles
from effenvodka :
And there you go again!
from omnipre5ence :
What's wrong? :(
from omnipre5ence :
from compclass :
Hey I liked your diary:) ~Jenny~
from pornoviolent :
Ryu senses danger awaiting him in America. What will be the fate of Ninja Ryu!?
from psychoticjen :
It's not worth it to be happy...knowing that in a span of minutes, hours, days, months, or even years, life'll bite you back in the ass. Let's not cheer up, kidos. =\
from evetron4000 :
Hey, cool. Glad you liked it. I think they're great.
from psychoticjen :
So I'm a complicated process now?
from psychoticjen :
I don't think you even know who I am.
from fuzzycircles :
just passing, thought I'd randomly say hi :)
from markodepollo :
Yeah, my apologies. I organized it far too late =\
from centaur :
Shit. I would have met you guys at the concert, only I just checked my e-mail, and it's 5:30 on Sunday... I'm telling you, man, we have to get together and see a movie or something before I leave for college, or I will be most sad.
from akfolds :
from akfolds :
came across your diary again...where did you get the layout? i'm updating...
from teddy-girl :
Awww. Those lerics brought a tear to my eye. I also would like to tell you that your diary is like the best diary ever!! It is sooooo funny!
from akfolds :
i saw your diary from a friend's profile..props for the ben-folds-likeness..major props kid
from no-yes-maybe :
Great diary! You are awesome.
from godmoney :
AAA! steve burns--who da man?
from parlance :
I am advertising myself.
from jane-be-jane :
happy birthdayyyy. have a good day ok?
from shes-a-bitch :
There's no getting out.

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