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from narcissa :
there's just something about my father that gets me every time. i could write a whole book. i myself am going the whiskey+honey+hot water route as we speak. Lets hope it works for both of us!
from lullaymarie :
left handed perchance?
from lullaymarie :
Evening! I just wanted to "drop" by and critique your journal. Muavelous. I am loving your prism gold pink eyes, staring down longing, you are longing, I wish to speak to who spawns such beauty..dreamy..
from marn :
The poem came today in the mail. It's simply beautiful and I'll treasure it always. Your calligraphy is exquisite and the text itself very apropos. Thank you.
from marn :
That was a very odd loop of happenstance. I have a small collection of New Yorker covers I've saved over the years, and most of them are by Carter Goodrich. There's just something wonderfully subversive yet gentle about his art, you know? I gave him credit at the bottom of my template, but you're the first person outside of the credit to ever mention seeing the art :) You know, I haven't kept a single friend from my high school years, so I see your friendship as something amazing. My longest lasting friendships were only formed in my late 20's, early 30's when I was more set as a person. It takes something special to weather all the upheavals of the teens and twenties, don't you think?
from anx :
Thank you for adding that entry into your favorites...I don't think the quasi-intended audience has seen it, but you know what? If that audience is never reached, it's completely fantastic. I dropped off a lot of baggage that day, and I'm really pleased with what I left behind. I'm glad you appreciated it.
from chauffi :
Thanks for filling out my survey. It was illuminating.
from malraux :
Good deed re: Tin Angel and Maggie Moo's!
from goodsandwich :
Wow! I'm enjoying your diary in little chunks every day lately -- I keep thinking I'll read a whole bunch and then I come across the name of yet another poet I've never read and have to run to the bookstore (again) to check out the scene. Thanks for the fun and the poetic reality!
from odalisk :
Thank you for your message - today's & also with regards to the jacket, because you reassured me. I haven't been leaving messages here because I am still getting used to reading your diary & not quite understanding. That's all for now.
from troilus :
I know you probably do not need another callow youth to report upon your occasional lyricism - but I thought I might join the chorus. I wish that I knew another way to say thank-you; if you drew with chalk upon pavement I'm sure that I'd still find it soothing. Au revoir
from bathsheba :
Ah! I love that carol. It will be my new Christmastime creed and I think I'll recite it on Christmas eve. Poetry to blot out the uncomfortable parts of religion. I wish I could hear the music to go with it...
from orangina21 :
I just feel bad for those people's children! I don't think I would have appreciated being stuck eating only raw food as a child.
from malraux :
re: hot toddies... hey, Irish coffee has *always* worked wonders for me. even when it comes to sickness. ;-)
from malraux :
re: rabies -- so you cause hypersalivation? did we even need to ask? =)
from malraux :
The slashdot link is now fixed, although now, of course, my site seems to have disappeared off their page. Typical. =P
from malraux :
Damn, you eat well. =)
from malraux :
Thank you for your words of comfort, and the immediateness of them! Sorry I have not responded 'til now -- still crawling out of my funk. And your postcard was most appreciated -- perhaps another shall be coming your way soon...
from lilybart :
32 Short Films About Glenn Gould -was- an awesome film! I didn't realize anyone else in the world had seen it except me and my dad. Have you seen Peter Greenaway's short films for the BBC? 26 Bathrooms and Death in the Seine are the one's I've seen. They're awesome! I'm glad you liked my poem! Yours was WAY more formal, and had lots more long words, but it was -really- beautiful.
from malraux :
Thanks for the kind words, and bless you for the hug -- means a lot to me. And yeah, I'm pretty jazzed about my brother's wedding myself. :-)
from throcky :
Thanks for the link to the Jane Austen character test! I answered every question with trembling honesty, fearing that I would come up a dead-ringer for Mrs Elton. But I triumphed! I had a 100% match with Mr. Darcy (probably because I don't dance) and my number two match was with Elizabeth Bennet. When I first read P and P I really thought that Mary was the most interesting and admirable sister, and I just did not understand why Austen did not pay more attention to her! DUH! I wrote a terribly bad book on Jane Austen; if you let me know if you are interested, I will send you a copy! Cheers, Throcky
from throcky :
Your journal is so complexing and fascinating; so vivid and full of such wonderful writing, that I have gone back to last September and am working my way through it. Thanks so much for continuing to care about poetry....and for your wit and graciousness.
from akkelly :
Hubbida-bubbida-boo. One good note deserves another. (I Always expect profundities from you!) :)

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