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from ravynespeaks :
Just want to wish you a very Happy New Year. May 2005 be your best year ever!
from ktdream :
Hey, sorry to hear that you're not having the best time. It sounds like a tough thing to go through but I hope you can find it in you to feel better about things. Sorry to hear that MSN isn't working but not everyone has hotmail where I am most people I know have AIM so I'm happy with that. Well good luck with everything and I know it's late but hope you had a nice birthday --- it sounds like it. =)
from watty :
Hope you're okay after getting your wisdom teeth out. I had all four pulled out, and folks were scared when I went back to my phone job in less than two days. I find that rincing with mouthwash helps afterwards. You'll be fine. =)
from elliorange :
♥ Happy Birthday! I hope you've enjoyed your special day!
from watty :
Happy birthday! Have a fun-filled day celebrating! All the best to you. =)
from treewillow :
Happy Birthday, I hope you have a wonderful day.
from opusshrugged :
aww, so sorry about your car ... i have no donation at this time but bear hugs are yours for the taking.
from sellingcrazy :
What? No lasso of truth?? Come on now.
from stumblebee :
I would take invisibility over flying any day. Hell, if you were invisible, you COULD fly. Just sneak on an airplane. Plus think of all the wonderful eavesdropping you could do!
from leebozeebo :
Yeah, actually, I am from Tyler. That's where I am right this second, in point of fact. I went to your roommate's diary, but I think perhaps there's something wrong - I can only access this one entry of hers about Lord of the Rings. Funny all the same, though.
from blindsided32 :
hey just noticed you had me listed, thanks for that. and just thought i'd say your layout is awesome, and i want it. haha well anyhow. im adding you back because you seem as rad as your layout
from peeperjen :
Holy balls, I wish it was colder here (in Central Florida). It's been 85 degrees the past few days. Winter? What's that?
from melwadel :
Love the new layout! Happy 2004!
from thisislife :
thank you, it's good to know that I'm not alone. The funeral was today... and i bawled my eyes out. Bawled, hah, that shows im from the south. It's just crazy to think about thanksgiving and christmas that's coming up.
from mkboog :
Thanks for the b-day wishes!
from ghettomommy :
1st? My NAME is Lissa! 2nd? Love you profile layout and your diary.
from jenne1017 :
LOVE the LAYOUT! thanks for sending me some b-day lovin'!!!
from starlight42 :
Thanks for the birthday note!
from heavenlyging :
Thanks so much for the congrats!!!
from catercow :
I want to thank you for adding me to your favorites list!
from sbspsd :
Our email is [email protected].
from sbspsd :
Hi there. This is an invitation on becoming a reviewer at Sepia Reviews. If you're interested, please include in an email your name/sex/location/age and a review of using our site's scoring scheme in an email and send it to us! Easy! Good Luck. Please help us out. We are VERY short handed.
from elvinarcher :
Thank you for my birthday well-wishings! :)
from rougereviews :
Hi, your review is up! Thanks for requesting. [Date: August 22]
from betterthnu :
ur review:
from opalreviews :
Your review is up! Have a good day!
from iratelobster :
Hey I was just wondering, how did you submit your diary for the top one hundred sites?
from diary-viewer :
Your review is posted! Thanks for requesting a review! :)
from fan4 :
Lucky you in getting your diary accepted for frozen-kiss! I had a text-link set up, and kept submitting my diary 3 times. After the third time, I gave up, and removed the link. I followed the rules, so I don't know why my diary wasn't accepted...
from meli-belly :
wow, a fellow big boobed melissa! yay! i should try victoria secret online, actually i've never really thought about it. thanks for the idea. -meli-
from sunnflower :
Getting up at that time every morning - especially the weekend - in the summer would make me crazy. Thanks for adding my diary to your Dland faves by the way!
from a-little-off :
Thanks for listing me as a favorite. It's nice to know a perfect stranger reads your diary.
from sombrengel :
just letting you know I read your diary, found it spiff, added you to my favorites :)
from xeriphism :
i really like your pink typewriter it's so cool! as for moral dilemna don't let it faze you, sometimes it's a good thing to let ppl get what's coming to them!! regards
from unluckystar :
Thanks alot for the birthday wishes :)
from diary-viewer :
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