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from lollirottt :
I know exactly how you feel. It's hell being insecure. I hope it gets better for you someday.
from lostasyou :
Sent you an email for the password :)
from crazy-raver :
" im finally okay with having thrown them back..." awesome.
from lostasyou :
Just stumbled on here and I want to add you to my buddy list :) will nose around more when I'm not so tired, if you don't mind :)
from college-kid :
Hah, me too. :D
from torchstar :
Hi! I finally looked at my buddy list and I want to read some of you. Please write me at la_di_da (at)me(dot)com with your password n all... My real name is Leslie.
from lauraleye :
"i have gotten accustomed to thing i should never have been able to get accustomed to." i like your diary.
from greencatfood :
hey, its been a long time since we've talked. just wanted to say hi, and that i hope things are going ok for you. I know the job at payless probably sucks, but its still a job. so far i've been rejected everywhere i applied. Also, i applied at your school, but UB gave me a better offer, and i can actually afford it, so i guess i'm going there.
from monstrathart :
its just me, wanted to say hi to myself...hi.
from thecaper :
i don't like beer wither *high five*
from zzdagwood :
Let's talk crap. Your template kicks...butt. ZZdagwood
from greencatfood :
from greencatfood :
good luck jordan. i found your name in one of your entries. sorry, i know you didn't want me to know it. i'm sure you know my name by now anyways.
from greencatfood :
That really sucks. i'll miss talking to you while you're at work.
from greencatfood :
Hey, we haven't talked in a while. We should start chatting some more. I know exactly how you feel, about not being enough for anyone. Its okay, things will be alright.
from sublime09 :
youre so cool! and smart. and deep. and beautiful. i love you monstrathart. waht a cool name!

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