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from jonathan :
By pointing me to Livejournal you may have persauded me to jump ship. Shame, I've been in Diaryland nearly five years.
from ezi :
hah you actually did laundry? I had to fight to stay awake.
from cant-escape :
I dont have your email address, and therefore cannot give you a password!
from caralynne :
did either you, or jeremy have braces? you both have extremely wonderful teeth. really. also, he has an incredibly warm smile and eyes that i sink into. you radiate life and love in that moment.
from undpunk :
Hey, if you need some insight on Donnie Darko you might wanna check out the webstite It's kinda strange and hard to understand, but the farther you delve into it the more it helps you understand the movie....just remember sparrow...smurf...rose...and some other stuff
from cant-escape :
Happy birthday!! 20.. Gak.. that means I'll be turning 20 in 8 months.. that's too soon. I don't wanna be an adult. ahh! I hope you're coping with it better than I obviously would be :)
from watty :
Happy belated birthday! Glad you had a great day. Enjoy entering your twenties. All the best to you. =)
from misspinkkate :
from treewillow :
Happy Birthday, I hope you have a wonderful day.
from spencersmom :
I still read here, but I'm set up at LJ too...I usually XP though. Anyway, your hair is cute, although I can't see your tatoo in the picture. I can't stand hair hanging in my face either. ~SM~
from joe-average :
i did indeed. yes.
from owcowkee :
The note on my car SAID it was from an officer, and I copied the note verbatum. However, I still have yet to confirm whether or not it was a LEGIT note (i.e. not from some pissed off Dr. on a power trip). Either way, the note said I had a junky car :/
from joe-average :
haha. uhhh its probably just me, uhh. yeah.
from joe-average :
thank you so much. but 20 sucks so far. haha.
from kathytran :
thanks laura- tis an exciting time for moi. i have been recently instated as a *yikes* English teacher at this intense prep school called choate-rosemary hall. 11th and 12th graders. no joke.
from joe-average :
thank you love.
from ezi :
sorry! I've been so sleeeeeeeeepyyyyy lately. I'm online now. where are you? wake up!
from banefulvenus :
beautiful site!!
from hollywood56 :
hi lorah i am going to try this one more time. i have written two entries so far. ooh i know it is sooo much but yeah yay for me!
from diaryquotes :
Hey! A "C" by bannercritics standards is both rare and phenomenal. We like to give out the low scores with abandon. Plus, even though the score was a C, the review was like, nice. That's odd, especially for ME. Heh. :) Thanks for visiting and not hating us too much.
from rabidcollie :
Discovered this through your peeing-in-the-shower diaryring and OHMIGOD I WANNA HAVE YOUR LOVE CHILD! If it's not too much trouble.
from size18dream :
Hey babe, thanks for stopping by. That Fiona line works everytime! I love the rainbows on your diary! Have a good week! Gina Marie
from myfamilysux :
Oops, sorry I dont get emails when people sign it! I should change that... heh heh.
from myfamilysux :
Erm, hi. Can I add you to my favorites list? You have a cool diary site.
from beneathroses :
oh, i see. I was really down in november and december. I really got sick of myself and my dirty little secrets, and just spilled out everything. I wish things weren't like that back then , but I've been through far worse. I think I will read more of your diary and see the other side, if you don't mind of course. Well I hope things work out with you, and are gifted with more brighter days.
from beneathroses :
yay! i gots my very first note from anyone! thank you! if it makes you feel better I have only 2 readers. though i do have some very insane posts that few should read :P . i want to read this comeback note of yours please ^_^
from quazymike :
i ran into you and split my head! the pain was much! i could see the stuck out a quarter past my eyebrow. um, does anybody got a bandaid?
from fragglingred :
wow, i just wanted to say that i can totally relate to how you feel about college. and im a sophomore, and i still feel like this. i guess thats not reassuring for you, but i just wanted to let you know that its ok. (and if its not then we are both being stupid about it apparently)
from sipthis :
Hello. Just wanted to say that I enjoyed your diary...
from wackyman :
:( somone hates my diary! they made fun of it and everything! ne way, i left them a nice little note on my notes page, so read it and enjoy! :)
from wackyman :
I'll just invite you to the best ones! Make sure to wear innappropriate clothing that ur parents wouldn't approve of!
from wackyman :
You are cordially invited to the August 2002 Worst Moments Awards ceremony! Make sure that you stop on by my diary to attend, and find out who this month's Grand Prize Winner is!
from wackyman :
what up, musikat? thanx for leaving that cool note for me. really appreciate it. sorry that your class sucks, and I hope that those two "friends" of yours start representing the way they should, instead of acting like posers and hatin on you. late.
from lizisgr8 :
i still think peeing in the shower is digusting, but i am glad to know you do your research, and i thought by the way you pharsed the question thaht is what it meant..sOoOry <3 liz
from ghotihook : remind me so much of me..esp when I was in highschool. everyone thinks i'm pissed a lot too,just because I'm not smiling or acting excited all the time.rollercoasters freak me out too. heh. yeah. your a cool kid. -Julie
from neurotic-one :
Musikat, I read this in Wax-Doll's profile, and couldn't resist sending it to you! "Its not how you pick your nose, its where you stash the boogers that count". Bet your regretting me reading the booger entry! LOL, take care.
from neurotic-one :
I know what you mean about the name thing. I got lots of little names I use as terms of endearment....such as, butt wink, budda belly, pumpkin head, hemmie (as in hemorrhoid), etc. etc. any name can be used if delivered with a smile on the face. ;-)
from neurotic-one :
Do you eat boogers? I had/have a child who eats boogers and makes my other children want to throw up when eating their toast in the morning. Will you join my diaryring? Its fun and interesting.
from bildschoen :
Thanks for joining the nonsmokers diaryring! *krie*
from namelessgirl :
you can find links to my rings by clicking on the name "fly" at the bottom of all my entries. the laura links are in the sentence: "we were crowned with laurels of victory." sorry for the trouble and have a merry christmas.
from sharpie :
over here we have Laserquest. I played Q-Zar at the fair once, but Laserquest is better. I recommend staying up in the towers and shooting at anything that moves. I've never left the top 5 of ANY scoreboard! ;)
from xteflonx :
I told you not to worry about disrespecting my's been a bad day (which is a HUGE understatement) so you SHOULD have worn black.....I know I was.......I hate this day.
from erinthepixie :
Type your comment here! well...okay, Valentines day does suck especially when you are alone and single and sitting behind your crush in Lit class and you are forced to go to the dance because you're on dance committee...grrr...anywho, done venting, go anti-valentine's-group!!!
from pringlesgirl :
HI!!! Yay, I'm included now =) Yup, Joey wants to be in here too but he doesn't have any fingers to type with =( Bye!!! <3
from iwantanevan :
woah, lots of comments here......
from erinthepixie :
hi hi!!! I love your diary, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with being boy-crazy! see ya later!
from i-luv-cw :
Still like looking at your diary! I'm hoping you put up the ILuvCW ring code soon, though. You've been in the queue for ages!! :)

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