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from naivereact :
welcome back, this place was boring without your wit
from charminggirl :
wb hun :)
from naivecurve :
i'm back.
from solitude71 :
i'm gonna miss you. <333
from muse11 :
wish you were here
from naivereact :
welcome to life, one huge fucking rotting excuse for disenfranchisement(sp?), but yeah, I feel bad for ya'
from faded-souls :
you have come so far, why give up now?
from shesajar :
i am sorry.
from charminggirl :
take care of yourself, hun.
from goexplore :
So this is like your birthday or something :) Happy re-birthday!. Beautiful entry. And good luck.
from charminggirl :
Good luck!
from charminggirl :
Welcome back hun.
from fuckmyname :
your layout is soo awesome. i really like it. im obsessed with stars.
from charminggirl :
oh i like the new layout, but still like you need my approval. goodness what was i thinking.
from f-cker :
you have a beautiful diary. and lovely entries. :) i quite enjoyed it.
from missleigh :
I like the new layout.
from naivecurve :
i'd rather not get into it. i did in my private folder, but that's like, private. i feel like sleeping.
from ihatejodie :
what happened? i'm sorry. it sucks trying to get out of oklahoma. it'll all work out just fine though.
from naivecurve :
in Bourdeaux, France.
from mysteria :
Oh, and as for you, goldink: QUOI?! The correct form, as far as everyone who speaks French or even took a semester in high school knows, is 'Je t'aime.' Where did you learn French, anyway?
from mysteria :
Hey... I emailed you at, but the bitch bounced my email. Thus you should email me instead: lilithfaery at yahoo dot com.
from missleigh :
"but who wants to see photos of oklahoma city? oilwells? fields?" I do, please.
from neangel :
hey you live in OC too? you should check out - it'd be nice to get more OC d-landers to sign up or hit me up on frienster [search w/ my d-land sn @]
from dyingroofio :
to run with others, i should say i like your banner ad.. you seem to be, as rare is the case these days, an individual.. i shall enjoy entering your world, to escape mine.. you live in OC? wow.. BIG world, SMALL minded people.. i live in OC too.. but either gone permanently on your journey, or shall return soon.. whichever it is, you.ll update.. they always update.. ;) i like your layout.. your whole set up is great.. very interesting.. it doesn.t get boring like mine.. have fun going to places.. -signed- just another fan..
from sheisbliss :
beautiful banner.wonderful diary.
from goldink :
Just thought you might want to know. The correct French form for saying "I love you" is "j'amour de toi," or "j'amour de vous." Translators don't work, commonly.
from rabidkiwi :
Hi, just mosied on in through your delicious banner. You're selling an ibook, you say? I just so happen to be looking for an ibook. Drop me a line if you still have it on price and whatnot. Happy road trip.
from naivecurve :
i'm not a stranger. one person on my buddy list knows me very personally, and looking at the stats, a lot of the people in my real life read my diary too. so i am no stranger. just barely alive.
from charminggirl :
I never left a note but now it's time for me to come out of my hiding place. I read your diary daily and from a slap of reality. First of all how do you like writing to an audiance. It's annoying but still there is a comfort to it knowing you can get some support now and then. Anyway, the banner of the tattooed arm, that reminded me of the book, Dharma Punx. That's why I click on it but as I can see I don't see a Dharma Punk. Read the book it might be interesting to you. Tah tah and don't be a stranger. XXXcharminggirlXXX
from naivecurve :
i made the diary layout myself using photographs from jeremy and claire weiss ( deepellum - from dallas?
from deepellum :
wow! i love your layout. did you make it yourself? or where did you get it? good luck with the moving!
from bansheerose :
hey I like your layout...clicked your banner. Really good diary. I hope your day gets better.
from bloodyme :
i thought you were a girl and i got all excited because you skate. now i know the truth.
from digital-life :
yeah i just got a copy of thrice and im liking it too. very cool that you know them.
from chikmagnet :
wow thats really cool that you know the guys in the band Thrice. i love that band :D
from naivecurve :
i caught most of that. just email me?!?!
from titaniafly :
alors mon ami, ton francais, c'etait tres bon... L'amour toujours ~LP (livefan91200)
from naivecurve :
yeah, MIT. graduated in civil and environmental engineering. i loved it, but i hate it. notice the difference in the verb tenses.
from raven72d :
Hmmmm... Does my description of your diary get your gender right?
from raven72d :
I'm always impressed with your work and thoughts. MIT? Interesting... And, yes, I'd like to know more about you.
from faded-souls :
I agree with the Jared Leto looking like Kurt Cobain thing..I think its kinda funny.
from naivecurve :
are you talking about in OKC or in LA?
from jdm5k :
there's a lady in the paseo who rents out space for something like, $5/hour or something cheap. i can't remember her name, but she works in "our lady" studio which is in these apartemnt things inside the main paseo area. just go in from 30th st. go south on paseo blvd (or whatever it's called, the street that runs by galileo) you'll see some apartments called "the market" on your right. on the building you'll see a sign for our lady photography. i believe that's her.
from gcchick182 :
so very inspiring.
from kellybutton :
THE LITTLE PRINCE! *swoonthud*
from mysteria :
Damn you! Damn you all to hell! I checked out Limbeck's website and I liked their song 'I Wrote This Down,' and now I'm giving them cash for their CD. I haven't spent money on a CD in forever. How dare you ruin my streak? ;)
from cold--fusion :
Mm. ATD-I. Rocking :) Cute layout.
from tearoutmyeye :
I really dig your template.
from naivecurve :
YES YOU ARE RIGHT...justin theroux! i've heard that a few times lately i guess. that's awesome...i just woke up and it made me smile. haha sweet.
from bicyclelove :
that picture of you in your car kind of looks like the psycho film director in "mulholland drive." hehe.
from singinchik06 :
fab writing, and is that the little prince on your layout? i loved that book as a little kid. Anyway have a nice day!
from facepunch :
nice tattoos, bro.
from jdm5k :
from paxil-addict :
At The Drive In....oh boy. Come visit me. Misty/Lambert (pass & username) please.
from desertcity :
At the Dive-In may be one of the most original bands I can think of and also, a personal favorite, but I firmly believe they are secondary to the Smashing Pumpkins. But why the hell should you care what a 15 year old from kansas says? [email protected]
from mysteria :
Oklahoma doesn't really count as The Midwest to me, a child of the suburbs of Chicago. Oklahoma, where my father grew up and my grandmother still lives (along with most of her 9 children and many grandchildren), is The South. But let's not fight.
from antipep52 :
oh my dear sweet lord... your design is le petit prince!!!! i read that last year in french 3. -pees herself from laffing- i thought that was note worthy... but i'm thinking that i was wrong.
from naivecurve :
1. yes i like atdi. but i also know them members personally. and they saw the banner and laughed. 2. i went to mit, and was cross-registered at harvard. and i'm in oklahoma because i graduated and i'm bored and want to experience midwestern life. xo
from mysteria :
I, too, clicked on your banner. Definitely worth the price. So which almost-Ivy school did you attend? And how did you get so lucky to be living in Okrahoma?
from souldoubtnow :
clicked the banner to make fun of another at the drive in fan, but you have a little prince layout, so it's all love. haha, i'm an ass. *point and laugh at jess*
from parkplace :
Click your banner and you seem like a really cool person. Just showin the love.
from no1sgirl :
Hey, happened upon your diary via your banner. I just read the one entry today and I wanted to say that I'm sorry that your scanner and pc are broken. If the movers are with a company, I'd probably call their manager and demand that they reimburse me the cost of the damages.
from livingaploy :
well..i like your..uh....i like....AT THE DRIVE-IN!
from livingaploy :
well..i like your..uh....i like....AT THE DRIVE-IN!
from bicyclelove :
hey, can i have some klonopin? :) i like your diary. and i like people who like drugs without shame. what's a notary?
from notquiteoct :
you's a tru playa
from tenaciousnat :
Your layout is cute, jus mebbe its my resolution but the entry bit is kinda small o_0 Take care xXx
from neangel :
Ello! I like �our La�out. take care!
from poppyfish :
This diary design puts most of the others rather to shame.
from chalktears :
I was intrigued by your banner and went to diary to find... nothing. No entry. Just a links to your notes and profile.
from facepunch :
i can see it. clickclickclickclickclickclickclick\\\\\\
from huocer :
I don't see anything....... no words..... nothing...

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