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from floodtide :
Hello - I saw your diaryland name in the "users online" square, and I clicked on your profile, pretty much just on a whim. Really like your profile, and of course became very interested to read your diary. When I clicked I saw that it's password protected. May I read, please? I'm a middle-aged gay man, which may seem creepy but I'm also a teacher (acting and voice) and I serve on the board for a local LGBT youth group. I've been writing here in d-land for years. Username: theboathouse Password: penge (Comes from E. M. Forster's novel "Maurice.")
from peggypenny :
oh, finally notes. I feel so bad, I was joking about the Olympics, silly. I am a singer/songwriter only. So sorry, I wasn't trying to be untruthful and then I couldn't note you. Please accept my apology. Peggy
from peggypenny : Here is a break down of my goal chart and diet.
from peggypenny :
I like that you have a goal.
from dangerspouse :
Ahhh, it's all starting to make sense now. Thanks for the explanation :)
from dangerspouse :
Does "No more D/L" mean "No more DiaryLand"??
from dangerspouse :
Good for you. Keep it up!
from dangerspouse :
Ok then, here ya go: concentrate on "W". Specifically the teeth part. Nothing in life is possible if you have a toothache, and contrary to media portrayals chicks do NOT dig halitosis. (I paid a heavy price for believing that lie.) So, yeah. Get a WaterPik, and floss. The rest of the list will take care of itself.
from dangerspouse :
That's quite a list. Good luck with that. If you want my advice...nah, never mind. Just, good luck.
from jaysthoughts :
Yes, I kind of like that it isn't littered with annoying prompts to "share" and "tweet" every post. I can remember when it had a different front page in its first year..
from jaysthoughts :
Just checking to see how many diarylanders still actually check their notes and stay active.
from sophunique :
sorry to hear that you've not had a good experience with being nice to others. People can be unappreciative and cruel eh? I am however a Christian and try my best to love my neighbor as I love myself. doesn't always pay off in earthly goods or favors but He sees it and my heart and where I am motivated from. anyways, hope your day brightens and that you can find your way back to joyfulness. cheers.
from bliss-sad :
Congrats on setting course, may the winds carry your ship as far as you'd like to sail!
from bliss-sad :
To-do lists are soothing, aren't they? I hope you accomplish your dreams and then some.
from bliss-sad :
I just want to send you a crazy amount of love. Your situation sounds rough, but your attitude is fantastic! I just hope you have a sense of how incredible you are (but I'd like to think that you do!). Shine on!
from dangerspouse :
Hey buddy, forgive me for offering some unsolicited advice here. You seem like a very nice person, with your heart in the right place. And you write very well. But I think if you gave entries like this a paragraph break every now and again it would make your individual points stand out better, and also make things a lot easier on the reader (ie: me...and it's all about me, me, ME!). Anyway, best of luck to you thanks for the interesting read.
from sirpatty :
sorry to say it but. get used to that being used thing. most guys just want to get in ur pants at any cost and will say anything to do it. i'm a lot older and have seen it so many times. me? i hate getting around and if i've heard u have i stay a way. all the fags hated me. i was in great shape and was an awesome dancer. (used to go out just to get drunk and dance) they hated me because i wouldn't sleep around like everyone else. good for u if ur gonna take charge and have life just for u. be careful, it's so easy to fall for someone with the right words or the right moves in bed. peace out, caring old gay guy. oh ya, i hate ppl but i hate faggets more. i'm not really proud being a fag. but i am what i am.
from nessiegurlie :
Hey, I like your username. Peace always!
from c-estmoi4tu :
my last entry is for you
from operationsun :
yes, good fortune to you! it makes me happy to see somebody love themselves dooo it :} operationsun
from dogbones :
Want to draw attention to your diary? Check me out! I can help! If you don't then ignore this note and just think of it as a Kudos ;)
from sexisushi :
hey saw you liked pink floyd and kenny rogers! i do too! check out my profile/diary/whatever! :) ttyl! sexisushi

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