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from rockerhobo :
I won't be reviewing for raresilk anymore.
from enigmawolf :
erm, I'm Jo... I found the password so ignore that. I'll start reviewing again in a day or so when I have time.
from enigmawolf :
Alright, I would be reviewing but I changed emails and can't find the pasword.. I'm going to look through my old email account and see if I can find it, if so I'll start reviewing again.
from berserkfury :
Hey Victorianna. It's Shannon. Just wanted to see if you got my email of the info I sent for the reviewer page. And I would love to have my diary and review site linked. Thanks a lot.
from rockerhobo :
no, sorry. i'm in the process of deleting my diary here, and please delete my name off the page, thanks.
from narami :
I didn't know were to put questions, sorry if this is not the place but; Can any of the reviewers read Spanish? I would like to be reviewed but some of my entries are in Spanish. Although they are the minority, it's a part of me and I would like them to be taken into consideration. If someone can answer, please drop me a note. Thanks and have a nice weekend :o)
from kerrierw :
Hiya, I'd still like a review. My username's: me and the password is: swab645her13. Thanks x
from coyotesabre :
i didn't know when my review was done... sorry about the content. at the time a lot was going on and i thought i was saying enough. i actually didn't know what had happened at the time, and her ankle wasn't broken -severely sprained. thanks for the review though. [by the way, the link is wrong.. it's 're' not 'er' =)]
from lunaua :
I realize it's been a little while, but I just wanted to thank Sara for my review!!
from tailbonelust :
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, however, Sara has already reviewed me. Anyone else is fine, regardless of how long it takes. Thanks again. :)
from tailbonelust :
Hi there. I'm on the pending list, and would like to request a different reviewer since the one I previously chose is no longer reviewing. I'd very much like to be reviewed by Annie, if possible.
from kait77 :
The request link is not working and I was wondering if you would look at my diary and review it. "I'm a unique"
from jack-lyn :
Hi, I would love it.. if you looked at my diary. ^.^
from artlifelove :
hi, the reason I had the link for you guys taken away was that I had pretty much given up on ever recieving a review but thanks anyway! It definately surprised me.
from tailbonelust :
Hi there. I'm already on the pending list and I noticed that the reviewer I requested is no longer reviewing. I'd like to be reviewed by Annie, if she's still reviewing. If not, then Midge would be fine as well. Thanks.
from sourballs123 :
I don't know if your still taking reviews, but if you are can you review me. I'm unique, I read the rules. Yea. Your link is on my links page
from withspike :
hey...i may just be retarded, but cannot find your illustrious guestbook- ergo: i am requesting here. i'm a unique...naa, there's thousands of me out there. we'll be taking over s-mart's near you. thanks!
from bebegracie :
I was a litle dissapointed about the request link being down, but a sites, gotta do what a sites gotta do. I hope you pick up again soon, And I will be requesting as soon as. x
from faery-lights :
Erm... I'm guessing that you aren't currently taking requests, as the request link is down... but if you begin reviewing again, I'd love a review... if you still are, and I'm just confused/crazy, stop by my guestbook. =)
from atgaspain :
Cancel my review request, which means NO REVIEW. Thank you for your stupidity.
from krazieespy :
Hi, Can you please let me know if Sara is still reviewing, I asked her a while back, but I was just curious because if she isn't I would like to take the link off of my diary!!
from puckerup- :
Thanks for taking the time out to review my diary Daniel... Much appreciated!
from jjslair :
Hello...I just applied to your emerald diaryring, as my birthstone is emerald, and would also like to be reviewed if you have the time and hopefully be added to your raresilk diaryring. Feel free to look through my entries. Thanks! Jj
from iwish727 :
Hey there. Thanks for the review. Just a question: Do I join a diary ring now? Megan reviewed me and gave me a perfect score but didn't say anything about a ring...just a question.
from velvet-heart :
I take it that you're not taking request for reviews since your link isn't working. Bummer because I love your review site and I was going to make a request. If and when you do decide to review again will you please let me know? Thanks Chrissy
from heartbreakrv :
Hello, I am the owner of both Wallflower Reviews and Heartbreaker Reviews. I was wondering if you would like to become affiliates with either of my sites, or both. Wallflower Reviews is at wflowerrevs (diaryland), and I am on the Heartbreaker Reviews account right now. Please write me a note on either one saying if you agree or disagree. Thanks for your time, and have a great day.
from blaiyze :
Happy Halloween!
from blaiyze :
It's been so long....I hope all is well with you.....?
from bearshoney :
Midge, I thank you for a wonderful and honest review. I understand the time it takes to complete one (I am a reviewer as well) and patience, the majority of the time, is all I have in this aspect. It is a volunteer effort after all, right? I know reviewing is not totally a reviewers life. You are welcome to come back at any time, I hope you do. I can also see where the mouse over can be annoying. In the archives it gets to me too but I like it on the main page so I'm not sure how to change only the archives. Also, could you define more extras?? Without making my main page too cluttered I added most of them under links. Ok, this is getting lengthy. Thanks again. (((Hugs))) Krista
from hotpinkviews :
I was wondering if you'd like to be a sister site with us? If so, just let me know! Thanks!
from atgaspain :
Since Leslie Irene is on hiatus, I think I'll just request Renee for my reviewer for now. I don't think I'll have to fucking change from this point on, but who gives a shit?
from proudmary04 :
thank you for my review, sara! it was much appreciated!
from sarasvati23 :
A bouquet of thank yous to Sara for my review. This was my first review, and I honestly didn't expect to do so well. Thanks for making a girl feel so good!
from chesire-katt :
Thank you so much for the review! I am glad you enjoyed the read. I will definately take your comments into consideration. :)
from ibepiglet :
Thank you Sara for the most excellent review. I have added your comments to my review page. However, I wanted to link directly back to my review, but each time I get a diaryland error. I know html, I've done links many times, so either I habitually mistype something, or you have a spell (or secret) on your site? If you could let me know I'd really appreciate it, and thanks again.
from nutmegoli :
I'm on your pending list for a review (unassigned) but I'd like to withdraw my request. I would have put this in the guestbook but I just signed someone else's book and it won't let me sign again right now. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for your time and energy however.
from yvette18 :
I just wanted to know if I could have the html to my review, so I can make your link, link directly to my review. I would really appreciate it.
from everoboto :
Somehow I knew this site would do me justice. Thanks so much to Victorianna for the awesome review. It's so refreshing to be reviewed by someone who can relate to me, and NOT be frightened by my design (which I get a lot). Thanks for the great score and Diamond Ring Award. Rock On! \m/
from x-evelynn-x :
Steven: you tell me i express well, then give me a 25. you said i had neko and james as extras, when also, i had sincerely yours and etc. not to be bitchy, but your scoring is biased on whether or not you agree with the writer. and yes, i am the girl.
from blaiyze :
I feel a little stupid for asking this...but how does copyright work here in diaryland? Not that any of the drivel I have written so far would neccesitate it...but...just for future reference. Also...I visited a template site earlier that I believe was yours...if not...then please correct me, however, if it was...more...male oriented subjects might be in order or...if you design them...I would be most grateful in discussing a custom design and banner with you. If you do not...or are not taking commisions at this time...any direction you could steer me in would be most...appreciated. Sincerely....B.
from blaiyze :
Thankyou so very much for answering my question. Now...the next one...I understand the main premise of "the diaryring", but how many are there....and what qualifications are required to join them? I do so appreciate the time you take out of your schedule to answer my questions. Indeed, I am in your debt. *Blaiyze bows at the waist and hands you a black rose* As always, B.
from blaiyze :
I still await your am not a...former...assignee. as always....B.
from holesome :
Thank you for proving me right.
from blaiyze :
There is no problem my rare beauty. I was only teasing. I wanted to thank you personally for accepting me into your diary ring. *Blaiyze bows at the waist and hands you a black rose* I am most honored...I assure you. I have noticed this..."review"....notation quite a bit throughout your writings'....and i find myself curious as to what you are referring to. I would be most...appreciative if you would take time out of your busy schedule...and explain it to me. Once again...I thank you for allowing me into your...prestigious ring. Sincerely Yours, Blaiyze Z.
from blaiyze :
Will you put my name on....a...list? Any list?
from dani-lou :
Just a thought, but I recommend columns for your hall-of-fame members by category. It might be a little easy to go through. Hugs, Dani.
from foxgirl0925 :
Also I noticed in the extras section, you didn't include anything under the "about me" section. Just wondering why not? And sorry if this seems like I'm complaining, I'm not. I'm just trying to get a justification on my score. I'm not complaining at all. Just inquiring.
from foxgirl0925 :
Thanks to Ashley for the review. One question though... you said that all you heard about was Nick. I went through all of my August entries and counted all of the entries where I didn't talk about Nick or I only mentioned his name (which was for a relevant purpose). 21 out of 27 entries don't mention Nick or only mention his name once or twice (to say.. "today Nick and I are going to the movies" or "Nick and I bought matching underwear").
from lilstarr :
thanks so much for the review victorianna! :)
from radiowire :
the guestbook is not working, so i'm requesting here. i am a unique, and the link is under extras, then reviews.
from cruciatus :
Hello I just wanted to say thanks for the review Victorianna!I am very pleased with it!*huggles*Ok thats all, i shall reccomend this review site to friends!~Rinni~
from nihilistbear :
er hello, and aren't I the annoying person? I was just wondering whenI would be added to the profile, or if the rules had changed. I know you're very busy, and I'm sorry to bother you
from lilstarr :
thanks for the note leslie irene! i think someone must have seen the note i left before, because my name is under pending for victorianna. thanks again for your help!
from kidofkingdom :
Hi, this is heartsblood, thanks for the review. Yeah, I had to be away for a year because of personal crisis, thanks so much for the excellent score, cause really its not the best diary I have at all. Thanks so much!
from nihilistbear :
Thank you for the review, and for Ashley's kind words (I left her a note already). I really appreciate it
from lilstarr :
hiii...i know you're supposed to leave requests in the guestbook, but for some verry strange reason i can't sign any guestbooks. i always get an error saying 'oops you can't sign again that fast'. i would luv to be reviewed, and i am unique, and the link is on my 'reviews' page. i'm sorry i can't put this in the guestbook!
from nihilistbear :
hi... sorry to bather you. Half my diary is weblog, and half is not... because of this, my short description repeats itslef in some entries, and I have no clue how to fix it... just so Ashley knows that I really did try... please don't dock me!! Thanks
from shy-n-quiet :
Thank you so much for the review. :) I'm glad you liked my diary, and I appreciate you taking the time to read it.
from k813 :
thank you for the review it brought a smile to my face!:) I had one question though I got a 99 but was told to sign up for the diamond ring, but i just did the emerald ring. is that right? anyways thanks again!!:):)~Kate
from screemingink :
thanks for the info. you see, the designers' site of my diaries, kind of are down, so both of my templates were really screwed up. i got one of my diaries, deadpainting a new template, which is temporary, but satisfactory, and i might review on that one first, but my main diary is screemingink, as you can tell. well, thank-you. xoxo, Miss Takes
from confuzzleded :
I was looking at random diaries and your s/n and picture caught my eye. I'm looking for some friends here on diaryland. I like your diary. Leave me a note sometime please. Sparkles
from screemingink :
i'd be interested in the review you would give my diary. that is, if you have time and all. xoxo, Miss Takes
from nihilistbear :
Oh, I'm not upset; I haven't been reviewed yet... I meant if I got a bad review and had improved... not an insult to your reviews or anything
from nihilistbear :
Hi, this is alice, just a question: can I take your suggestions to heart, apply them and then resubmit? thanks
from breakthedark :
I also forgot the add that the link is under 'additionals' in my request. My apologies, I would have put this in the guestbook, but alas it likes to tag me with the you-can't-sign-again so fast blarg.

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