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from gothcc :
I am going to be locking my diary again for security matters... Can i have your email so that i can send you the username and passcode to get in?
from euphoria21 :
Haven't read you for a while, but I'm still around. Take care, hun.
from makeitblack7 :
dude, thankz for your note. u sound very nice and i think u'll get acustom to the whole punk/goth thing. itz pretty cool i never rele like it until about 3 yrz ago when it wasnt popular but we are knida overtaking the preps so its cool. write back..... ps: i like ur diary
from makeitblack7 :
are you goth or punk because u sound like it and i am. even if you arent mayb we could chat. send me a note back
from darthonly :
I read your diary. way funny. I want you to have my nickel. my email is [email protected] if I get an adress you will get a nickel. Ill give you mine also if you like.
from darthonly :
Happy birthday. I hope you are having a good day. 22. Geez you are getting old. J/K. Go cause some trouble its your b-day.
from raven72d :
I'm still reading...
from raven72d :
Stephenson tries to be funny, to be Thomas Pynchon. I like Gibson's noir outlook.
from raven72d :
Ah, my dear... You must read Wm. Gibson's "pattern recognition"...
from raven72d :
How is SF this summer?
from funnyfrog :
I'm a funny Asian man. HAHAHAHA
from raven72d :
Joy Division... yes. Yes.
from calpyto :
who is this?
from raven72d :
I'm a VNV Nation fan, too... And I'll be reading your stories.
from raven72d :
The personal icon bag story was a delight.
from misker-roo :
hi hi
from misker-roo :
hey hon. I know how you feel about those books. They broke the bank for me too! I hope that you feel better soon! I think you just need a break...then again, dont we all! ~Melissa (Misker~Roo)
from inourhands :
I found your diary through a banner featuring Bjork (violently happy). I'm a fan of hers, so I started to read your diary, and poof, now I am a fan of yours too.
from amberfalls :
Hello. I just happened upon your diary through one of your banner ads. I am relieved to hear that the Doc says there is "nothing" wrong with you. I had a similar experience a little over a year ago and it was one of the worst things that has ever happened to me in my entire life. You can read all about it. You may think your mummy dearst is annoying, but someday, you might be glad she's there.
from jen69 :
i just discovered your diary through a lot of random clicking. i love tori amos - a sotra fairytale. i'm glad to see i'm not the only one who's heard it.
from silentspring :
i really like your diary . its simple and reads like nothing ive read before .. mayb ive been reading too many trash diaries .. hehe ... vil b back ...
from candyreaper :
leave me the list of things u have to do n i promise ill do all of that good enough?
from fwordslut :
Im sure you will be just fine. My mother is the same way. nothigns EVER wrong. I hope that you end up just fine and dandy, which im sure you will!!! *hugs*
from darthonly :
I just want you to know that I am still out here reading your diary and that you will be in my thoughts. I hope you are ok
from lydialunch13 :
I'm new here...just wandering about looking for interesting people. You've quoted my favorite E.E. Cummings poem. Used it in a project for a writing class once, put it in a scene of a play.....anyway.....i'll be checking out your diary more often...
from luv1 :
Hi! I just ran across your site through your banner. I thought your diary was cute, I'll come back and check it out.
from misker-roo :
Can I just say I love the comment you made about me in you profile? You officailly rock now!! :)
from misker-roo :
Can I just say I love the comment you made about me in you profile? You officailly rock now!! :)
from misker-roo :
Can I just say I love the comment you made about me in you profile? You officailly rock now!! :)
from misker-roo :
Happy birthday! Hope you have fun and get absolutly plastered! LOL Melissa
from darthonly :
Thanks. Your note ment a lot to me. Its good to know peaple are out there.
from misker-roo :
Just wanted to stop and say hi.
from lofipunk75 :
hey, thanks fer sayin i'm interesting. i just discovered this site recently so my diary's not much yet... nice e.e. cummings poem, cool survey, peace-love.
from darthonly :
Hi its me again. Still reading your diary and still thinking its way cool. Then you go and put that you are listening to Kompressor!! You are so cool I dident think anyone knew who that band was. You totaly rule. Kompressor does not dance!!!
from yorkie2002 :
WTG!!!! That told him the stuck up git. You did right by not putting yourself into a potentially very awkward position, I wish I had a penny for every time some one has said "Tell them it was my idea" only to later say "Well it's not my name on the invoice."
from yorkie2002 :
Ummm you played scrabble? No? How about hide and seek? No? Oh go on then I give in, just what DID you get up to? ;)
from darthonly :
Hi. I came across your diary and it blew me away. I have spent the last hour or so reading through it. I love the pix you post. I will be coming back a lot. To be honest most diary's on here suck. Yours feals real. I like that. way way cool.
from rimbauldi :
i think that you're day might get better. I don't know why...but the curvings on your diary's photograph are pleasing. Perfect pendulum curve opposed to her spine. It made me think of an lovely anchor....blah blah blah blah. go kick the ass out of this day!
from glitterscars :
You have a beautiful diary xx
from yorkie2002 :
Ah the things we do for a free meal eh? hehehe. You must have the patience of a earned that meal.
from deslayerette :
I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them. Sam I am.
from veraverteld :
Thank you for your explanation :) I will try it to see and hope it will work. I'll let you know. Vera.
from veraverteld :
thanks for replying! Let's see, I have a digital cam and a photo-printer, so yes I process print my own pictures. But how on earth do you get it done by hand? You've awakened my curiousity now even more!
from veraverteld :
Wow I really like those pictures! I'm just wondering.. how exactly did you collor that black and white picture? With some kindof computer program? It looks great! I wish I could do that with my B&W pictures!
from mrkristopher :
Your pictures are amazing, I can get a real feeling of the places and objects portrayed. Consider yourself gifted.
from donnaisblue :
your photos are gorgeous
from misker-roo :
Hey there, I love your pictures! You are very talented! Keep it up!
from yorkie2002 :
The blouse pic is very well done, you'd never guess it was coloured. The one of the window is very reminiscent of London, and even parts of Yorkshire where I live, but my favourite has to be the shoreline. It doesn't look at all like a recent picture, it looks more like it would be at home in the 50's or 60's. You are quite good at this, I can't wait to see more.
from meowth2007 :
I love your diary! Its great. Keep up the good work!
from made-again :
I clicked on your banner. Hello Hello!
from hidenraven :
I enjoy your entries. Your template is very unique.
from misker-roo :
Okay so I am not an inspiration, but my profile tells people this, so you can't expect much. JK! I do however want to give you props on your layout! Did you take that picture? My room mate at college is a photography major and is a result I really like it now too! Anyway I'm rambling so I'm gonna go before you end up hating me! :) Keep Writing!
from misker-roo :
oh yeah um Hi
from stargurl7400 :
Hey, saw your banner. Very cool. I will stop in from time to time to read up. Ya know, you will get more people when you have lots of drama abd juicy, personal deatils of your life. Hint hint, ;-).
from impugnable :
just passin' thru
from euphoria21 :
There's nothing wrong with frozen burritos, you probably look better w/ black hair anyways, hope to keep seeing some more of your stuff.
from briareos :
Another person here to breeze cavalierly through your life, with barely a "La-di-da!" Or something. Dig the diary.
from kathiec :
Just so you know.. I saw your banner and decided to make a pit stop in your diary.... All the best Kathiec
from shyethyme :
just passing through
from complication :
just "passin' through." it's 7:41 am and i haven't gone to bed yet, so sleep beckons. i'll come back later. :)
from clown-empire :
i like what you have to say...keep writin
from orpheusd0wn :
Sometimes the best intelligent conversation comes when under the influence, even if the stupidest actions come from the same. I clicked your banner, and was going to sign your guestbook, but evidently all the URL's in your links say "yourname" instead of actually having a valid name. Don't know if you meant to do that or not, but I thought I'd pass it on.

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