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from typelove :
hello. i saw your link on the love-online ring and i was wondering if you would like to join my diary. it's a place for people who are involved in online relationships to write their feelings and support each other and give advice.
from neko-carre :
Oooh, thanks. I'm glad you like the purple in my layout. I wasn't sure about it.
from gerg69 :
ey thanks for stopping by site on my 100th entry, I hope you enjoyed the party. You can keep that balloon that says happy retirement phil, its all I could get at short notice. Thanks for linking me too.
from audi08 :
hey i am pretty new to diaryland. i would be happy if anyone reading this would go check out my dairy.
from cocktails :
Happy Birthday to Baby, get revenge....go away for a weekend and phone home at all hours of the night just to annoy him ;o)
from neko-carre :
You got my song quote! You are so cool. :)
from dombilly :
Thanks for the bday wish!
from stripeybeast :
I used to be kicknpunk13 and I had you on my favorites, I would be honored if you would read the new diary.
from squirrelx :
Thank you for the incredibly beautiful message you left in my guestbook. This has been a crap-encrusted day so far and my mood was equally feculent --- until I read your kind words. One of the main reasons why I have faith in the power of Goodness is because of folks like you who embody it. With affection and gratitude, Xtine
from cocktails :
Glad everthing went ok.....C xxx
from weymouth66 :
Hi, Sandra St Claire! :o)) Many thanks for the birthday wishes, much love x x
from kb8 :
Hi-Will you take my survey?
from penmaster :
hey that was a really cute graphic that you left me for my birthday. thanks, you're so sweet =)
from bitterwineuk :
Hiya, been busy for a while and not had much time to myself, but I think the design rocks. I like butterflies and things. And as for your latest entry... that is so motherf***ing true..... hehehe, keep it up!!!!! Becca
from poppyfish :
Ooh, glad you like it! I know it looks like I have people making me layouts every few days, but honestly, I'm not that popular. ^_^ The first one was a surprise gift and the second one, I asked for it - and she was sweet enough to comply! So . . . hopefully, I'll manage to keep my diet of new pink layouts stable for a bit. Yours is pretty damn cute, itself. Long live British butterflies!
from wannabirish :
Hey!!im sorry its soo late!but Happy B/D!! and .. i absolutly LOOOVE ur layout! its awsome!...Take Care!:D
from jen69 :
i'm glad. i hate crappy birthday messages of meaninglessness and "oh we're best friends wait i dont really know you". i figured i'd telly ou what i'd want to hear. or something vaguely similar.
from cocktails :
Whoo British Butterflys. At the moment you dont want to be British, they are stuffing you for tax every way they can at the moment.
from fieryembers :
Hi, well....I thought Jake was reviewing me, but whatever. Anyway, the username is friends and the password is bekken - nothing is capitalized or anything. Sorry for the mixup!
from candid-revu :
Ooo you should get reviewed ^ here. :)
from lilith73 :
yep, i just fell in love with your diary. btw..thank you for the review.
from angeloffear :
Spank you very much for the groovesome review.
from hapithoughts :
DUDE, i signed your gbook before reading your entry, sorry your day was ass. *hugs* ummm, yeahhhh, thats about it. oh, that and your hubby didn't seem to kind about anything. it's what my mom used to do to me all the time, too. we gots it rough. i have things to tell you...
from jenne1017 :
guestbooks are being weird today: thanks for a great review!!! By the way, Seuss rules. This was my favorite ride when KiKi and I went to Universal:
from of-her-soul :
Your Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, laying in the poppies banner lured me to your wonderful diary.
from kimchery :
You know, I read about the scavenger hunt too, but I never saw the entry that explained exactly what to be doing... so I kinda blew it off, but nw I'm interested. Maybe, would you like to refer me to that entry, an maybe I'll play too?
from kimchery :
Since i value your opinion (as a dairyland paid member who has very inteesting entries) I have to ask your advice. Is a diaryland paid member ship worth it? I think I'd like one, and you hav one, and blah. But, if you wonder why i'm writing like a shithead here, you can refer to My last entry cause that explains t all. But, your input ids greatly appreiciated.(
from kimchery :
If i lived any closer to you, I'd watch your kids, dangit. I like kids, and its sad when a parent who loves their kids dearly can't find someone who is utterly happy to watch them for a few minutes. I don't have any yet, but when I do, I hope I have someone to take the load off once in a while.
from kimchery :
Hay, maybe Sandra Bullock? I don't know what you think of her acting ability, but she has great range, and I could see her in a movie that you described. P.S. Just because you don't look like her doesn't mean she couldn't play you. No one could play you tyhe best anyway, if you directed, you know? If I think of anybody else, I'll let ya know. ;0)
from kicknpunk13 :
Hola, keep in touch. Glad you like the quote, I was reading Calvin and Hobbes just last night and remembered that...
from adaveen :
Did you know that less than ten people have listed the Chainsaw Kittens as one of their favorite bands. Oh, what has the world come to?
from cocktails :
you could always add me :o)
from ecco1983 :
Hi i noticed that a few people (including you) have got different templates form teh normal ones that Diaryland sets?? Do you knwo if its possible to set up my own template and if yes how do I do it please email me at [email protected] Thanks Helen (aka ecco1983)
from trancejen :
I've been trying to sign your guestbook for about twenty damn minutes, and it has me throughly confuzzled. Your diary rocks ass, and I am going to link you. :D
from faux-pas :
Hi, well to answer your question, if you want to collect the stamps and post them on your diary, you do need a place to host the images, but that doesn't mean you have to be a gold member, any image hosting site you find will work. I'm going away for the weekend, but when I get back, I will be making a new diary where all these stamps will live, you could just link to them from there if you wish. Looking forward to seeing your stamp.

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