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from symbot :
Hi, I'm not sure when I left the note, but I am well. Been enjoying this expression. How's bout you, how you doin? I think it was sometime in January I left the note... Anyhow, I was poking around and landed on you, and after reading so much on your page I was totally sucked in and when I clicked on your diary I got some blasted prompt for a username and password, and so I figured to just ask... Well thanks for responding to my comment, which gives me this opportunity to set a personal best record in using the word "and" 5 times in a run on sentence. Yes, I tend to ramble when I'm nervous, kinda schmucky that way. =)
from symbot :
Hi Silverbiker/gothrockerwitch/DarkSilverfairy, you seem to be quite the prolific writer...would you be willing to give this new guy in town the keys to your kingdom for a read? If necessary, I'm willing to submit to a psychological test, background check and anti goth rocker or 80's glam rock test (insert laughing emoticon here). Thanks for the time and keep on rockin!
from voodoochick :
I have no idea either now! If I ever find it I'll let you know :-)
from voodoochick :
Hello - A few years ago now you left a message on my guestbook on my diary and I don't think I ever replied to you. I am very sorry about this! It was incredibly rude of me. I know I have never talked to you before but I thought I would drop you a line to say hello and to apologise.
from crestone :
totally, if i could travel somewhere right now it would include a lot of backyards.
from silverbiker :
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from carabreberra :
Hey Whit...there's a purse over where you work that I really want...are you allowed to give me a discount if I came in and bought it....lot's of love.....Cara
from carabreberra :
Hey I'm doing fine how about you...I'm actually sitting here waiting on my next class to start...I'm going to clovis center college....My family is doing well....I went to your workthe other day but i didn't see you.....Do you have myspace if you do my screen name is singerandlovinit!!....well I'll talk to you later.........Cara
from carabreberra :
Hey it's me Cara... I left a note before you did........haha...Ok that wasn't really funny but anyway I'll probably be on in the next few days so I'll be talking to ya...later
from star-rose :
Hey woman its Kylie. I'm reactivating my account here. Can I have the password to read your diary or no? Just let me know babe. Hope your doin alright. Holla at me babe. Anytime.
from chinariquena :
e-mail me! [email protected] do something! let me know your okay! tell me about your life! AHHHHH!!! deprival of whit!!! grrr!! <3
from carabreberra :
Hey there Whit Whats been going on?? Just thought I'd say hi!! Have a beautiful day!!! Love, Cara
from chinariquena :
where have thou gone? are thou in the .. ok screw this. jejeje, did we just stop being friends? :'(
from newgyptian :
Thanks for the note and for attracting my attention to your diary. :)
from stillbeating :
thanks for the comment. yeah, anxiety kicks my ass all of the time. i added you by the way.
from jellehbelleh :
V-Day is over-rated. I went to a bar in Hollywood with my other half and watched people desperately try to fight over conversations with men/women. It's sad that there is a day engineered to make people feel so lonely and isolated. That's why we call it "Fuck like Crazed Weasles Day" that way no one is excluded.
from jellehbelleh :
from jellehbelleh :
Hey, you! Thanks for the note! Reading your interests, I see we have a lot in common :) You sound like an interesting person...I'll link you to my favorites. Have a superific day!
from woundedbird :
Sometimes crying is the best remedy. I think it keeps me going sometimes, as well as thinking about the future which i hope is happier then my life now...
from woundedbird :
Hey thanks that was really nice. It actually made me feel happy cuz today i wasnt to happy. I hope you have happy days too:0)
from not-tuesday :
I think she came home this morning. It's just waiting to see if she comes home after school today. Thanks for reading and leaving me a note.
from angelfuck138 :
hello thank you for signing my guestbook.. you diary is very nice i must..
from hamiltonian :
Back again .. Your journal is really set up well and organized.
from alivetoyou :
i'ma add you to my favorites if thats ok. I love Spanish too. :)
from herdarlinsin :
I found you on Google and just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year.
from chinariquena :
Merry Christmas! Did you get my message about your cell? *checks your notes* yeah, it's there.. hopefully.. *shifts eyes* ;_; tqm!
from chinariquena :
T'yeah I did, but it wasn't with my cell, that's the thing. With my cell, if you call like, long distance it's 20 cents for every minute.. <<.. you new cell? Erm. I don't think so.. Email it to me so I can call through my house, instead of my stupid cell. Pssh. Love you too! <3
from chinariquena :
Like, ohmegah! I tried calling you on Sunday, and it just went completely spasmodic at me.. *shifts eyes* TQM!
from chinariquena :
:O NO! That's not fair! Ok. Go on MSN! NOW! :P
from chinariquena :
from muddyasblood :
Thank you very much for the note <3 xxx
from dear-ana- :
i love the way you write!
from chinariquena :
Hmm.. I wish you could move here. Then we can make fun of everyone, and throw eggs at them, and just laugh some more. Yes. Your welcome for caring, I know you'd do the same. Love you too! ♣
from chinariquena :
Don't die. Who will call me hunni bunni? And baby cakes? And all these other fun names!!?? Not fair.. You should move here. <3
from chinariquena :
When you move, take me with you. ♥
from chinariquena :
Thanks! I hope you get.. non-stressed soon! Te quiero mucho chica ♣
from chinariquena :
Password please. I'm sick now.. Great, eh? xD ♥
from chinariquena :
I actually like being sick. :) Anywho, your very welcome! Take care of yourself too! :waits for another letter: ♣
from chinariquena :
I hope you get well soon. ♣
from chinariquena :
Coolie. Been doing alright. You? I'm still waiting for another letter! ^_^
from chinariquena :
Hey babe. What's up? Holla back a password for me. Love you muchos! ♣ <333
from spirit-chick :
Only me again! Just returning your note, it gave me happiness! Take care, byeeee xx
from spirit-chick :
Hi there! Have a wonderful day, byee xx
from chinariquena :
Love you too, bebe.
from dark-doll :
Aww College IS a pain in the... But think about your future! Good luck
from secretelixa :
No problem, thanks likewise.
from strwbrrysoda :
Thank you, I fiddled with it for quite some time, trying to figure out what looked best, and then I just gave up and ended with that. ;)
from secretelixa :
Thanks for the note! Much appreciated. I'll put you on my buddy list :) - Elixa
from violentskies :
I got your pic!! yay!! You so hot..*wink* Take care of yourself. bye bye
from violentskies :
Your not alone sweety..Vero is here!! Muwah!
from chinariquena :
Your welcome! :)
from neonlemonz :
hey-i haven't had a chance to breathe, much less read your diary, my life has become a bit crazy as of now, but yes, i do remember you, and i will be adding you once i get a chance to think...
from chinariquena :
I hope you get well soon! :gives you carnations: :) Te quiero mucho!
from violentskies :
NP, you rock! =)
from rotten-love :
Hehe, Katy x0x
from abitjaded :
Wow, thanks for the note in my diary. Its nice to know that I am not the only one who's grandmother takes great pleasure from berading her! =) I know what you mean though about feeling guilty - my great-grandmother was the same way. I had moved away from home when she passed away and hadn't called her as much as I should - just to avoid being tormented. To this day I feel guilty for not having called more often and for not having been there when she passed away.
from twistednight :
Thanks for the note........good to know that someone is there......I agree don't look unless you want to lol......
from numbdecember :
Thanks for commentin on my layout, yours is cool too. I made mine so yea, it took a while. But yours is very pretty. :D
from chinariquena :
Hey! I'll try to email it to you. But can't guarentee anything due to my laziness. Heh. Anyways, HI!! I missed you tons! I missed everyone here at dland. Pooey. Anyways, yeah! I hope you had a great weekend! ^_^ Miss you lots! Love you lots! *tries to email you but dies due to laziness* heehee.. I'll let you know, don't worry. :)! Love you lots!
from chinariquena :
Hahaha.. xD! OH THAT'D BE SO UBER NIFTY! LET'S ALL GET MARRIED TOGETHER! I SHALL BE YOUR BRAIDSMAID AND YOU SHAL BE MINE AND THEY CAN BE EACH OTHER'S BEST MAN'S! wow.. it all makes sense now.. but dontcha think that 15 year olds are too young to be married? especially since they haven't seen each other.. >< small glitch. but yeah. i can still drug him and make him do it. xD! love you muchisimo!
from chinariquena :
Err.. YAY! Everything was so chaotic a couple days back, but I think everything's just plain peachy! ^^;; I LOVE YOU TOO! OMFG! LET'S ELOPE! Sarcasm. I'm already getting "married" bahaha.. well no, I shall drug Alex and force him to marry me. *nods* Bahaha.. Take care love! Love you lots!!! <3 ♣ �
from chinariquena :
Silverrrr!!! Why can't I read this diary of yours anymore!? Pssha.. :(! Love you lots! ♣ �
from silentspice :
I'm still here silverbiker! Since I have a student ID card I can go on the computer like 5 days a week before I start my classes so I will be around! Thanks for caring & I will keep reading your diary!! :)
from dark-doll :
Sept4th. *sighs* I know what you mean. People are full of sh*t. So many broke my trust. It's hard to open up after that. I get suspicious all the time. It almost seems like everybody got bad intentions. I get paranoid. Anyway...I hope you'll find someone who you can learn with how to trust again. Because trust-me, there're some. Rare but there're there. :)
from atwowaydream :
My room's a bit spastic, but hey, so am I. Anyway, sometimes those people, the ones who stare or cast judgment. . . they are usually the ones not worth knowing. I'll take an interesting, dark, dark person over a carbon copy any day.
from sadreminder :
Aren't they though? I'm not sure if that was meant to be sarcastic or not but dreams just, I don't know, they make so much sense when I sit back and analyze them. Thanks for the note.
from angel-denied :
Uh huh. Tricky, tricky. I may not be bi-lingual...but I know good PORN when I read it. Dirty seniorita pequena (probably wrong...just work with me.). Mi amore...lick-eh the clit-eh. Spanish may suck...but I know someone's riding something in that poem of yours. Mama likes. DISCLAIMER: For those that I may have may believe me to be clinically ill or immature. Well, you're only partially right. But I apologize anyways.
from sadmoonbeam :
thank you for the note. nice of you to drop me one. must say, like your lay-out a lot too. keep checking back. [i found heartache the worst pain - until then life was peachy]
from alivetoyou :
hi..sorry i didn't get back to you for so long! thanks for the note. i sympathize with a lot of the feelings in your diary. be happy girl!
from real-rocker :
Hey! 'Dunno if you remember me, but you left a note for me a while ago. But never got a chance to get back to you.'s kewl that you like def Leppard too. And that you play the guitar too. How long have you been playing?
from greenwenvy :
I love you! :)!
from chinariquena :
Dum dum. I start school in 10 days. Save me. *Dies* xD SEND ME THINGS FROM HOT TOPIC! Although it may take forever, but you can Fedex them! *snickers* Take care, love. Peace
from chinariquena :
*Mails you food* *Takes a year to get there* Ahhhh.. *sweatdrop* lol=D If I lived at your house I'd cook for you! But I'd probably burn your house down..xD
from voidmylife :
that boy WAS my boyfriend... it's funny, i wrote those poems DURING our relationship and pretty much predicted the ending. i saw it, i knew it was coming, but somehow turned the other cheek and got caught up in it all... and now it's over and it hurts worse than i thought it could. it's day two of our breakup and i'm dying... but i know it'll be okay eventually. i just have to learn how to breathe again without him. oi, the tragic story of love. ♥
from chinariquena :
omffg! hot topic!? be sure to send stuff to meee;D jajaja. its good that you have a better job instead of a crappy one. well can't be THAT crappy now can it? well,, hmm.. maybe.. teehee. take care. tqm (te quiero mucho=love you lots) jeje..<3
from voidmylife :
smile ♥
from shadyslayer :
thanks for your note. haha. i figure i'll end up like that. if it wasn't for the fact that i really really really like girls. and. really can't keep my hands off them. damn you, hormones.
from voidmylife :
Hey. How are things? Mmmm... kinda okay here. I hope it's better for you.
from greenwenvy :
hi its diana. miss you
from dannyboyk2 :
Hi there; what's up? How are you today? Things are well here.
from carabreberra :
Whit,do you really cut yourself????
from demon-angel :
I'm back and I know I haven't been here in a while but I just wanted to drop in and say hello to you because you wrote me quite a while ago and told me u missed me. I had to get my life straighted out and I did. So check me out again if you still remember me. Hope to see you soon> :)
from carabreberra :
My mom wouldn't understand me if I talked like that to her. It's something nobody would expect from me (it's my own little freaky side) (hehe) just kidding! Talk to ya later girlfriend! Say hi to your sis for me! Loves ya lot............Cara
from r0ck7star :
nah its alright i dont care
from r0ck7star :
who are u?
from harlemrain :
Hi right back :)
from acuttersedge :
Even though I hate self-injury. I do find comfort that all cutters share a same err ... feeling link? Yikes, I don't know what word to use. But I thank you for your note. It brings much comfort.
from carabreberra :
Have a bright sunshiny day!!!! Chunk rocks!!!!!!!! Talk to ya later chicaboo!! Loves ya!!!!!!
from carabreberra :
Hey Silverbiker, It's your piano teachers daughter, Leave me a not sometime!!!! Later
from voidmylife :
anytime ♥
from violentskies :
Thanks for the note sweety...take care..bye
from voicescarry :
Thank you for the lovely note, it's so nice to think that someone other than me is reading the words I write. I think you're right about about the marriage=the boyfriend/girlfriend thing, maybe it would be wiser just to not get married...I guess time will tell.
from vanilla-rose :
ah... i'm leaving yet ANOTHER note. sorry yeah, flooding this place... i see you love writing, lyrical literature? ah, do you play any instrument? perhaps you can add a little music into the words! they are so lovely... hm... you can tag my tag board you know :) haha, my silly guestbook...
from voidmylife :
*blushes* thank you so much, i love getting notes. especially from random strangers. it really made my night.
from vanilla-rose :
hi! wonder if you ever read your notes... haha, but if you do, you signed my guestbook? yeah, i'll answer your question. my layout features michael monroe of hanoi rocks. did it with my adobe 7.0 yeah. :) i LOVE hair bands! and the 60s-80s era! not many people love them... yeah, esp those i know... so it's hard to talk to someone... :( yeah. but heck. i love it so damn much!
from rabifiedbaby :
Are you sure I left a message for you? Sorry, I don't tottally remember, maybe it was one of those days that I was depressed and just looking at random people's diaries, but ok I'll leave more messages if you would like.
from afrosrock :
yeah it was great!! are you a male?
from promise-made :
glad to hear it love. ♥
from usedtobeaman :
you feel the same was as what? I have no idea which entry. Hey, thanks for posting though, it's cool.
from unheardvoice :
thank you <333
from some-voices :
Uhh, I'm Kayla. And no, I guess it's not a bad thing. It's just sort of weird that you live in California and read my diary and I didn't know. I guess it's a compliment though, that it entertains you. So thanks.
from adiamondtear :
Yeah hiding your face in a pillow and screaming is so much fun!!! But well with my experience with faces in a pillow everyone thinks i'm killing myself if i have my face in a pillow. Or at least they did! Anyways long story but thanks for the encouragement. You seem to do this a lot
from some-voices :
May I ask who you are? And how you came across my diary?
from false-accent :
hey! this is Diana! A friend and I have just started up this reviewsite. Come get reviewed!
from bobrasta :
from blackpanty :
Ooooh... somebunny loves me! Even if it's jusr for my panties... Ha! :)
from thanksbitch :
hey thanks for the well wishes -- week's turning out pretty darn crappy -- parking ticket and all. anyway, thanks for the note. yer pal, thanksbitch
from u-lied :
aww..thank you so much.<3<3<3 glad to know someone is here..:)
from sterile-dirt :
through the thickest fog you're writing make the unseen appear as crystal.
from akindofmagic :
thanks a lot! i like yours too. :D
from damefortune :
Haha! I know what you mean exactly about feeling like a slut even though you're a virgin! I get that feeling all the time, too...
from sakura-trees :
Please don't pay any mind to Adrian's note. Thats pretty mean of him, really. Thank you so much for your note! It made me feel so good that somebody who i don't even know cared. Love ya! ~Alison
from ad9a :
hey you kno that note you gave to sakura trees...well fuck you
from toastersrock :
yay! i love anyone who loves the 80s. you're cool. xDani
from satan-martyr :
That's the best thing I have ever heard from anyone in my life time. I bet yoy have all the equipment for ghost hunting huh?

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