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from anenigma :
I hope that you are well.
from hooterville :
I am so completely amazed with your page design. Awesome work! So awesome it makes me want to smash it with a pointy stick so that it no longer makes my site look completely inadequate. I swear that's a compliment... Also, do you know what the heck happened to Tipang?
from zerom3ph :
heh. if i ever experienced someone actually screaming, 'OYE VEYYYYYYY!!' in the middle of orgasm, i'd probably stop whatever fantastic things i was doing and promptly fall over laughing- collapsed in a nekkid, but quite useless, heap.
from ciaramyst :
from keryanna :
Don't worry, I don't have a cell phone either. And I agree with you. I hate when people use cell phones in inappropriate places. (don't read too much into that statement or it could sound kinda kinky). I support the death penalty for anyone who uses their cellphone during a movie. Well, perhaps death is a little harsh. Maybe only a severe maiming.
from pattymelt :
read me read me!
from ghostie :
I like when ladies talk about their periods because it's like talking about sex but not really!
from transparancy :
hey, we share the same surname i think, if yours is xie as in thank you kind of xie.
from sweetabsence :
I have that same problem with earings. When your looking for earings look for the ones that say nickle-free. That should solve all your itching! -Jen
from blackcat14 :
ur diary's awesome. i'm asian but not chinese..heh chinese characters r too cool lookin
from polishstreak :
If you're still looking for help, let me know-- just found "classics" this morning, and the current entry made me spew coffee out of my nose in delight. Email is [email protected]. Good luck.
from skarekrow :
god i forgot how fricking funny you are. i bowdown before your greatness. i added you to our favorites...btw nice asia banner, although I prefer tobe kai.;)
from betheigh :
hey. e-mail me at work. [email protected] ok? i need to talk to you!
from jenistar :
Have you seen the episode where Lori puts walls up in these people's bedroom after painting it white, and the neighbors say, "She's really going to hate this" and Lori says, "I don't care. I'm the designer. They have no say." And then the people come back, and the woman looks around her newly decorated bedroom and says, "I hate it. It's all going back tomorrow." I hate Lori.
from shane123 :
Wow, you have changed from the cute shy innocent little girl I used to know. I like the new you.
from shydime :
haha got you on a question that wasn't in the faq! lmao anywyas what's the deal with you and boobies?
from tickle-me-bb :
Aww...thankyou so much! I need all the encouragement I can get, and it's even better when it comes from someone who's been involved in it aswell. Once again, thankyou!
from missjackson :
Man oh man, I'm so glad someone else has discovered the unadulterated joy that is Asia Carrera's web site. I'm a hetero white chick who's never owned a lick of porn in her life, but I must say, I loves me some Asia.
from nmallory :
I have to agree with you about "The Real Diary Critic". When I followed the link from another page, it was out of curiousity, but once I got there I was totally turned off. It was like being in high school all over again with the snotty b*tch who has to put everyone else down to make herself look good. Aren't journalists supposed to be unbiased? She seems totally obsessed with grammer and elipses that she can't get beyond them to take in the voice of the person who's writing the diary. When I'm writing for publication, I write properly, but I write how I talk in my diary. It's my views, my thoughts, my opinions and my dreams that go there. I'm not writing so that a publisher will put my words to print. I don't think she understands that...and quite frankly, she bored me to tears.
from starsurfer :
Hey there. I've visited your diary before and since I'm a new addition to Naked Reviews, I thought I may add my 2 cents here about your comment. I agree with you to an extent. I know there are way too many review sites out there and I believe most send the wrong message. I review because I enjoy and love graphic design. I'm not qualified to critique anything, but like Eric said, the diarist requests...we answer. I like being introduced to new diaries and trying to help them improve or just give comment on their diary design. I don't like reviewing based on writing, even though the scoring has it included. I completely agree with anyone who says diary's just can't be reviewed, but from my standpoint...I don't want to review the diary itself, but its design. As for other reviewers, I can't say much. Hopefully your opinion is more understanding and based less on what you think may be the correct reason diary reviews exist. I speak for myself of course. Bye bye.
from nakedreviews :
The thing with reviews and reviewers is everybody see's things differently. Also if they didn't want their diaries reviewed they don't need to submit them. While I have no problem with you coming down on review sites, perhaps you should think about it and actually come down on those who want to be reviewed. That is if you actually want to be fair about it. Without people requesting reviews, we wouldn't have anything to do. Then there wouldn't be a need for review sites. It is like blaming the rock that broke your window rather than the kid who threw it. (these are just my opinions and not neccesarily those of everyone at nakedreviews) Eric
from mindspin :
don't worry. i just took the test & got a mere...FOUR...correct. *grin*
from invisibledon :
I ah ... damn I forgot
from celinha :
dear jakilicious, good luck with school! (you've probably been in school for a while already this semester. i just wanted an excuse to say "jakilicious".) love, celine
from betheigh :
Huzz! I wish I could remember. That guy was weird. Haha.
from betheigh :
Jaki, Who was that guy at Steak N' Shake? Rex and I were talking about that, something about Steak N' Shake, and the warm biscuit for the Strawberry Shortcake, and I mentioned how we got all that free food from that old dude. What the heck was that dude's name? The guy that walked us out of the place like - every night. Crap! What the hell was his name?!
from dagger :
Giiirl!! I looove your diary!! lol, I read it everyday!! :P ur like on my daily-reads list. =P
from wyndchild :
Ooh Oooh, must play.. new plaything!
from cucumber :
this chick is so cute.
from sensualstar :
*mwah* i <3 u. XOXO, Brenda
from slade :
Thanks for the anaylizer props, y0. I give you maaaa@@@@ddd props now. You so sexy! mmmf! mmmf!
from fakeplsticme :
I've been reading your diary for a while now...longer than Marissa :op, but anyways, i love all your wang-speak. it's hilarious...and it goes to show that chix think and talk more about sex than guys do. Yeah! *n
from slade :
Dear Jaki: You give really good head. Your diary rocks too!
from fallenfairy :
Hey there..I just wanted to leave you a message sayin' that I've been reading you for sometime and luff your stuff =) How did I find you, you ask? My friend Waterbelle! Her brother Sporkboy *my bf* also luffs ya too..Lol ok nuf rambling. You rock. Nuff said -M
from celinha :
jaki, i am listening to the thong song right now, and reading your diary at the same time. i always think of you when i hear it! love, celine
from say-what :
hey hey! Nice diary! I luv the layout and I luv all of the cool graphics. That poster is hypnotizing...very hypnotizing...I have a link to Survivor 2 on my diary too!! YAY!!! Go check out my diary sometime! *Di~Di*
from iluvjello :
What "Emaline" wrote down there actually made my innner child giggle a little. It somehow had a nice to wring to it. I'm really jealous that you got a WAY longer message than I did. Hmph. All that is wrong with me is that I smoke and eat meat...but you got grilled cheese!! Anyways...what I came here to actually tell you....I think it is the coolest thing in the world that you are in the Vagina Monologues. I would pay big to see that, but I'm sure it will never come close to my city and of course I would have to keep my inner child form laughing every time someone said "vagina". Email me about your theorie on the pipsqueak-dirty-message-leaver. I tried to log into the pitas page but I failed....
from nevarren :
Did you say Cheaters? The show or the HBO movie? Because I've never heard of a show, but I just had to check. If you're talking about the movie, then, well, you just struck a good nerve with me, because I'm in the Academic Decathlon and have been for four years (the movie is about AcaDec) and in fact we just started this year's competition today!!
from naomibeth :
Hello. I check in on you from time to time, and I'm excited that you've made it in to Survivor2. I think you're a really awesome person and I'm rooting for you! (although, honestly, my loyalty lies with the great and powerful Rizzn) But I'm sure he'll forgive my wandering eye! :-)
from noah-bastian :
Nice, Q! Saw your monologue quote. I love Dave Foley!! Love this diary! Beautiful lay out :-) Stumbled upon it... am glad.
from geishanun :
Hey sinnamon! Congrats on making Surivor 2: I'll be watching the competition. You rock!
from sinnamon :
I am your biggest fan! Hm, I am bored and I decided to sign my own thingy. I guess everyone plays with their thingys when bored.
from pezloko :
You...quoted from...Miss Saigon! Me=loooove you.
from mskaos :
from zenboy :
Entries about horniness only serve to do two things. 1) annoy me and 2) annoy me. I realize this is technically only one purpose, but it's so important and I feel so annoyed when I read some of my own crap, I felt it necessary to make it 2. G's up, Ho's down.
from preston :
I was looking at a review of "The Vagina Monologues" from its debut in NYC, but I didn't go see it. Wanted to. Didn't. Isn't that how life is? Anyway, best of luck to you on living in NYC for a time. It's my dream, too. I hope to be playing guitar over phat beats and a talented bass, as my primary reason for being there, but that's where you and I differ. Anyway, I hope you get a very... challenging... speaking role. You'll have oodles of fun talking poon.
from abbyroadme :
I love the new layout! The picture looks like Mulan from what else the Disney movie Mulan. LOL!!! Your diary rocks!!
from rhirhi :
Hi there! Everyone loves the design you made for me. I enjoy reading your diary, and i've met lots of cool people because of you! Keep it up girl :)
from sensualstar :
hey there! i'm just writing here in hope that you'll go to my diary and leave a sweet message there =o) *i suck but, it's okay!*. but really, your a very cool girl who i love reading =o). so, go sign? pleaseee? okay, bye bye.
from ninjabitch :
Jaki, thanks so much for the support. I miss talking to you, womyn :) Yeah, things have been pretty rough. Telling my parents and best friends was far harder than I ever imagined. But really, I think that's the hardest thing I'll ever be forced to it can only get better from here. You're awesome, it was great hearing from you. *hugs*
from apatheticq :
you rock my socks
from satyrn :
hey jaki :D i luff your diary muchos :D it's definatly the best. FYI, i was in the computer lab at school, and i was bored, so i decided to see if you had updated... well.. a teacher walked by just as it loaded, and was not happy, (i think it was the fact that the word 'sex' just jumps out to the eyes), so anyways, this mean closed minded teacher kicked me out of the computer lab! bastards! now, UPDATE :P
from ladiebug :
good luck with the play! you'll shine, i just know it. well wishes, ladiebug
from tiffster :
Rawk. Good. Happy. :) Yay.
from sourmilk :
Jaki, your awesome! I love your lists. They rawk! =0)
from pischina :
That was pretty thoughtless of Ben Folds Five to just break up like that, when here you are, a loyal fan, waiting for their next cd to come out. You want me to go hit them with my umbrella? I will! For you! (Love ya, ME)
from karina :
One day, I was taking a walk through the sunny streets of Diaryland and stumbled upon a pretty little diary called Sinnamon, owned by a certain Jaki. I promptly proceeded to fall for this diary. Bottom line: you rock, girl!! Keep it up. ~K
from darkraven :
Hallo... I'm a frequent reader and you entertain me. *nods* And where would we be without entertainment? does anyone have a crispy crunch? because I reaaaally need one.
from icebear :
Hey, Sinny! Showin' you da love, babe. You damn right I'm gonna stalk ya. So be very afraid. I could never really stalk anybody anyway. You turn around, you see a big, fat, goofy looking guy and you go, "Icebear, stop astalkin' me." I get scared and runs away. I'm really a big baby. Love ya, Jaki!!
from raissa :
once again, i *love* your diary. and that guest bf entry was adorable. wonder if mine would do something like that. :)
from harbinger :
you are sinnamarific! i love you jaki, you brighten my neighborhood.
from sinnamon :
this diary is neat, I like to rub it all over my face when I read it. Hey I am just trying to take up some more space over here to make myself feel better.
from uberhamster :
Jaki rocks the house, yo! She rules! And she designed my page! It is so cool! Now, I feel guilty. I must update.
from yosei :
Dude, you're totally groovy! ^^
from kevspace :
Space Ghost also says "the sex." Due to the everpresent risk of starting a trend and therefore cheapening the kickassness of the original saying, I'm avoiding it, myself. But damn if that's not just the hardest darn thing ever.
from puzzlepiece :
Jaki, you "rawk my sac." I'm original, I know. Heh. =)
from sabbydarling :
Ooh, that girl's so scandalous. Girl, I love that banner for your diary. I get all hypnotized by it. :)
from mangoes :
Sin. We talked briefley on the chat line the other day. I think you are great. You are honest and out there and ..okay..cooool
from scud :
hi luf. i luf you. the end.
from pischina :
I may not have signed this thing last time, but I'm a big fan. So I needed to help re-fill you up with Lovin's. (((LOVELOVELOVE)))) from ME.
from liza :
oh, dearest jaki. basketball season just won't be the same without you! (praying to the tv and such, you know? also, the logic of "if we win, we drink to celebrate. if we lose, we drink to drown our sorrows.") those were the days, yo!

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