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from achren :
YAY FOR YOU! (all caps necessary just this once!) xo.m.
from discodave :
I just reread my guestbook comment and damn, if it makes precious little sense - it turned out like a tongue-twister ;) Dxx
from discodave :
Sounds fantastic - congratulations, hon. Dxx
from discodave :
Will do honey - although it may not be for a few days - this here computer is my dad's new baby. Dxx
from discodave :
Delete this by all means, but I'm sorry hon. You know me, I couldn't not say anything... Dxx
from p-brain :
Hi. Thanks for the note. Are you by any chance Swedish?
from cherophobia :
from discodave :
Bugger, arse, that sort of thing... Sorry, hon. Dxx
from idiomatic :
*cough* ebay *cough*
from discodave :
If you ever need someone a little removed to speak to - you know my AIM, OK? Dxx
from discodave :
Yeah, what Q said. Dxx
from angsthase :
Even though it was a great, impressive, job, you know that it wasn't the one that you really wanted. You'll find a job that's great and has a future and is in NYC, where you want to be (although Philadelphia can always use more good souls). Don't sweat it.
from discodave :
Am I allowed to say good luck with it all? Sod it - said it. Dxx
from werx :
heh thanks, figured out how to get the kittens to take the pills now :)
from werx :
Nice diary page. I am impoverished too, so I thought I'd say hi and compliment you on your page - Euan
from angsthase :
If memory serves me, this is not the first time in your academic career that you've dumped a glass of something onto the keyboard of a computer. Perhaps you should shrinkwrap your computers.
from discodave :
Hey love, just thinking positive thoughts for your appointment tomorrow (?). Dxx
from sjubla :
hey maralisa, nah, i'm almost done done done and get to start the lawyering business when i graduate. i already have my undergrad, the law degree in the US is an extra 3 years after university. hopefully i'll get a job, but i'm either going to be a good public interest lawyer or nothing.
from maralisa :
I'm also in my final year at law school, or at least of a law degree which I don't think is quite the same thing since there will be no lawyering from this little one. You have to get another degree over your way before you can go on to do law, is that right?
from angsthase :
Talk of marriage is stressful shit, especially when money is already a serious issue in your life. While you may not care about what kind of ring you get, he just might. There's something to be said about just saying "Fuck it" and getting married, but there's also a lot of merit in doing things right, which may take a little time. Talk about getting married can freak you out when you're worried about how to make next month's rent. I love you guys, and I hope you guys work this out. Anything else would be dumb dumb dumb.
from discodave :
Ooh - it's all kicked off now...ah well - nothing like a bit of drama, is there? Dxx

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