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from volcanic :
Hi, I don't know if you'll ever get this, but if you do, I'm desperately trying to get hold of dictation - if you have contact details for her could you please ask her to contact me - volcanic - via [email protected] Thankyou xx
from pip :
from kaffeine :
re: january 23 entry: sigh. i know.
from pip :
thankyou, dearface. happy holidays to you & yours, too<3<3xo
from kaffeine :
sexy layout for sexy words.
from pip :
this is pretty (and so are you!)
from rican-girl :
plz check out my diary and leave me a note tellin me if its good or not. thank u.
from leviticus :
wow, you passed my home town. I'm impressed. I hope Scotland was good to you.
from kaffeine :
like a song... it's raining here, too.
from kaffeine :
you know, you calm me, you really do.
from pip :
poor baby :( i hope everythings better now<3<3
from kaffeine :
pssst.... something's up!
from pip :
come over! i have cupcakes.
from addict21 :
i can't believe you're still here. - bruised
from pip :
i think that beauty is you.
from kaffeine :
soon my dear, soon.
from donnaisblue :
shhh. you are so lovely.
from kaffeine :
from fragile-liar :
now i'm here i don't know what to say.I think i recognise the feeling you're writing about right now...the situation is different, but still.It hurts to see it reflected.To know your pain.I wish i could express it like you can. I hope you're ok. kim x
from pip :
yr entry tonight made my chest get real tight.
from pip :
my mouse is on the floor beside me somewhere -- do you know how many tabs it takes to get from my buddy list to your profile to your notes? diaryland sidebars are ridiculous!! anyway, i just called to say i miss you. <3 you could aol me sometime, if yr 'round -- hipslikecndrla. xoxoxoxoxox.
from molu4 :
Ah sleepyskin. There you still are. I'm glad. I'll wave to all the passing planes. Stamp your left foot when you fly over North Carolina. Adieu--
from coffeebitch :
I run things over in my head too because, more often than not these days, I'm too lazy to actually write them down. All the thoughts disappear that way, though. What is your username on AIM again? I changed computers when I moved and my list disappeared and I can't remember anyone's name.
from quiddle :
thoughtful diary! a good read. =)
from pip :
im always doing the same thing .. reciting shit in my head until i cant take it, then i update my diary with 'my day was like this, kbye.' i dunno, im a better listener than diaryland dot com is. yr missed <3
from sleepyskin :
sorry about the broken images and such folks.. trying to decide if she;s even worth keeping at this point.
from kaffeine :
i care.
from pip :
i just love yr freakin' diary. honestly.
from obscured :
from pip :
merry christmas to you + yours!!! xox!
from pip :
this entry is familiarity at its worst. i had the same weekend.
from pip :
im in kentucky - south enough, i guess. i have to go drive in the snow now -- it was so much more fun as a kid when all i had to do was *play* in it! XO
from pip :
dear YOU, <3. love, ME.
from molu4 :
Ah, glad you liked it. My fear has been averted. Cheers sleepyskin.
from trulypoetic :
Everything is poetic! Everything! Truly!
from pip :
thankyou veryvery much. i remember yr diary from wayback, i used to read it till for some reason i stopped? did you password it or something? either way, i love yr words & im glad you like mine. xoxx.
from coffeebitch :
it's so good to finally be able to catch up at bit! i haven't been able to read your diary because there is a stupid filter on my home computer that claims your diary is in the category of "sex" and, therefore, won't let me access it. what the hell ever.
from molu4 :
Yay! Don't tell me if you hate it. I worry when people read books that I've talked up because what if they hate em? But happy reading nonetheless and please ignore my reading recomendation insecurities. Ta, fair sleepyskin.
from allumeuse :
You write beautifully. I am in awe.
from molu4 :
Hey! That's me! I'm molu! Thanks, dear sleepyskin, for your kind guestbook signage. Jeepers. I get skeered thinking of moving down the street. Crossing national borders may just send me over the edge. Other than that, I am so there. With the pets all together. XO
from kaffeine :
People who scowl at Jeff Buckley - no matter how loud it's playing - have blackened, shrivelled little hearts. Fooey. xo
from lumburg :
Any chance on more about the affair? -your loyal anonymous readers
from kaffeine :
it's a's a's A FLYING FUCK!! happy birthday, dear Courtney. xo
from coffeebitch :
hey darling! happy birthday! i haven't signed on to icq in months, so i don't get to see the little balloon beside your name like i did last year.
from croquet :
yes it is castle mountain in alberta. i was born in the rockies and i still have an attachment for them. my other favourite is this mountain that looks like you should slide down it. it;s in bc though
from obscured :
yeah.. sorry about the page.. ive been trying to work on it.. the whole thing is loading from another site, which doesnt work well.. and im too lazy to sign up for the gold membership here.. so.. *shrugs*.. someday.. now im going to have to apply obtuse to a sentence to try to sound smart.. i had to look it up.. :P
from vox :
excuse my inarticulation, but your diary rocks. I'd like to keep reading it, don't have much to offer in return though.
from oiweirdkid :
Any chance of me having the password? I'm not a stalker type, honest guv'nor
from obscured :
can i be let in, password-wise?? i always enjoyed what you had to say.. H.
from boyrepellant :
I got a link to your page off of someone's "favorite's" list--i love people who update a lot and don't hold back on their feelings. pleasesign my guestbook I can have a link back to your page--I am bad with bookmarking things!). my aim is also in my profile
from heartshaped :
brilliant layout.
from photocopy :
i think you like the new britney spears video because it's a big orgy. i mean, isn't that ENOUGH reason to like it?
from aves :
Sleeepyskin........Did you know that cavefish are blind?
from coffeebitch :
have i ever told you that you are great?
from fuck-reality :
I just read through your diary [ yes, in one sitting ], and enjoyed it immensely. You're one of those vague writers that leave you wondering more about the person, yet informs you at the same time... You're going on my favorites list, anyway. Take care.
from lovejunky :
It's a balancing act.

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