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from pseudomaus :
allo! I'm amazed you noticed I had written again.. most people linked to me no longer write, well, I suppose because they are not writers. You are a writer. You are always there. Thanks for still being there. It makes me feel comfy knowing when things are all goofy and fucked up and I think I'm in a warped twilight zone, I can come here.. you will be you and it everything will just be ok.
from riveratjimmy :
for creating this ring and leaving it open to join - i thank you. never realized the online journal thing meant i'd have to figure out secret handshakes. i feel like i'm playing myst in here. anyway, hope to see you around.
from shadowside :
hey! hope your show was good tonight! hear there was gonna be a cartload of CF staff there. i talked to Todd for an hour and he was trying to convince me to come for a while. can't wait to see you again! -Caitlin
from celtickatt :
Yes, I know, I typo'd "Enjoy" in your g-book. Whoops!
from britababy182 :
hey you its been a LONG time, dont know if u will remember me but i thought what the hell, might as well say hi. write me back Patrick i would love to hear from u!!
from cementgarden :
I have been a member of your ring for quite some time,but this is the first to visit your diary. "Gothic Girl" is one of my favourites, and is similar to some of my own poems. Similar, in that they are about displaying the emotions of another through observation.
from erato :
yes, it's what we need.
from suburbangoth :
say, you like a lot of neat things. yes. indeed.
from erato :
caught me with a banner. drew me with a name. delighted me with thoughts.
from headhunter :
Hey mista, we haven't talked in a while but the idea struck me to check out your diary. I feel your pain on the whole marriage thing, although I am not feeling the pressure of it, I can agree with your thoughts on it. Why push a good thing? You should definitely go with your gut on this one...though I'm sure you didn't need me to tell you that. IM me sometime.
from parallellamb :
Hello Old friend... I figured that I would get around to this eventually. Now the million dollar question is if anyone else knows who I am!!
from fuckingdrunk :
interesting work.
from lysytheea :
ooh look! Me again. I like the way you have your profile done now...simple, tasteful, and says-oh-so-much. Makes me feel like re-doing mine...again ;-)
from lysytheea :
Hey Patrick...just felt like being different today...haven't talked to you in ages..hope all is going well...and hope to see you in the dawning area sometime:)
from fallenfairy :
uh, ok Marissa is el stupido...I pressed tha enter key before I shoulda. =)whoopsie. So yea, Patrick I wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten about ya. ICQ doesnt work now and...Yea =( sucks..But I luv ya and such..keep in touch -M
from dreamsofdawn :
Love you. Just stopping in to say hi here...*grins* It was good to talk to you last night. *blows a kiss*
from dreamsofdawn :
yeah, your girlfriend is a big goob who just figured out how to leave messages on the analyzer thingy. I'm pathetic but that's why you love me right? *grins* anyways have a LOT of messages on here. People must think you RULE! *laughs* Well, I do at least. ~translucent rainbow butterflies.
from fallenfairy :
Hey Patrick..Just checking in and hoping things are going beautifully for you. Your poems fill my little head with bliss..Just thought I'd share that =) keep at it -Love M
from indianajane :
Type your comment here! Welcome back to Camp!! Glad to see that all went well! I will be returning back to our happy little Bermuda Triangle very soon.... Do me a favor and tell Dent to take it easy for me will ya? ;)
from fallenfairy :
Hey there Patrick- Just checking up to see how everything is and such..Hope you had a fun New Years party ;-) Can't wait to talk to you again. Love-Marissa
from paradoxos :
Then God stood up and talked to everyone who was at that moment in heaven. - Them two guys down there, you see them? They are renting my existence. I should do something about it. And we keep on waiting.
from libathena :
Finally a diary entry I understand! very sweet.
from fallenfairy :
;-D It's Patrick! With an analyzer, how neet! But yes, wanted to say you rock and such, and email me sometime, we can exchange icq numbers or something jazzy like that..sound good?? later! -M
from fakeplsticme :
HeHeHe. yes i enjoyed the rest of your diary :) except it makes me realize that i need to get someone to make me a cool layout cos mine is so plain and copycat-ish. radiohead is one of my yes i gaffled my leeeetle diary namey thingie from the song that sums up my life...but anyways, thanks for readin' my diary. it helps me think that perhaps i'm not a total loser :) *n*
from nevarren :
Oh cool...I get to be the first rabid leftist to sign your guestbook *grins*. And the first person who knows you personally, right? Mua ha ha. Okay, I have to oft, but I thought I'd say hi :) Luff ya, Puck! ~C
from fakeplsticme :
0o0o0 it appears that i am the first to sign your analyzerrrr. yay. anyways, um, i just wanted to say that i liked your diary. despite the fact that i disagree with some of your political views, i won't be a typical republican and believe that i'm right and you're wrong. :) anyways yeah...good stuff!

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