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from spires :
what is your novel about?
from catsoul :
I think that you should graciously thank them and accept their assistance. They wouldn't do this for the two of you if they truelly didn't want to. That is just my two cents worth!! :) =^..^=
from veralynn :
:)! So perfectly captured.
from veralynn :
Good luck w the meetings. Mine were with a fairly laid-back Lutheran pastor rather than a Catholic priest, so somewhat different certainly. Still, they were easier/better than I'd anticipated them being. And sparked some interesting conversations. We also received a packet of materials they use at Catholic engaged couples' weekends and worked through most of it on our own. Was actually quite good though we skipped some of the non-applicable/preachy bits.
from veralynn :
Way to go, though...even though you're behind, you're still slightly ahead of me! :)
from veralynn :
Mine's certainly at least as crappy as yours. But yours is at least closer to the goal of the quantity of crappitude we need. ;-)
from veralynn :
ha!! La singe est sur la branche!!! :) heeee yes that is a fabulous one! :)
from maried :
I wish my kitty sould still wake me up in the morning. Ever realize the things you might take for granted? Heh, but anyhow, I like your entries. And Alison Krause is awesome.
from girlsdontcry :
I might have left you a message in your guestbook, but I can't really tell, only I am sure that if I try again it will materialise out of nowhere. WHY DOES THE UNIVERSE HATE ME SO???
from veralynn :
Ideas for key solutions: 1. a wrist key keeper device that, with the push of a button, launches the appropriate key Spidey-style from your wrist, still attached with an unbreakable stringamajig for insta-retraction purposes. 2. Have a hide-a-key rock surgically implanted in a mystery location somewhere on your body. Okay, so it wouldn't be cozy, but they'd go everywhere you went. 3. Get lojack for your keys so they can be located by GPS when lost. 4. A beeping keychain you could activate like the clapper when looking for keys. Okay, so your roommate probably wouldn't appreciate listening to random applause when you're getting ready for work each day. Hmm. The possibilities are endless. And a bit frightening.
from emjayxo :
Kickin diary... you've been on for a while. :) Well anyways tag back
from myhappiness :
hey, thanks for taking a peek. Hope those nightmares are gone.
from myhappiness :
wooo...I'm not sure who's are your you do this every morning?

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