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from stepfordtart :
thanks for your support, its very kind of you. s x
from idiot-milk :
Truth be told, I don't know that I've ever heard Bob and Tom. My roommate had the big rig song on his computer as well as the toast song (Yeah TOAST!), and I thought they were funny as hell. I don't even know if any of the radio stations around here carry Bob and Tom, but I'll have to check it out. Funny shit, yo.
from pyroguysr :
I noticed that you were one of Tony's (T85225) friends. Perhaps you read his blogs about his battle with cancer. I'm sad to report that he succumbed and passed away this week at age 49. He was a good online friend of mine and will be sorely missed. I left some details on his D-land diary notes.
from jammybastard :
Check your thatgrrrl email.
from idiot-milk :
Dear jesus. I'm glad you warned me. I will definitely stay away from Australian candy.
from erianne1 :
You've been TAGGED! See my entry for today for details.
from stepfordtart :
Hey, thanks for listing me! Really appreciate it. Hope you're OK with me doing the same. x
from summersands :
.. thank you for the note you left me at my diary, it was so nice and it made feel great ...
from justvisiting :
Thank you for the kind words.
from bluemeany :
Hey I need to get your address and t-shirt size so I can send you your present ... I threw out the box from the Bob & Toms, or else I'd just get it off of that. Anyway, yeah. E-mail me your info, and good luck with the rest of your moving-shit-and-adjustment-time!
from bluemeany :
How could I NOT share the Bob&Tom? That would be inhumane!
from bluemeany :
I'm so very happy for you being happy! I hope everything works out just perfectly.
from candoor :
and all along the way we stop to find reasons to smile... you are one :)
from bluemeany :
Hey, I got the CDs this evening ... TOTALLY made my entire day. You rock! Plus, one of my bosses loves Bob & Tom too, so you've brought happiness to a third of my office. Yay!
from erianne1 :
Thanks, I will. :) And yep, he's a good guy...about my age...old school tho. Patients still have faces and names...and matter.
from bluemeany :
Hey, Bob and Tom are funny as shit! I love that "18 Wheels On A Big Rig" song. So sure, anything you wanna get rid of, go ahead, send it over. If I don't want it, I'll sell it to someone and send you the money! By the way, how can you tell if someone is able to google you?
from compclass :
Woa thats a hard way to play scrabble. We just play with words like cat and dolphin and that, stuff like that. Your good. Oh ummm cool diary layout.~compclass~
from d1mndn3r0ugh :
I found your diary in the Member's area. Boredom gets the best of me at times so I randomly click on member names that catch my eye and read away! BTW, I LOVE the Magic Eraser :)
from niceguymike :
Oh, cripes, is my face red! I got your email, didn't know who it was from and ended up deleting it. Believe it or not, I've gotten loads of spam based on my diary content. I couldn't figure out where the scam was in that email, but figured if I actually answered, I'd be signing up for 50 years of penis enlargement pill emails. Will you please write me again?
from lesbfriends6 :
Thanks for taking my survey/census thingy. I hope you have agood evening.
from erianne1 :
Thanks for adding me. May we have many happy days reading our respective diaries and marvelling at similarities, laughing at differences and just having a damn good time!
from nimiiwin :
Thanks for the link. I've read a few of those books and really liked them: Cold Sassy Tree is one of my other favorites. I've also read (but refuese to actually pay money for) The Left Behind series, The Smoke Jumper I liked. Of course, First Wives Club was awesome. It looks like you read a lot more "scary stuff" than me ... I'm so off that these days. I live in the middle of nowhere now ... those books wind up making me paranoid! :)
from redsirenbody :
thanks girl. I will send it now. L
from redsirenbody :
Well sure I will give you the link to my real diary. Could you give me your email address? I would rather do it privately. Thanks. L
from redsirenbody :
I appreciate that you added redsiren to your favorites. I see you also know hissandtell...what a wonder she is! I hope you have a great day. I will visit again soon. Keep happy! L
from nimiiwin :
It's 6. If there are 29 and 20 have dogs, that leaves 9 who don't. 15 have cats. So, if only 9 students don't have dogs, then there are 6 who have both a cat and a dog. I can't believe I figured it out since neither math nor logic have ever been my strong suits!
from hissandtell :
Thanks for your note - well, I'm humbled I can teach you a new word! Swot vac is the break of a week or so after uni lectures finish, but before exams start - swot is a word for studying intensively before an exam: "swotting up" etc - so it's not an official vacation, but it is always spent going to parties and drinking a great deal and watching films en-masse and, occasionally, cramming. At least it is here. What is that period called there, if not swot-vac? Love, R xxx
from hissandtell :
How wonderful to see that you've added me to your favourites - thank you, I'm flattered. I've read several of your past entries and am very impressed. Lovely to meet you! R
from candoor :
This is a test. (beep) This is a test of the Emergency Valentine's Day System. (EVS) This test is to see if leaving notes around DLand will make this a wonderful day (and weekend) in spite of not particularly being with anyone romantically at the moment. (ummm) May the results be that all this love in my heart found some productive use. (smile) And maybe a giggle or few (Happy V-Day from my other persona too :)
from cassiopeia- :
Happy Valentine's Day! kisses, cassie
from nimiiwin :
I just saw one of your banners and I love it! It was the one that went something like "one husband, 1 wife, 1 girlfriend and me ...thatgrrl" Very cool. If I ever get gold, I want you to design my banners!
from cassiopeia- :
from cassiopeia- :
Hello, just what is tater-tot casserole? Happy New Year!
from cassiopeia- :
Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat! BOO! kisses, cassie
from kristintracy :
Hey! Thanks soso much for adding me as a favorite. It always makes me super excited. I love the layout. Read a few random entries also. Since I do not have a banner running right now, i'm curious (yellow) as to how you found my diary.
from thecritic :
Uggh I hate 4 wheelers! I suggest you invest in a sling shot. The kid will never knew what hit him.
from marn :
My thoughts eggzackly. So um, er, ah hypothetically I did the right thing, then. Whew. I feel *much* better.
from finalrain :
Yeah, counter girl shouldn't have thrown the sandwhich back . . . but customerlady shouldn't have thrown it at her to begin with. It is not appropriate to say "the customer is always right" when the customer is being abusive verbally/physically/mentally. From what you've written, I'd say customer lady was all three.
from marn :
Well, whaddya know, one of my three loyal readers remembers Jonestown. Who'd a thunk that, eh?
from jasmine-s :
Hey there :) I really enjoy your diary and I hope it's ok that I've put you on my favorites list. Kind regards, jasmine Symmons.
from marn :
I'll have to see if I can get the spousal unit to take a picture. It won't be authentic, of course, unless I have a cloud of frustrated black flies swirling about my head, of course :)
from heavenawaits :
hey there! scorpios rock ^.^ keep writing!
from musicchick44 :
You seem to have a very intereresting life...Cool diary. :o)

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