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from brucebitten :
I hope that this finds you well. I just want to apologize for anything that I might have said or done to offend you. You're a good person. I never meant to hurt you in any way.
from erchick89 :
loved the movie, "the wrong guy." somehow found your diary and that you had it listed. "my name is jones. mr. enema bag jones." ha ha ha good stuff. much love to you, ~Steff
from brucebitten :
Hi, Erin. It's been a long time. Hope you're okay.
from petite-bijou :
That was a really touching entry, Di.
from diaryevals :
We appreciate your comment in our notes and I was wondering exactly what instances you were referring to.
from petite-bijou :
Dude, seeing all the people I do while working till at KFC, you have no idea how much I wish more people were even half as concerned as you about their looks! I feel like handing out free tweezers, floss and toothpaste to all of them.
from maru : question is if you need to be a gold member to have your banners float around the diaryland members area. I'm asking you because you're banner was there when I thought up the question, so I'm sure you'll know. Thanks, rock on.
from andshewas :
I just saw a commerical for Bailey's Irish Creme. It's the one where there's some kind of party, then the lights go out and some guy is kissed by someone that tasted of Bailey's. He looks around, sees some women with the drink, then this one guy. I think you and the guy with the drink are MADE for eachother. Seriously.
from petite-bijou :
Happy Belated Birthdya, Sister of Diastema!
from purefiction :
Oof, I'm lazy. I just fixed the archive page you told me about a long time ago. *Hangs head in shame* --Amanda
from kissacod :
I love you, Di! I just felt like saying that.
from petite-bijou :
Wow. That was long. Oh, yeah. Feel better!
from petite-bijou :
Oh, poor Di. I'm so sorry for you. I'm one of those lucky people that can just pop a couple ibroprofene's and feel better in an hour or two (No, I'm trying not to brag). My mother (the hippie) gave me some vitamins that you take every day, except during your flow (like Birth Control...hmm...) and it's supposed to make your period better. That's what she says. I've never been able to take them for longer than a week, so I don't know. Whatever.
from laughercurve :
Hey there! I hope you feel better shortly! Meanwhile, thank you so so much for listing me with such a great comment! Exclamation exclamation exclamation!!! :)
from thedarkwell :
Hey -- arquene died and was replaced by thedarkwell. Codename is dude, password is pants -- yes I am one creative mofo. You are on my faves list of course :)
from zerom3ph :
'eaten by maggots in little tutus. accompanied by the music of yanni.' WTF? NOOOOOOO snipers shoot you!
from onea :
I resent the "Florida-gay" association in your newest survey. After all, only three-fifths of the male attendants at my New Year's Eve party were gay. ;)
from arquene :
Oh neat! You quoted me. This brought me joy and made me grin madly for a couple of minutes until this watch started beeping. Don't ask. Anyways, thanks for making my day.
from waterstain :
i have a bisky, too. we're practically the same person!... except not.
from raven72d :
The Ora-jel entry is simply priceless...
from dl-spaces :
16 May, 2001 - 01:15. WHO SAYS WE CAN'T day, for the Spaces album Just curious how you guys know about Spaces. We put out "Who Says We Can't," about 15 years ago.
from visaplatinum :
Agh, stupid me, now, when you figure out what three things you want most on your gift list, I have turned on the notes option at my teenie weenie diary so you can actually tell me! (Imagine that.) Hope to hear from you soon..
from visaplatinum :
Out of all the things on your gift list, what are the top three things you want?
from torchy :
Heeey there! Remember how I said in that email, that "the new me" would only leave notes for you here? Gosh, how silly of me. Cuz see what I did a little while ago? In your gb? Don't mind me, I'm overtired. THANK YOU for the "California Raisin!" I just saw that! It must have worked, because the weather here has been much nicer. Much more sunny. You've got something going on, girl. Some kind of hoo-doo, voo-doo thang. Hope the wedding goes well! I know how it is to wear clothes you don't really like. (At least, that's how it sounded?) I've had to do that, for various reasons, *too* many times over the years. I'll stop rambling now. Take care!
from silverangelz :
That's neat that you live in the host city (for the olympics). Did you go to any of the events? I saw only a bit of the closing ceremony, the part with KISS (like you said in your entry) and the part when all the cool snowballs came down. I want one of those!
from petite-bijou :
Good luck!
from larvamachine :
You know, we get those commercials here too (Saskatchewan) and they ARE getting weirder! Hmmmmm
from get-a-grip :
Leonard Nimoy?
from petite-bijou :
Happy Birthday Di! Best wishes, yada yada...Now go watch cartoons.


from petite-bijou :
Happy new year Di!
from petite-bijou :
Thanks Erin, and merry christmas!
from torchy :
Thank you, Erin. You are the best. Regarding Sunday, Dec 23, I mean. It's nice to hear what you think. Cool. Thanks again, take care.
from torchy :
Thank you again for being so kind. I don't know, maybe it's just hormones, or maybe I really am.... an asshole. Or maybe I've listened to that song by Dennis Leary too much. Hmmmm. Anyhow, I again assert, that absolutely nothing I have seen has shown me that you are anything even close to the "asshole species." Now I just have to convince myself that am the same... and act accordingly.
from petite-bijou :
Good luck on the surgery! But you know, scars are supposed to add character, and make one look cool if one can make up a cool story to go along with it (something along the lines of a few bikers and you kicking someone's ass)! But good luck getting rid of it anyways!
from shine16 :
Hi Erin, I got your mesage thanks for taking a look at my diary, no one ever reads it :) I would love it if you would link to me. I look foward to reading your diary and getting to know you better. Have a great day! -Shelly
from motherlode :
oh, it was you! heh heh :) thanks for saying that picture was gorgeous, all those icky booger-nosed kids.... this is my camera, btw, and it's a few years old. time for a new model ;)
from petite-bijou :
Well guess what Di? I'm on GirlBoy too! Just goes to show you what a follower I am.

Damnit I'm a sucker!

from petite-bijou :
I love WNYX NEWStime!! Great rants. Lovin' 'em!
from evileva :
Hello Di! Just thought I'd drop by and say welcome back. We've all missed your entries, badly, its like heroine :) See you at KITHLove, Eva
from localaura :
I missed you oodles! Your wry wit and cuteness are what get me up in the morning =) It's mighty good to have you back and... stuff... will work out. *hugs*
from monstre :
I was John Bender in a short skirt.
from onea :
When I have had a bad dream about a person, I have found it helpful to call them, complain, then hang up. For example, you could call him and say, "What the HELL did you think you were doing last night, you piece of shit! I'm filing for a restraining order!" Then hang up. You'll feel great! Though I can't vouch for him.
from brucebitten :
**Puerile giggle* So I'm typing this onto a "napkin", eh?* Oooh! You baaaaad! I'm sooooo tired. I had to wake up, get Jayne ready for school and drive here there. I had a horrendous time with my neck and back yesterday, and the pain medicine screws up my system. And this morning Barry woke up sick, so he drove himself to the emergency room. He only does that because work requires a medical excuse when you have to call off sick. Nice, eh? Sorry about blathering on like this.
from petite-bijou :
Dear Di: You rock. Bijou
from petite-bijou :
Giggle! That was great Di! That script, just wonderful!!
from evamonkey :
Di! I love the fiction! :) Hee hee hee, good job.
from evamonkey :
Hello Di! Its me Eva in the late of the evening.I had to sign up for diaryland just to write this! :) But its all for you.Any who I just thought I would say that I left a little note to you on my LJ (live journal) just in case you've stopped checking it out. :) If not then you'll know what i'm talking about, hee hee hee. See you there!
from sparkle-spaz :
There, I joined your KITHlove group thingy. Bastardrockstarbaby. Rawk.
from jesuscrust :
Dude, Erin, COME BACK! It's really boring online! You haveta be really bored with me! Else I'll...I'll kick yer ass! Yeah! Then you'll NEVER be able to sit down. Unless you had a good enough cushion...wait, NO! No cushion could save you from the ass-kicking I'd give you for not coming back and making AOL interesting! RRRR!
from petite-bijou :
Hello! It's me! Remember me? Beth? Of course you do! The inventor of Eeffoc and other unknown substances you can only find on the black market! Well, I'm done writing my note now. Buy! (you heard me!)
from kissacod :
from sparkle-spaz :
I want you, I hate you!'s Megan. Notes are cool, I want these on my blog (fresh! With, you guessed it, gender issues!). Damn you and your articulateness. I want you, I hate you!
from sparkle-spaz :
I want you, I hate you!'s Megan. Notes are cool, I want these on my blog (fresh! With, you guessed it, gender issues!). Damn you and your articulateness. I want you, I hate you!
from thediastema :
I want you, I hate you.

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