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from intheory27 :
Jason, do stop accepting gifts to mean emotional attachment and measurements of love. They don't. They cannot. Nothing material may and I think deep down you understand that. A Mickey Mouse tie doesn't mean she doesn't get you, just that she doesn't know *what* to get you. The gift I long ago sent to you was one I would've wanted to receive. Most of us do that as material possessions can't possibly convey to a recipient what they do do a sender. You're doing alright, just breathe in a bit.
from intheory27 :
Good for you, go get what you want. Or patiently wait for it to come get you. Whichever.
from intheory27 :
Flipped through Russo today, found your bookmark. I should send it back, I thought. To where?
from intheory27 :
I bought flowers today and I think one already died on me, see, and I'm still awake working on the worst paper ever, so I thought it would be good to see if I really do suck or if that's just a today kind of deal. Thanks for 'powerful,' anyway.
from intheory27 :
No test, just looking for some self-insight.
from intheory27 :
The MA doesn't have the capacity to glisten, really, nor do the past four years on which I shoddily built it. Instead, I'll have a drink and take a shower, 'cause that's how it is in the NBA. Onto the next, eh? But thanks.
from intheory27 :
What are you bloody on about?
from intheory27 :
You know what you're missing--go out and get yours.
from intheory27 :
You know, for maintaining an online diary, you definitely don't update it with relationship goodies. Not that that's something in the handbook, obviously, but you asked me for advice and hey, a follow-up would be good for continuity, eh?
from intheory27 :
Merely a tortured daydream on paper--far less than what I'd meant it to be and far less than I see before I sleep, but there it is, all the same. And thank you.
from experiment77 :
oh! haha! ohio! sorry about that!
from experiment77 :
hey! thanks for adding me as a favorite. i noticed in one of your entries you mentioned austin, and i was wondering if you're a student there? i'm asking b/c that's the school i'm currently attending :D.
from intheory27 :
Jason, I really even now have no idea if you're being snidely and violently sarcastic in sideways ways or if you're just being y'know, you. Trust me when I say I have endured deep pain on both sides of unrequited love and that this specifically feels like I'm being kicked repeatedly in my stomach. I know that's probably what I did to you too and for that, I'm sorry, but at least at that stage, I was feeling my own brand of pain to correspond. This is more alone than anything else and it's past the inspiration stage, even for me.
from intheory27 :
My career counselor told me to really give BG a chance, I might really like it and they have a really great program for me. I thought you'd find that properly amusing in ways my expression didn't convey to her. Plus, I'm totally, totally glad you met your girl. Go for it in all ways possible.
from intheory27 :
I'm glad the lecture was good for you. I doubt my own abilities a little more each day, but it's good to see excitement I can hope for vicariously.
from fuschiashock :
i wish i had some wine... i'm glad you posted the link to free the slaves. i'm finding it very informative. here where i live we have a great free trade coffee co-op. i love it.
from intheory27 :
On the left side bar of your screen, click "edit your notes settings." You can delete it from there.
from intheory27 :
(Please don't send wine, though I thank you for the sentiment. I won't drink it, I'm sorry. Also, really, for me, if you do care as much as you think you do, stop. With the not subtle mentionings, with the mail, yo. Please. I'm not kidding, you're doing more harm than good and I wish you'd not ever try to contact me in any way. Things like this, though I know they're from a good place, solidify that. Don't.)
from sturge :
Holy crap. Thanks for the Hedberg info. I'll totally be there.
from intheory27 :
I'm still with the monochromes, but eh, glad you like it.
from intheory27 :
(The acceptance was from Villanova, not CM. =/)
from intheory27 :
(You're welcome.)
from intheory27 :
You didn't know it when you wrote your analysis of Williams and Arnold, but the two poems are two of my favorites. So Much Depends is obvious now, but Dover Beach gripped my heart when I first read it 3 years ago and two years later, when I was actually on the beach Arnold describes, the feeling was indescribable. My hands and feet were freezing, I was tired and hungry and it was and had been raining for days. The pebbles shone, though, and I felt what Arnold must have felt on his calm, tranquil eve. They both...they get it. And your paper's brilliant, kid. :) (<3)
from omnipre5ence :
What kind of song are you?
from intheory27 :
I'm more of a Josh girl myself, though I must admit that were I a heterosexual male, Amy would be my girl, to be sure. "Maybe not so much for you with the talking" is my favorite line of hers, as well. :) Rock on with the West Wing obsessions. ;)
from intheory27 :
Just be yourself...people do change and ideas and beliefs do evolve. Just hold on and be who you are.
from intheory27 :
"You want to tempt the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing?" You have to go outside, turn around three times, spit and curse, my friend. :) <3
from intheory27 :
Apologize not, dear one, for your note dripped of understanding. I say dripped to mean good things, not sticky or nasty-smelling things. In any case, thank you. It's not like me to be disillusioned, it's true, and I appreciate your pointing that out...because sometimes, admittedly, it's easy to forget. <3.
from intheory27 :
I said 'speek!' Oh, dear..
from intheory27 :
Good luck with your papers, and I'm glad Adele gets you. One of the best feelings in life, those friendships.
from intheory27 :
Coding/altering HTML is absolutely an effective substitute for sleep. :) But I think we've kept that pretty underground until now, so no leaking it. Also, I'm enthused about your new diary lineup...I think it's a cool endeavor, though I don't know that I'd ever put any of my work online. Scary! But it's an awesome thing you're doing and I'm excited to see where it leads. :)
from intheory27 :
The time-waster is already addictive, and I've just woken up for the day. Grammar, what? Anyway, thanks for the nod/face-work yesterday...though I did have to look up my sociology terms. My how the summer drains the brain. In any case, enjoy the day. :)
from njoyng-nsnty :
Welcome back. Some of us are glad to see you.
from xxstarinajar :
i stumbled across your diary in the dave matthews ring, and thought i'd take a look. then i sat and read almost all your entries. i'm amazed. it's great to see someone who passionately cares about things, especially his beliefs/opinions, as you do. i agree with all of your favorites.. i love matchbox 20 although DMB is my all time favorite. (jimi thing is one of the best!) i'm glad i wasn't the only one who thought shawshank redemption was beautiful. i agreed with many of your thoughts on religion and you couldn't have said it better on abortion. i agree completely. a psychology/sociology major you definitely are, and i hope to be. =D i noticed you havent updated in a while. that's a shame. i throughly enjoyed reading your stuff. peace love & happiness -brittany-
from blue-celeste :
10/01/03: You were probably upset because you fully believed and trusted him...especially from a religious leader.
from intheory27 :
Perfect Strangers and imbibed media. Your answers make me smile, Jason. :)
from mystik-snake : rock! Thanks for the email! I think my diary may reveal more of my "F" side, but I'm still an INTJ. Tabitha
from intheory27 :
(And thank you for the link, as always. Inspiration comes from the strangest of places.)
from jeero :
:o Your movie listings alone make me want to hug you. <3 Jeero
from intheory27 :
I think you're doing just fine, Jason. People in large groups tend to suck, just make sure you're an individual in the group, being as Jason as ever, and you're golden. :) (Of course, it took me 2 full years of college to realize this fact, but you seem much more level-headed than I.)
from sarika :
i do like your diary. x
from heidiann :
Welcome to the Bibliomaniac ring. Thanks so much for joining. =)
from chadmuska :
thanks for joining my stars ring!
from mojo1915 :
Happy fourth of July! ~Jesse
from mutesonance :
Hey, I stumbled upon your journal while clicking randomly on interesting user names. I'm quite impressed by your writing. great thoughts, great theories. Truly sad about your grandfather. mine died about 3 years ago. At least you still have him. cherish the time you have. I'm sure you already do, but it's just a thought. Anyway, love your writing. keep up the good work & check out my sight if you'd like!
from tye-sui-roxy : seem way smart..i like the diary...Laters Love Tye xxx
from gingerbug :
*chuckle* HIP? You've got to be kidding? :D
from countryapple :
i enjoyed your entry. or maybe it was the fact that it took forever to find the diary of a male. have you ever noticed that a large percentage of diaryland users are female? anyhow.. your "job", sounds pretty important to me.
from mindlesspop :
jason - that was SUCH a nice comment for me in your profile. but you'll have to know, that comment is going straight to my head ;) i'm looking forward to keeping up with your diary. have lots of fun with it!

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