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~ purpose of a journal: to find seemingly innocent threads of thought coalesce into the truths that have danced at the tip of your tongue ~

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My favorite music:

Stabbing Westward
comments: Absolute favourite (except their recent album which is "pop" all of a sudden).
Ozric Tentacles
comments: Absolute favourite when I feel like it. Go on, give it a try...just pour some milk on those Ozric Tentacles. (and if you "get that", then I'd either like to hear from you or on the other hand, might run a mile...)
Dream Theater
comments: Genius.
comments: Fear of Fours is best.
(too many others to list here)
comments: How am I supposed to limit my favourites to this few? Pfft. Ahh, there are bands like Rammstein (just saw them LIVE!), London After Midnight, Siouxie and the Banshees, Frank Marino and the MR (yes, so I grew up in the 80's...), 16 VOLT...

My favorite movies:

The Dark Crystal
comments: Jim Henson was a genius. The whole team behind this was wonderful, of course.
comments: Adore this because of the above, but also: David Bowie....murrr
The Last Emperor
comments: Beautiful, epic film. Based (loosely, I take it) on historical events. I have always been fascinated by Chinese culture.
Nightmare before Christmas
comments: (Other Tim Burton films as well, naturally. However, this is the jewel in the crown.)
Like Water For Chocolate
comments: This has to be the most beautiful story on film I have ever seen, most cleverly told...

My favorite authors:

Michael Marshall Smith
comments: All hail the best new talent in sci-fi/slipstream...observation, name it. Oh, and the decidedly bizarre.
China Mieville
comments: Dark fantasy...or is it? Only if you have lived in London, can you appreciate the twisted look at his version of reality.
David Brin
comments: Especially the "Uplift" saga.
J.R.R. Tolkien
comments: Read the Lord Of the Rings. Go on. It'll do you good.
(again, too many to list here. Old-school sci-fi, cyberpunk, Tim Burton....)

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