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from phaythles :
Hey you! Im glad your vacation went really well. You absolutely, hands down deserve it. Your job sounds like a clusterfuck and I honestly dont know how you do it. So I wanted to say I am impressed by your ability to push through every thing that goes wrong and your quick thinking/problem solving skills (even if its a facade because youre screaming fuck! fuck! fuck! in your head). Im sure you beat yourself up and Im quite sure others probably shit on you but every day you show up to work and do the job of a 100 people without being recognized, helped or paid properly. Some of the last few entries I was reading if I was in your shoes I probably would have walked to a corner somewhere and cried. You handled shit. It may not have been perfect. It may not have been pretty but you fucking did it. As someone who has worked retail/customer service, I recognize the shit, sacrifice, and service you do. So I just wanted to stop by and say youre amazing and things DO get better. *squeezy hug*
from swallowthkey :
thank you <3 the timing was pretty dreadful so i think the universe gave me a bit of a gift even if it hurt like hell. working through stuff day by day.
from swallowthkey :
thank you!! i'm super excited hahah
from loveherwell :
trying to send you lots of good vibes right now.
from bridgecity :
Thank you much! I enjoy your writings as well and wish you good evening
from whystinger :
Interesting. Years ago, I lived in the Hamburg/Vernon, NJ area while working in the Newark/Jersey City area.
from whystinger :
Interesting diary, you sound like you work at a bar where I live in FL...
from phaythles :
Putting things in perspective always helps. I do the same thing and beat myself up for not having some prepackaged awesome life. I usually tell myself when Im wallowing at the bottom of my pity party that my awesomeness....well I dont really tell myself anything since Im wallowing but trust me youre awesome. Youre also right about those who seem perfectly pulled together often are not. Some people are better at hiding their hot ass mess dysfunction.
from loveherwell :
i'm going to take them to someone so we will see.
from alot2do :
Thanks, appreciated
from dangerspouse :
Hooray for birthday yogurt!
from phaythles :
That sounds...interesting (crazy). Customers suck so fucking bad. Retail theyre just awful. Awful I say! Buuuuut imaging my awful (!!!) ass customers in a bar setting just hurts my head. You poor poor dino. *BIG squeezy sympathy hug*
from loveherwell :
not that you asked for advice, but out of that pro/con list, i think the negatives really outweigh the positives. 1. you don't want to be in stupid amounts of debt because of someone who can't control their spending and 2. those jealousy issues won't get better. like i said, not that you asked or anything, i just thought i'd give a little input. wishing you the best in your decision.
from phaythles :
Ugh. I hate my birthdays too. Its like every year I get older but Im still doing the same shit. Being stuck in the same place in my life. I have hope that one day on my birthday Ill just tear through town being amazeballs just cause I am.
from phaythles :
Lol. It probably is, though I do enjoy reading you. But the dino is hard to beat...I have a fetish for Hello Kitty. And would have her happy little ass all over my page if I knew how. Hah! But whatever the reasoning is, I just wanted to drop a quick little note saying I like you and you are a new buddy of mine because you amuse me :)
from phaythles :
I like u. Not sure if its because your entries remind me of slightly odd poetry or the cute-random-cartoon-dino-thing :)
from avantbedroc :
hey there. diggin it

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