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from notlikeyoudo :
*waves* ^_~
from my-serenade :
i added you, i hope you dont mind. ex oh, letti
from letmebleed- :
If you want, leave me a note with your email, and I'll let you know the password. xoxo ♥ -Chelsea
from letmebleed- :
You write beautiful words. I added you to my favorites.. I hope that's okay. xoxo ♥
from velvet-heart :
Your words leave me breatheless
from lovemetwice :
[sigh of relief.] you're too welcome. [the title of your diary at the top of the window. is such. a beautiful song.] so glad you're back. xoxoxo.
from lovemetwice :
get back here and bless us with your words. i'm missing you.
from lovemetwice :
the picture of the hands? that's my boyfriends and i. we took it walking. isn't it lovely? the one i have there now is something i drew. why love? want some pictures? :) xoxox.
from skydawn :
youre beautiful.
from eclecticcalm :
we think we realize what we feel and all we can see is a white washed wall of pain... slowly melting one tear at a time :you're beautiful:
from she-is-pain :
With so few words you explain things so well.Amazing. x<3x
from silent-scars :
from lovemetwice :
you are. xoxox.
from bloodyscars :
Reading words was never so sweet [sobittersoraw].
from she-is-pain :
your writing is beautiful.I truly enjoyed readin *Kayla*
from loveme2night :
thanx 4 the compliment and your writing is also amazing and very beautiful. luv.
from thisisjohn :
They are great! One of my favorite bands for a long time now. Have you heard of any of their side projects, like, Bon Voyage, Pony Express, Richard Swift, Frank Lenz?? :)
from emeraldscars :
thom yorke = the man behind the beauty (radiohead's guitarist/vocalist) love, liV
from emeraldscars :
your diary is lovely. i really like it. plus thom yorke's god. liV
from lovemetwice :
yours are poetry. [love.]
from sad-doll :
♥ hey pretty <3
from dark-embrace :
No need to thank me. I used to run the "arzoah" diary and i wanted to keep reading your writings.
from aesthitemuse :
not saying that he was suffocating... just saying i'm clausterphobic... ... and very lost and confused...
from aesthitemuse :
... or like a breath of fresh air after near suffocation...
from aesthitemuse :
_these wounds won't seem to heal this pain is just too real there's just too much that time cannot erase_ ... jumping for the thrill of falling...
from lifesroads :
The bonds we share cannot, willnot be severed by any circumstance life may toss our way. You still mean much to me.
from sharpsecret :
u write so beautifully x
from aesthitemuse :
gone forever, taking away our breaths.. falling out of now where... only to be painted upon a vanila sky...
from just-fine :
Your writing is beatiful, your layout is beautiful, you are so beautiful. I'm adding you to my favourites, your words take my breathe away, you are very talented. xo
from komachi :
Thank you for leaving me a note. I just noticed I had my diary locked to make some changes and forgot to unlock it. Plase drop by when you get a chance:)
from sad-doll :
♥ I hope we can be friends, because your so beautiful, please write back to me tell me something beautiful tell me what you love
from xbrokenxstar :
how could i possibly not add you to my faveourites? could i possibly let such beauty pass without recognition? would feel too wrong..stay safe..xbrokenxstar
from aesthitemuse :
You slipped from my arms, I knew you had to go Such a heavy heart, who could hope to hold And I know where you're going, and that's the hardest part No matter where tonight ends, you won't escape your broken heart Stay a while Helpless for the words, and it tightens up the air It's not what you deserve, it's not for lack of care Inside of me is screaming out, I'm praying for my prayers Distracting and unworthy of each and every burning tear Seems insincere Do I see God in all of this, maybe all along It's just that we're so small, and simply not as strong Strong like wings of silver, and feathers made of gold To carry heavy hearts, to cover all our helpless souls To cover all of us Under wings of Gold and Silver sometimes we have to hide For shelter from this bitter winter at least tonight If it were mine to give I'd give you your own time Turn it back or forward whatever you decide Stay a while
from the-longshot :
Your writing is beautiful... but I'm sure you know that. <3 Scarlet
from xcalikidx :
Thanx!!Wonderful words!! Happy Reading and Writing... :)
from arzoah :
Merry met and thankyou for your wonderful entries :)
from aesthitemuse :
keep on writing
from sharpsecret :
beautifully written,u have a talent a writing dont forget that x
from lifesroads :
Missing you!!!! You're still my best friend...2000 miles and a hot guy will never change that!!! mucho amo mi hermanita! Keep the writing comin...I like it!! luv luv luv luv You are a beautiful person. Beth!
from justenough :
♥ x 104
from glasspromise :
dont ever lose your beauty. xo.
from enigmotion :
lovely writting. veddy unique layout as well. kudos to you.
from xcalikidx :
hey youre an awsome writer and i just wanted to let you know that your words are beautiful and that they inspire me
from diaryreviews :
In response to your "how do I become a reviewer" question: I was only added 3 weeks ago. What happenned was that a lot of reviewers were off for whatever reason, and they sent an email to everyone on the notify list, asking who wanted to be a reviewer. You had to review a diary and say some stuff about yourself, and then Jenn and or Joe -I love Joe- made the cuts. Right now, we've got 14 people off, and Joe's getting rather annoyed, so there may or may not be another call to arms in the near future, just a heads up. So stay on the notify list and check your e-mail religiously. That is all. ~Vicky

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