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from cutielatina :
Happy Birthday, one day late!:)
from stats01 :
congrats way late.
from aliblogs :
from mystical76 :
Yes, it's true. We are living the same life! Really. Just in different states.
from sera1231 :
temporarily locked. username / password: sera1231 / unlockme
from dont-stop :
Babies grow up to be teenagers who resent you for being their parents. Or maybe I'm just a tad bit too pessimistic. Nice banner, pretty colors.
from ghanima :
No, just not much of a description...
from ghanima :
So what's with the unearthing and using of my name? ;)
from no-yes-maybe :
Great banner, great diary!
from invernal :
Wow... your diary is so pretty. I also saw that you belong to some of the same rings as I do. You rock.
from aliblogs :
love the layout. pretty!
from caspia :
Hey fellow Minnesotan! If you're a fan of the Wild, or love the Twins, please join the Wild, or Twins-fan diaryrings. Let everyone know we support them. Thanks and have a great day.
from melieann :
thanks so MUCH!! just let me know when things are ready to go!! a happy melanie from new orleans
from onthesix :
I'm glad you enjoyed the review. I took a long while on it to make sure it was in depth, and relevant. in regards to the average score, if you are not happy with it, ask again in another month with I might have had a little more practice! :) the font probably isn't on my computer, so in that essence I'm annoyed, must go and download more fonts! :) take care, and I'll pop back soon xxx
from badcop :
Hi, this is Becki-Claire from badcop reviews...just to let you know your review is up now, you can view it by going to - Enjoy :)
from lettersofus :
when i said i'd like you to, i meant that i would like you to stay. and when i said knowing what i know now, i meant that i had noticed the link missing from your site (or i thought i had at least). and i noticed you werent taking email from me, so i thought that this is what it meant. i am not about to ask you to or make you leave. that is a decision that you must make on your own. take care-B
from lettersofus :
oh yeah, that last note was from brandi.
from lettersofus :
knowing what i know now, i am just writing to inquire as to whether you want to leave? it's fine if you do, i won't try to keep you somewhere you don't want to be. i'd like you to, but that is not really my choice. just let me know so that i can do what i need to do.
from foxgallagher :
No...having a non-smoking/drinking wedding wouldn't affect my decision. If someone really wanted to smoke, like you said, they could go outside. And if they wanted to drink, hit a convenience store on the way home.
from wanting-kind :
it's still-i-rise here, just to let you know that this is my new diary. Love Lora xoxo
from youscareme :
from lettersofus :
brandi left you a letter
from bloodreviews :
hello. Sorry about the typo! Its fixed now!! :)
from sheblogs :
hey hun- sure you can have the password. its user: sheblogs, pass: ilovepenguins :) leave me a note sometime to let me know you got in okay and all. your diary is adorable, it makes me smile! take care!
from ladyofthefae :
Ok, thanks for note. Yum, apple pie =0P
from evermind :
Thanks you very much for the review, I don't know why it messsed up your security, but no one else has ever reported a problem, so maybe it was a fluke. Thanks anyway, and sorry about that! Cheers
from angeloffear :
Thanks for the review.
from wannabirish :
Happy B/D..hope u had a great d�y!!! :�)
from jen69 :
happy birthday. i hope you have/had a fantabulous day. jen xx
from mystical76 :
I signed your guestbook, but I forgot to put a message! DUH, Mist!!! Ok, be nice to people & then I'll come beat them up! Yeah, we could work that out!!!
from jenne1017 :
thanks! darn kiki...all fixed now though
from review-1-100 :
Your review from 1-100 Reviews is finished. Click <a href="">here</a> to view it. Thank you! Miranda
from lc-revues :
hi! your review has been posted. Thank you for requesting a review from LC Revues. We really appreciate it.
from mrflibble :
Thanks for the note! Minnesota is not my original spot, but I like it here. I had to hop over and read a little bit...great stuff!
from saiyanstar :
Om my god, that is just the most adorable thing I have ever seen! lol I am a pom lover. I get all gitty when I see them. Thanks for the pic link. :)
from saiyanstar :
Thanks for your note :) and yeah, she's a pom. ~Star
from bitch-review :
Your interview is posted. Actually, it was yesterday but I forgot to tell you. Sorry! Although, you already know what it says :)
from pitty-sing :
i know what you mean about those crazy drivers, i mean, what are they thinking?
from misstrish :
Thanks for joining the netjunkie diaryring!
from nekono :
Hi, i miss you, ok. I really do. I have been secretly reading you. Is that ok??
from red1019 :
My name is Misty, too. I just thought it was interesting that the name definition you had on one of your entries fits me to a "T" and I wasn't born the same year as you and we're not the same sign. Interesting....

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