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A shy chick who finds 2002 to be an exciting new beginning. Time to live!

My favorite diaries:

lydia13 profile - diary
comments: A friend started her own diary and has broken my heart
rumblelizard profile - diary
comments: So cool, I'm just jealous!! Fascinating read!
squirrelx profile - diary
comments: I'm caught like a squirrel in a trap...
maryboleyn profile - diary
comments: A banner ad caught me!!
fergie profile - diary
comments: Fascinating read...
bindyree profile - diary
comments: You never know where you'll find another pagan.
varmintx profile - diary
comments: A recipe diary. Mmmmm...I may have to steal some recipes!!
bboa profile - diary
comments: Another Squirrelx alert. Service dog's people got another rottie. I love it!
brynnieworld profile - diary
comments: Recommended by Big Bertha. I can't resist dog diaries. I just love them too much!!
capt-jim profile - diary
comments: Pirate after my own heart. Didn't realize I was on his fave list. Talk about a shock!!
mommylap profile - diary
comments: Interesting stuff. First entry I read was about Monster House -- my fave.
cabin-boy profile - diary
comments: Big Bertha's friend. Any friend of Big Bertha is definitely a friend of mine!!

My favorite music:

The Beatles
comments: What can I say? The greatest group ever.
Garth Brooks
comments: A fantastic entertainer. His concerts rock!
Lilith Fair
comments: Oh man, the BEST rock festival. Three years are too short!
comments: A fanstastic band out of Scotland

My favorite movies:

LotR: The Fellowship of the Ring
comments: I can't say enough good things about this movie. I'm still in awe. They took Tolkien's magic and brought it to life!!
The Usual Suspects
comments: Who is Keyzer Soze? A brilliant mystery!
While You Were Sleeping
comments: A Christmas-y treat! Romance and comedy that I watch all the time!
Now, Voyager
comments: Bette Davis. Need I say more? A *master*.
The Changeling
comments: An overlooked suspense/thriller/chiller! George C. Scott caught in the middle of a murder mystery with ghosts...

My favorite authors:

Laurell Hamilton
comments: Her Vampire Hunter series is *amazing*!! I can hardly wait for her next book!
Lilian Jackson Braun
comments: I love her "The Cat Who..." series. So many books! So little time!
Charles de Lint
comments: I loved his Jacky Rowan books. Please...let me live in his world...
Dean Koontz
comments: The combination of suspense and romance is beautiful. I can't ever put the book down though!!
Alice Hoffman
comments: Her Practical Magic book is a favourite. Magic and storytelling blend so beautifully

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